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How To Get A Nevada Real Estate License Renewal Online

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get A Nevada Real Estate License Renewal Online

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There are several reasons why a person may want to pursue a career in real estate within the state of Nevada. Real estate license holders in Nevada can make an average salary of around $42,000 per year working full time, and with experience and drive, this number can climb to over $100,000. Real estate professionals also have flexibility and growth potential in the state of Nevada, so you’re provided with a career that leaves you in control.

Like in all states in the United States, however, retaining your license will require Nevada real estate license renewal. After your initial licensure, you’re not finished with your education, and continued education is a big part of keeping your license in good standing. The ability to carry out Nevada real estate license renewal online makes education and renewal simple, and even for those who are also juggling a bustling real estate career.

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Reasons To Obtain Your Nevada Real Estate License Renewal Online

If you’re working full time in Nevada real estate, Nevada real estate license renewal continued education might feel like an inconvenience. You’ll certainly want to keep your career pushing forward, you won’t want to give up your family time or work/life balance, but you’ll need to complete your continuing education hours. Nevada real estate license renewal online allows you to complete your required credit hours on your own time in a student-driven program, so you can pursue your education in a way that works best for you and your schedule.

Going online also allows you to learn in a way and at a time that is most beneficial to you. When forced to take in-person courses, you may have to learn on a schedule that doesn’t work best with your own. For instance, at a night school program after you’ve had a long day in your real estate career could leave you feeling groggy and burned out, therefore you’ll be less likely to retain the important Nevada real estate license renewal information you’re there to learn. With Nevada real estate license renewal online, you’ll have the choice to study when you feel best, so you’re more likely to really absorb what you’re learning.

Nevada Real Estate License Renewal Course Requirements

Before obtaining a Nevada real estate license renewal online, you’ll first need to obtain your initial licensure. Nevada holds its own requirements for earning a real estate license, and these requirements include:

  • Must be 18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED – While some states observe an age 21 requirement, you may be age 18 or older to obtain a real estate license in the state of Nevada. Along with this age requirement, a person must also have earned a high school diploma or GED equivalent. This low age and prerequisite education requirement provides a unique and lucrative option for young people looking to embark on a fruitful career, but who may not want to go the traditional 4-year college degree route.
  • Complete 90 hours of education – After meeting the age and prerequisite education requirements, you’ll then be ready to begin your 90 course credit hours. These course credit hours may be completed online or in-person, and the online option opens doors for those who are working professionals looking to leave their old job behind to embark on a new career path.
  • Take your exam – After completing the 90 credit hours of education, you’re now ready to take your exam. This exam will be taken in person at a testing center, and online test prep courses can make it a confident and assured experience. These test prep courses focus on going over material that will be found on the exam and providing practice tests so you know just what to expect when exam day comes around.
  • Apply for and obtain license – After passing your exam, you’re now ready to obtain your Nevada real estate license. Whether you’ve completed your courses online or in-person, passing the exam will allow you to begin your career in real estate right away.

Nevada Real Estate License Renewal Online Requirements

Once you’ve obtained your license, you will need to have your license renewed in order to continue your career as a Nevada real estate license professional. Like many states, Nevada real estate license renewal requirements differ during your first year than subsequent renewal periods.

The first Nevada real estate license renewal will take place 1 year from your initial licensure. In order to renew your license for the first time, you will need to complete 30 course credit hours of continuing education during your first year as a licensed Nevada real estate professional. These 30 course credit hours are broken down into 12 hours of required courses and 18 hours of optional development courses, and the optional courses can be used to develop a specialty area to better serve the Nevada community.

After your first renewal, the requirements become a little less rigorous. 24 hours of continuing education are required to be completed every 2 years, with license renewals required every 4 years, making a total of 48 course credit hours required for each renewal period. Twelve hours of each 24 hours submitted education completion must be done through in-person instruction, but the other half may be carried out entirely online. The courses taken in each 2 year period must also be different from one another, with no course repeated from one period to the next.

Nevada real estate license renewal online can be carried out with the same trusted institutions you relied on for your pre-licensure education and exam prep courses. Colibri Real Estate offers not just the pre-licensure courses you need to get your feet wet in Nevada real estate, but the exam prep courses that get you to pass the final exam, and continuing education courses as well. This full set of offerings provides for you a way to seamlessly and easily manage your Nevada real estate license education from the very beginning of your career and all through your development as a successful real estate salesperson within the state.

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