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How To Get A Real Estate License in Idaho

Last updated on November 13, 2021

Get A Real Estate License in Idaho

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The best part about being a real estate agent is that you don’t need any fancy degree to get started.

By choosing this career path, you’ll have the potential to earn much more than the average median salary without having to take on mountains of student loan debt.

But to practice this profession, you’ll have to complete a pre-licensing real estate course and pass the real estate exam to get your real estate license.

“A course with my busy schedule?!”

Well, you’re in luck! In Idaho, you’re allowed to take online real estate courses which you can do anywhere and at any time, perfect for managing your studies with your day job.

Down below, I’ll go into everything you need to know about real estate and licensing in Idaho to aid you in starting your journey to success.

Let’s get started.

Types of Real Estate Courses

Get A Real Estate License in Idaho (A Step by Step Guide) Types of Real Estate Courses

In Idaho, multiple real estate courses exist that aim to meet state requirements no matter where you are in your career.

The 4 main courses are:

  • Pre-Licensing/Salesperson Real Estate Course
  • Post Licensing Real Estate Course
  • Broker Real Estate Course
  • Continuing Education Course

A pre-licensing course is the course required when you're starting out and are aiming to gain a real estate license to practice in Idaho.

A post-licensing course is a collection of learning modules you’ll have to complete after gaining your license. This only has to be completed once and is much shorter than the pre-licensing course.

A broker real estate course is the second optional step if you’re looking to supercharge your career. Completing this course will allow you to create your own brokerage house.

Continuing education courses are short modules you’ll have to complete regularly to renew your license. These courses contain the latest law or regulation changes that agents must be aware of.

Down below, I’ll go into the process of getting a salesperson’s license.

Requirements for A Real Estate License in Idaho

To practice real estate in Idaho, you’ll need to fulfill certain requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Complete the 90-hour pre-licensing course
  • Pass the pre-licensing test with a grade of at least 70%
  • Get fingerprinted and complete the background check*

* Note - Under Idaho law, felons may still be eligible for a real estate license providing they submit a request to the Idaho Real Estate Commission

A Step by Step Guide on How to Get A Real Estate License in Idaho

Here’s a summary of all the steps:

Step 1: Take and pass the real estate pre-licensing course online

Step 2: Complete a background check and get fingerprinted

Step 3: Submit your application

Step 4: Get sponsored by a broker

Keep reading below for the in-depth guide.

Step 1: Take and Pass a Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course Online

In Idaho, a pre-licensing course is a minimum of 90 hours of study that you’ll need to complete before you can sit for the final exam.

Every course consists of two modules each with 45 teaching hours. After you’ve completed the course, you’ll have to take a course exam that’ll allow you to obtain a certification of completion before appearing for the actual licensing exam.

You’ll have to schedule your licensing exam at a Pearson VUE testing center and achieve over 70% in the final test.

To schedule your test at a local testing center you can visit www.pearsonvue.com or call (877) 540-5833.

You’ll have to pay around $80 to sit for the final test.

Step 2: Complete a Background Check

If you pass the licensing exam, you’ll have to submit a background check, along with your fingerprints. 

You can have your fingerprints recorded at your local VUE testing center after making an appointment. Fingerprints usually take 3 weeks to process.

After getting your course completion certificate and completing your fingerprint and background check, you have to request your online login details from the Idaho Real Estate Commission (IREC) to check your fingerprint processing status.

You may also be contacted by the IREC if they require additional information for the background check.

Step 3: Submit your Application

After your fingerprints have been processed, you’ll have to head to the IREC or mail them your application.

For the application, you’ll need the following documents

  • Copy of high school, GED, or above
  • Copy of document showing legal presence in the US
  • An ID card, such as a driver's license
  • Social security number
  • Proof of legal residence

Usually, within 2 weeks, your license will be granted with an INACTIVE status.

You can find the salesperson application here. You’ll also have to pay a $160 application fee when you hand it in.

If you prefer mailing the application, mail it to the following address:

Idaho Real Estate Commission

575 E. Parkcenter Blvd., Suite 180

Boise, Idaho 83706

Step 4: Get Sponsored 

In order to ACTIVATE your license, you’ll have to get sponsored by a local brokerage firm. 

When selecting a brokerage firm, you should look for one that's aligned with how you want to work as an agent. 

Some brokerage firms treat their agents like employees, while others may be more laid back, allowing you to work when you want.

Your broker will then use their IREC account to change your license status. After that, you’ll have to join a local realtor association that your broker will usually recommend to you.

Real Estate License in Idaho - FAQs

Should I take a pre-licensing course online or in person?

While in-person courses have the benefit of allowing direct interaction with your instructors, the hassle of fixed timings can be a bit difficult if you're managing a day job.

This is where online courses help, allowing you to do the course no matter what your schedule looks like. If you're busy one week and completely free the next, you'll be able to manage your studying accordingly.

And if you still want a direct instructor experience, live zoom-based online courses allow you to experience the classroom from the comfort of your own home.

How much does real estate education cost in Idaho?

Course pricing will depend on the school you choose and whether you're taking it online or in person.

Online courses normally range from $200 to highs of $600, while in-person courses normally start at $500.

What’s the best real estate school in Idaho?

The Idaho Real Estate School is the best local school in the state with online and in-person courses to satisfy every type of learner.

In the online courses, you can choose between live zoom classes or a completely online-based format. 

If you're looking for some quick CE courses, McKissock offers renowned online real estate courses that will make it easier to complete the course you need to renew your license. 

It also offers a yearly CE plus package, which includes not only the required courses but a whole host of instructional videos and materials to help you take your career to the next level.

How long does a real estate course take in Idaho?

While the course does contain “90 hours of course material”, if you're a fast learner, there aren't any restrictions on doing the course faster or taking more time than suggested.


So in conclusion, if you’re looking to get started on a new real estate career, the instructions listed above will guide you along the registration process. The schools I mentioned also offer some of the best courses in Idaho that’ll give you the best chance of acing your final test.

Good luck!

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