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How to Create a Real Estate Landing Page That Converts (2023)

Last updated on December 2, 2022

How to Create a Real Estate Landing Page That Convert

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There’s one thing that can help real estate agents generate more leads and convert them to clients.

They need to build a strong impression and establish a connection right at the very tip of that sales funnel.

Creating a real estate landing page is one proven and effective way to build such a strong impression.

And that’s what this article is all about.

Here, we’ll discuss the importance of landing pages in a real estate business, what you need to do to create one that converts, and some tips to make your landing page stand out.

Let’s start!

Why are Landing Pages Important in Real Estate?

For real estate, landing pages serves one ultimate purpose: to convert website traffic into leads.

These pages serve as a “first impression” that can be the deciding factor of whether or not a potential lead will be interested in what you’re selling.

Say, if you go on your first date with someone you like, it’s the hook that will convince your date that you’re worth a second date. Just to know more about you. 

You don’t want to tell your date everything about yourself right at the start. You’ll bore him or her with a list of things you want to talk about.

But at the same time, you want him or her to get a clear idea of who you are, your style, your relationship around the world you’re living, and how you can be that someone that he or she is looking for. 

You’d also want to showcase everything you’ve got on that first date, right?

The same thing goes with a landing page. 

You don’t want to bombard a potential lead with everything you want to say. You want them to be interested enough to visit your other pages and learn more about what you’re selling.

It’s their first professional view of how your business looks. It’s not called a “landing” page for nothing.

So you might be asking what makes a good landing page, right? Keep on reading for some tips on creating a landing page that converts.

What Makes a Good Real Estate Landing Page?

How to Create a Real Estate Landing Page That Converts
Source: canva.com

Before anything else, let’s make it clear that your landing page does not always have to be your website’s homepage.

Again, you don’t want your date (your potential lead) to get to know everything about you (your business) on your first date. 

Keep in mind that at this point, they’re not yet interested in you (in your business). So you want to give them a reason to be interested first on a first date (when they visit your landing page).

Instead of focusing on what your business is about, stick to what you can offer them. 

If your landing page is tied to something specific, say an exclusive offer that only applies to them, you’ll get a better chance of capturing their attention for a longer time (not just in passing). 

They’d be interested to know about your offer at first, not your business. The rest will follow once you already have their attention.

You’d also want your landing page to reflect your end goal. 

This way, your leads can decide if they’ll be getting what they want if they keep on hanging around. If you can only offer properties for a specific clientele, make it clear so that you can keep the potential leads that are interested in the kind of properties you sell.

Remember that you want a landing page that converts here. It may appear that being too specific can be limiting, but revisiting our first date analogy, you don’t want to spend your time and resources dating someone interested in something that you don’t have.

You also don’t want to intimidate and drive your date away after your first meeting, so you want to make everything simple and less complicated. 

Avoid including lengthy forms to fill out as this can be daunting to visitors and will only encourage them to move on.

If you need more information from them, just ask for their contact number or email address using a simple form. From there, you can follow up on them later on.

One last thing is that your first date should always end in a positive light if you want to move on in the relationship. Similarly, those who have visited your landing page should always be followed up with a thank you. 

It could be anything from simply visiting your page, subscribing to your email, or completing the registration process.

But hey, a simple thank you is never enough. If you want a second date, leave it open-ended and offer an opportunity for the next one. 

Leave the user something to hold on to – a call to action to subscribe to your newsletter, visit your social media pages, check out your properties in other areas, etc.

Tips for Creating Real Estate Landing Pages that Stand Out

What makes a good landing page is not equal to having a landing page that stands out. 

Your date has probably been to several other dates before you, so what makes you different? 

Your landing page may have all the good qualities we have mentioned above. However, if it is not that memorable, the interest will not last that long. 

So here are some tips for creating landing pages that stand out!

Make it Look Simple and Clean

Again, you don’t want the user to be bored and intimated when they visit your landing page. You want to make it as simple and clean as possible. 

Users have a short attention span, so they have to see what they want the instant they lay eyes on your page. They don’t want to read a lot. They just want to “see” if you can offer what they want. 

So, avoid heavy text and be straightforward about your offers. Tell them directly about what they will get and then lead them to the more detailed pages by leaving a call to action.

Make it Visually Appealing

Your landing page’s visuals are a strong element in keeping potential leads’ attention glued to your page.

Remember that they are there to “see” if you have what they are looking for. 

And what do real estate clients usually look for? 

An improved lifestyle.

Even if they don’t have the budget to afford the luxury that they see, using images that can evoke their dream lifestyle will fill their memories of what’s on your site. 

With that, make sure to use high-resolution photos and photos with a story that they can empathize with. A picture of a two-story building can be the same as any other building you see online, but add an image of a family having fun in front of it, and you’ll have a memory of a happy place to live with your family.

You can even use interactive features such as a background video instead of a static image to make the memory more alive.

Make Sure It’s Working Fine

No one wants to visit a page that’s slow to load with pop-up windows that never work. To avoid any technical glitches when someone visits your page, make sure that everything on your landing page works well. 

You can visit the page yourself from time to time to make sure there are no issues. Or you can enlist the service of a landing page provider that’s tried and tested. Most of them include maintenance services if you avail of their packages.

Make it Credible and Trustworthy

Most site visitors are already aware that you’re selling, so they may not trust what you say 100%.

But showing evidence of your credibility will be an advantage, especially if you have a lot! Adding badges, certifications, and awards (in a visually appealing way – not text-heavy) will also add points to make your landing page stand out. 

Testimonials from previous clients also build a strong impression, especially if you receive a lot of positive feedback.

Leave Something Personal

Leaving something personal on your landing page is perhaps the most effective way to make it stand out. 

For some, it shows in the business’ brand and style – your business logo and name, or a unique catchphrase that you personally come up with.  

But this can be anything, a simple and sincere “Thank You” from you, a witty remark, a short quote that has inspired you, or a little question to ponder on. 

The important thing is for that special something to connect to the visitor. So that when they think about it, they’ll remember visiting your page.

Wrapping Up

We all know how important lead generation is to the real estate business. 

And getting a landing page is one sure way to get more leads.

But if your landing page isn’t memorable enough to grab your visitors’ attention and isn’t strong enough to build a lasting impression, how can you convert them to potential clients?

So make sure you follow the tips we’ve mentioned above. 

We hope this article helps you in creating a real estate landing page that converts. 

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