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How To Get A Real Estate License In Florida Online

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get A Florida Real Estate License Online

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A lot of us are really open to the idea of running your own business and being our own boss. In a lot of ways, there’s nothing quite as American as this very notion, and we’re all lucky we live in a country that allows us this kind of opportunity. But for many people, there’s one very big hurdle; while the idea of going into business for yourself sounds great, how do you go about it? It can’t be that easy, can it? Otherwise, wouldn’t everyone do it?

I’m here to tell you that this is half-true. The things that are most worthwhile in our lives are obviously not going to be handed to us on a platter. We have to make the effort to make these ambitions come true. But just because it requires effort, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, it just means that it takes time, planning, and a willingness to put in the energy required for positive results.

And if you’re the type that wants a job with a lot of variety and some flexible hours, I’d recommend real estate, especially if you live in Florida! And that means getting your real estate license in Florida.

The Top 4 Online Real Estate License Courses In Florida

  1. AceableAgent - Best overall course. Modern videos and works the best on mobile devices.
  2. Colibri Real Estate - High student pass rates. Mostly text-based and simple to navigate.
  3. The CE Shop - They are a leading real estate education provider and have gained a rating of 4.7 out of 5-stars.
  4. Bob Hogue School of Real Estate - A bit outdated, but they have the best instructors backed by Kaplan.

Why Florida Is Such A Great Place To Obtain A Real Estate License

It’s a given that you, me, and anyone else you know is going to need a place to live. Some people will rent, but for almost everyone, the end goal is to own a home, whether that’s a detached property or a condo in an estate. Homeownership is another of those milestones by which most Americans measure how they’re doing in their life, and it’s also an evergreen market. Homeownership is not something that is ever going to go out of style! That’s why this market, for people that have a real estate license in Florida, is one with a lot of promise for growth and professional advancement!

Florida, in particular, is an especially hot property market. One of the reasons for that, of course, is because Florida is hot! As one of the few states in the country with pleasant, warm weather all year round, this has made the state particularly attractive for tourism, as well as retirees, and even just Americans and people from other countries looking to own another home during the winter months. That kind of active, in-demand market is what makes getting a real estate license in Florida such a promising career move.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Florida Real Estate Agent?

Of course, one of the biggest things you have to ask yourself if you’re thinking about getting a real estate license in Florida is whether this line of work is the right one for you. Not everyone wants to be a doctor, or a computer programmer, or even a professional athlete. I chose to make the move into real estate because it was compatible with my personality, my interests, and my professional strengths, but is it compatible with yours? What does it take to make the most of a real estate license in Florida?

I think one of the most important aspects of putting your real estate license in Florida to good use is making sure you are a people person. Yes, the real estate industry can be very profitable, but if you’re motivated by profit and dislike interacting with other people, your career is not going to be particularly productive or successful. Real estate is all about meeting people and helping them to find the home or property that they are excited about and want to buy. Or, conversely, it is about meeting homeowners and helping them to sell their property to the people who want it.

Hand in hand with being a people person is being a good listener. It’s not just enough to complement potential clients and customers, making them feel good with praise. You need to understand what a buyer is looking for, in order to line up the properties that actually meet their needs. If your clients are looking for that dream detached home, but you ignore their requests and keep recommending smaller, modern condos, you’re not going to keep those clients for very long; they’ll find someone who listens to them and understands their needs, attempting to satisfy those needs.

A final quality that will help you to make the most of your real estate license in Florida is being organized. Once you are in real estate, you don’t have management drawing up work schedules for you, telling you where you are expected to go, what to do, and for how long. You will need to create your own schedules, task out what you can feasibly do in a day, and manage your time such that your productivity remains efficient throughout the weeks and months. If you can’t organize yourself and stick to what you’ve organized, you’ll find yourself falling behind very quickly. And since you’re no longer getting a monthly salary, but are dependent on your own sales productivity, this means you’ll start losing money fast.

Making The Transition Into A Real Estate Career

In all likelihood, you won’t be getting your real estate license in Florida starting “from scratch.” Most people will already be established in some other profession or job, which is already providing an income. So you’ll have to find a way to juggle managing your much-needed income from an existing job with getting the training you need to acquire your real estate license in Florida.

An online school, such as Colibri Real Estate is a good way to start making this transition. It gives you the information you need at your own pace. However, once you’ve completed the course, you’re ready to write your exam and receive your real estate license in Florida. It’s important you take an official, state-approved course from other trusted schools such as The CE Shop. Real estate is a very serious business with a lot of regulations, and if you don’t have your real estate license in Florida, you can’t legally operate in this business. So make sure you pick a good school that teaches you what you need, at a schedule that’s compatible with your own. Then start making that transition from your old career into a new one.

Requirements To Become A Real Estate Agent In Florida

Like any other state, Florida has their own standards and requirements to become a licensed real estate agent. They are as follows…

  1. Complete 63 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education.
  2. Pass the course final exam.
  3. Submit your fingerprints to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.
  4. Complete the application for licensure.
  5. Pass the Florida Real Estate Salesperson Exam.

VIDEO: How To Obtain A Real Estate License In Florida

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