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How to Get a Real Estate License Online in New York (A Complete Guide)

Last updated on May 3, 2022

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in New York

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New York, with all the million-dollar apartments and eager investors flushed with cash, is great for a real estate career. 

Today, thousands of agents have achieved untold success despite the lack of a college education. Plus, plenty of people are starting to work as part-time agents to supplement their income.

So why not join in the fun?

To do that, you first need to get hold of a real estate license. 

In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide on how to get a real estate license online in New York. With this guide, you’ll know exactly what you need to do and how to get started. 

So let’s begin!

Real Estate License Qualifications in New York

To qualify for a NY real estate license, you must:

  • Be at least 18-years old
  • Be a US citizen or legal alien 

Yes, that’s it! You don’t even need a high school diploma.  

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in New York

There are 4 steps to obtaining a NY real estate license. These are:

Step 1: Take the real estate pre-licensing course

Step 2: Pass the New York real estate exam

Step 3: Obtain sponsorship from a broker

Step 4: Apply for a real estate license through the New York Real Estate Commission

Let’s take a detailed look at each step.

Step 1: Take the real estate pre-licensing course

To get started with the licensing process, you’ll first need to learn the fundamentals of real estate by taking a 75-hour pre-licensing course. 

Certain pre-licensing courses may have an end-of-course exam that you have to pass to get a certificate of completion (this is required for the final license application). The passing score usually ranges from 70%-75%.

The great news is that you can take this course completely online!

If you’re looking for a reliable online real estate school, we highly suggest you check out AceableAgent

While it’s a fairly new online school, it’s taking the industry by storm thanks to its modern design and interactive course material.

The New York course is specifically designed to meet all local requirements. Plus, it has been created to make learning as engaging as possible with fun videos and tools to optimize your learning experience.

Better yet, AceableAgent is one of the only real estate schools that has a fully functioning mobile app, allowing you to take this course on the go. 

Step 2: Pass the New York real estate exam

After you’re finished with the 1st step, you’ll be allowed to appear for the New York real state exam. 

To register, create an eAccessNY account. You have to provide basic identification details such as your home address and ID card number. 

Once you’re registered, you need to then schedule your exam. You can view available examination areas here.

As for the exam itself, it consists of 75 questions. To pass, you should get a minimum score of 70%. 

Furthermore, you are given 90 minutes (1.5hrs) to complete it. 

For the results, it’ll appear on your eAccessNY account. 

Note: exam results are valid for two years.

The exam and any subsequent retries shall cost $15.

Step 3: Obtain sponsorship from a broker

After successfully passing the NY real estate exam, it’s time to get sponsored by a broker. 

Make sure to take care when selecting a broker by evaluating all local firms based on their reputation, commission structure, and corporate culture.

You might not know it, but there are all types of brokers. 

Some may charge a higher commission structure but offer greater hands-on experience and a regimented work schedule. Others are more flexible, offering agents the ability to choose their work schedules. This is great if you’re looking to practice real estate part-time.

So whichever broker you pick, always make sure they’re aligned to what you’re looking for.

Step 4: Apply for a real estate license through the New York Real Estate Commission

When all that’s done, you can finally submit your license application to the New York Real Estate Commission. 

Again, this process can be completed with the eAccessNY account you created earlier. The application costs $55 (which you can pay online).

Here, you’ll have to provide the details of your sponsoring broker, course certificate of completion, exam results, along with other verifications. 

Note: felons are not eligible to obtain a real estate license in New York regardless of the crime committed.

Real Estate Licensing in New York FAQs

How long is the pre-licensing course in New York?

The pre-licensing course is 75 hours long. While that may seem like much, in California, agents have to go through 135 hours of education modules to get a license. So you can’t really complain. 

However, New York does mandate the use of timers on all online courses, so you won’t be able to blast through this course even if you’re a quick learner.

When do I need to take continuing education courses in New York?

All real estate license holders are required to take 22.5 hours of CE courses every 2 year renewal period.

While that may seem like a lot, online real estate schools, such as McKissock, make life much easier by allowing you to get done with all the requirements from the comfort of your home. 

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in New York (A Complete Guide) McKissock

Additionally, McKissock offers a CE PLUS package that, in addition to all the CE courses in the state, provides you with webinars, guidebooks, and more to take your real estate career to the next level.

Should I take the real estate course online or in-person?

While in-person schooling does have its benefits, in that you’ll be able to network with your peers and learn directly from your instructor, it can be difficult to attend due to the rigid class timetables.

On the other hand, online schools offer you a simple, convenient, and affordable solution by giving you 24/7 access to all the course material you need, whenever you feel like studying. 

Additionally, the features provided with online courses, such as pre-recorded lectures, mini-games, and learning tools, make the course interactive and engaging. This is so much better than an old-fashioned textbook.

But overall, it depends on YOU and what you learn better with.

How much do real estate courses cost in New York?

Real estate course prices vary based on the school and teaching method. 

In-person schools are the pricer pick, averaging around $900 for the pre-licensing course. 

Online courses, on the other hand, are much cheaper and often offer a large selection of package options to match any budget. AceableAgent’s course costs around $250, over $600 cheaper than the in-person offerings.


Interested in becoming a real estate salesperson in New York?

All the qualifications you need are to be at least 18 years old and a US citizen or legal alien. If you check those boxes, then just follow the 4 steps above and you’re well on your way!

The best part? You can do most of the processing online! 

And, the online schools mentioned above provide the most affordable and convenient real estate course offerings in New York, taken and passed by thousands of agents each year.

So what are you waiting for?

Join an online course today to get one step closer to financial freedom!

Good luck!

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