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How To Get A Real Estate License Online in Utah (2023 Update)

Last updated on December 2, 2022

How To Get A Real Estate License Online in Utah featured image

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Looking for a fulfilling career in Utah?

Want to get a side job to earn extra cash for that luxury vacation you always wanted

Well, say hello to real estate, a job where only your skills matter and where countless millions have been made by young adults across the country.

How do you get started?

Obtain your Utah real estate license!

But the licensing process can be a bit difficult to understand, especially if you’re completely new to the world of real estate.

To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a complete guide on how to get a real estate license online in Utah. This will help you get one step closer to your real estate career.

So let’s get started right away.

Real Estate License Qualifications in Utah

To be eligible for a real estate license in Utah, you must:

  • Be at least 18-years old
  • Hold a high-school diploma or GED
  • Be a US citizen or legal alien

Real Estate License Requirements in Utah 

These are the requirements to obtain a real estate license in Utah:

Step 1: Take a real estate pre-licensing course

Step 2: Pass the Utah real estate exam

Step 3: Complete a background check

Step 4: Get sponsorship from a broker

Step 5: Apply for a Utah real estate license

Let’s get into the details. 

Step 1: Take a real estate pre-licensing course

To get started with the Utah real estate licensing process, you need to complete a 120-hour real estate pre-licensing course. 

Once you complete the course, most schools require you to pass an end-of-course exam to get your course completion certificate (this certificate is proof that you finished the educational requirements). 

Now, there are several online real estate schools that offer comprehensive pre-licensing courses. One of these is The Institute of Real Estate Education

With this school, you’ll be able to study on your terms from the comfort of your home. Not only do you get the study materials, but you also get exam prep materials, course review audiobook, course completion guarantee, and so much more. 

Definitely go check them out! 

Step 2: Pass the Utah real estate exam

When you receive your course completion certificate, you’ll be eligible to sit for the Utah real estate exam conducted by Pearson Vue. 

To apply, visit the Pearson Vue website. From there, click the view exams on the right side, then select the exam for Utah Sales, sign in, schedule your appointment, and pay the exam fee of $59.

Note: If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one to move forward.

The exam is conducted at local examination centers - you can choose where you want to take it when you apply. 

When you get there, don’t forget to bring 2 forms of identification, a non-digital calculator, and a Candidate Education Certifying Document. Also, you’ll need to be there 30 minutes before your exam schedule. 

To get a Candidate Education Certifying Document, complete the Section A Agent form on page 20 of the Pearson Vue Handbook. Don’t leave this document at the exam center as you’ll need it when applying for your real estate license. 

Now, the exam is computer-based. But don’t worry, you’ll be given time to work out how the exam goes before you get started. And, since it’s performed on a computer, you’ll get your results right away.

Step 3: Complete a background check

After you’ve passed the exam, the next step is to give copies of your fingerprints to complete a background check. Fingerprint recording shall be handled by Pearson Vue at the Bountiful, Draper, Ogden, and Orem test centers.

To schedule an appointment, go to the Pearson Vue website, click view exams on the right side, then select Utah Fingerprint Appointment. Fingerprinting will cost you $12.

Note: due to Covid-19 concerns, Pearson Vue is not accepting fingerprinting services at the moment. Make sure to refer to their website for updates.

Since that’s the case, you can go to any local testing center to give you 2 fingerprint cards that you can then take to your local police department to get your fingerprints done. Once secured, hand it to Pearson Vue.

At the center, you’ll also receive a Consent to background check form that you’ll have to fill out.

Felons that have been convicted of a crime within the past 5 years are ineligible to receive a real estate license. The same goes for individuals who have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving theft or fraud.

If you’re a felon but don’t fall into the categories mentioned above, you’re eligible for a license but the decision will rest with the Utah Real Estate Commission. They may or may not accept your application depending on the severity of the crime committed.

Step 4: Get sponsorship from a broker

Real estate agents in Utah need to work under a broker. 

While you’re waiting for your background check results, it’s best to start looking for the best broker in your area. 

Make sure to look into all the local brokers or brokerage firms available before making a final decision. You want to get a reputable broker that will benefit your career. 

Step 5: Apply for a real estate license

Finally, you can apply for your Utah real estate license.

To do that, fill out the salesperson license application and a qualifying questionnaire (you’ll receive these forms at your local Pearson testing center after passing the exam).  You’ll also need to fill out this checklist that asks for your consent to background check, certificate of legal presence, candidate education certifying document, and a license fee of $157. 

Mail all the required documents to the following address:

Utah Division of Real Estate

Heber Wells Building 160 East 300 South (second floor) 

PO Box 146711 

Salt Lake City, 

UT 84114-6711

For a more convenient procedure, you can apply for your real estate license online through the Utah Real Estate Commission website!

Note: you have to create an account if you don’t already have one.

It may take 2 to 4 weeks for your application to be approved considering the time the background check may take.

Real Estate License in Utah FAQs

How long is the real estate pre-licensing course in Utah?

In Utah, the pre-licensing course is 120 hours long, which ranks as one of the longest real estate pre-licensing courses in the US!

Plus, the course is timed as well, so even if you’re a quick learner, you won’t be able to do this course in less than 120 hours.

When do I have to complete real estate continuing education courses in Utah?

In Utah, you have to complete 18 hours of continuing education every 2 years in order to renew your license. Failure to take these courses can result in license suspension. 

Real Estate License Online in Utah (A Complete 2021 How To Guide) McKissock

Taking all these educational courses while juggling your real estate responsibilities can be hard work. Thankfully, McKissock offers some of the best online real estate CE courses that can help you get done with the learning requirements as conveniently as possible. 

Go check out their course package offers! 

Should I choose online or in-person real estate courses?

While in-person schooling has its benefits, in that it allows you to interact with your peers and instructors, it can be hard to attend due to conflicting class schedules.

Online courses, on the other hand, solve this by allowing you to access the course content 24/7, giving you control over your own study schedule.

And if you still want that classroom experience but don’t want to deal with the commute to and from your school, many online schools offer live online classes to give you the best of both worlds.

How much do real estate courses cost in Utah?

As expected, the costs will vary. 

In-person schooling is often more expensive with pre-licensing courses usually exceeding $800. Online courses are much cheaper with multiple package options to suit every budget, some for as low as $350.


Don’t know how to obtain a real estate license in Utah? 

The steps above provide an up-to-date rundown on everything you need to know, from a reliable guide to getting your license in Utah to course recommendations and other tips and notes.

We hope this article has been a great help! 

We also hope it helps you get started on your real estate journey right away!

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