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How To Get A Real Estate License Online In Montana (2023 Update)

Last updated on January 4, 2023

How To Get A Real Estate License Online In Montana featured image

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So you’ve decided to pursue a job in real estate in Montana. 

It might be too early, but congratulations! You have made a good choice. 

Becoming a real estate salesperson is more than just a side hustle now as the real estate industry is booming and the demand for properties rising.

However, due to the current situation with the pandemic, you might not feel comfortable going out as you begin to prepare for the job requirements. 

The good news is that you can do most of the required steps online!

Keep reading to find out how to get a real estate license online in Montana this 2023. 

Montana Real Estate License Qualifications

  • You are at least 18 years old

  • You are a US citizen or an alien who is authorized to work in the country

  • You are a high school graduate or its equivalent (GED)

The 4 Steps to Getting a Real Estate License Online in Montana

If you want to obtain a real estate license in Montana, follow these steps:

  1. Complete 70 hours of approved Montana pre-licensing education

  2. Pass the Montana real estate exam.

  3. Obtain employment from a sponsoring broker

  4. Submit your application to the Commission

Let’s discuss the steps one by one. 

Step 1. Complete the required pre-licensing education

The first step toward becoming a real estate salesperson is completing the mandatory 70-hour pre-licensing education from an accredited provider. 

This course includes subjects such as real estate principles, law, ethics, finance, and several others. You can take the course in a classroom-based school or online.

For you to obtain a certificate of completion (which you will need to sit for the licensing exam), you have to pass the final course test. Most schools will allow you multiple attempts.

Note: you must apply for a license within 24 months of completing the 70-hour approved pre-licensing course.

Looking for a good course recommendation?

Check out Colibri Real Estate! (Read more about this online school in the FAQs section) 

Step 2. Pass the Montana real estate exam

Once you get hold of your course certificate of completion, you can then schedule an appointment for your exam. PSI administers the test for the state of Montana. 

You may register for the exam via the PSI website or phone call (855 898-0716). You can take the exam in any of the six testing centers. 

When you get to the center, don’t forget to bring your certificate of completion, two forms of identification, and $106 for the exam fee. 

As for the exam itself, it consists of two portions, national and state. 

The national exam consists of 80 items, while the state-specific exam has 33. To pass, you need a score of at least 80% for national and 70% for state. You’re given a total of three and a half hours to answer all 113 questions. 

Since the exam is taken on a computer, you will immediately receive your results upon completing the test.

If you fail, you can retake it. But you will have to pay the $106 fee again (even if you’re just retaking one portion of the exam).

Check the candidate information bulletin to find out more about the Montana real estate salesperson exam.   

Step 3. Find a sponsoring broker

To work as a real estate salesperson in Montana, you must be affiliated with a sponsoring broker. 

When choosing a sponsoring broker, consider the following:

  • Is he/she reputable? How many successful real estate salespersons does he/she have?

  • What is the fee structure? Is it a flat fee or commission split?

  • Does he/she offer career growth? Does he/she provide training programs?

  • What are the core values? Do you identify with them?

  • Does he/she allow flexible work hours?

Keep in mind that the best broker is the one with goals that align with yours. And also, one that will help you pave your way to success.

Don’t rush this step. 

You must choose wisely. 

Step 4. Submit your application to the Commission

You must submit your real estate license application to the Commission within 12 months after passing the licensing exam. 

You can apply online via the Montana Department of Labor and Industry’s website. Here, you will need to create an online account before applying. 

Although online application is preferred, you may also print out the downloadable application form and mail it with the payment and other required documents to:

Montana Board of Realty Regulation 

PO Box 200513 301 S Park, 

4th Floor Helena, MT 59620-0512

Below is a list of other required documents:

  • Pre-Licensing Education Certificate of Completion

  • Montana Salesperson Exam results (national and state)

  • License verifications from jurisdictions where the applicant holds or has held a salesperson license (if applicable)

  • Detailed explanations to discipline questions on the application form where the applicant answered yes (if applicable)

The application fee for a real estate salesperson is $150. 

If you apply online, you may pay using a debit or credit card. If you apply by mail, you must pay by check or money order. The Commission does not accept cash payments. 

Application processing may take from 5 to 10 business days. 

Montana Real Estate License FAQs

What is the best online real estate school in Montana?

Colibri Real Estate has consistently been the top online real estate school in Montana and many other states. The school offers a simple yet effective way for students to learn the fundamentals of real estate, as well as prepare for the license exam. Its coursework is text-based but also contains some multimedia elements that help learners efficiently retain information.  

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

You can be sure that, with Colibri Real Estate, you are getting quality, state-approved education. 

How much does Colibri Real Estate cost?

Colibri Real Estate's basic Montana real estate pre-licensing package costs around $320. But with this discount link, you'll find that they usually bring the price down to around $224. 

This is already great value for your money because, apart from the 70-hour course, it includes three downloadable real estate books that you can use as an additional study tool. It also provides excellent instructor support and customer service experience. 

If you upgrade to Exam Prep or Exam Prep Plus, which costs from around $250 to $300, you get to enjoy a test simulation tool as well as a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee. 

How long does it take to get a real estate license in Montana?

Generally, it takes between three to six months. However, it may be shorter if you prepare a plan and create a dedicated schedule for the entire process. 


Becoming a real estate salesperson requires time and dedication, but with today’s technology, obtaining a license has been made much simpler. 

Now, you don’t have to spend time outside or attend classes because everything is accessible via your laptop or mobile device. 

If you follow the above steps, you will secure your real estate license in no time.

Good luck! 

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