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How To Get An Online Real Estate License In Los Angeles

Last updated on November 15, 2022

California Real Estate Online Course Reviews & Comparisons

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If you live in Los Angeles, then you already know that this is one of the biggest, richest, most glamorous cities in the world, and the real estate industry in the city reflects that. Thanks to the media conglomeration that still chooses to call Hollywood home, the city enjoys a thriving residential and commercial real estate industry. So it doesn’t surprise me at all when I hear people musing about getting a real estate license in Los Angeles and switching careers.

But while I’m always happy to encourage people to think about getting into a real estate career, I’m also careful to make sure that people take a good hard look in the mirror. You really need to ask yourself if getting a real estate license in Los Angeles actually is the best move for you. Because while it’s true that this means you get to be your own boss, this doesn’t mean being your own boss is a good move for you.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

An Exercise In Self-Discipline

Getting your real estate license in Los Angeles and hopping into the property industry means running your own business. It means giving up on a lot of the job security that comes from getting a salaried job. On the one hand, many people love the theoretical idea of no longer having a boss to answer to, leaving fixed hours of attendance at a workplace, or doing the same repetitive tasks, for a fixed salary every month. But when you quit that salaried job, you’re also giving up on a steady income where you can make safe predictions about savings and spending money from month to month. You give up job benefits like dental or health insurance for you and your family.

Your success, in other words, is tied entirely into how good you are at your job, and if you don’t make sales, you won’t get paid. And unlike many other jobs, where having a good resume and “nailing the interview” is all it takes, real estate has a legal requirement. You have to get your real estate license in Los Angeles before you can even think about working in the industry. That’s because when you’re dealing with people who are about to make some of the biggest financial transactions of their lives, you need to be professionally and legally accountable. And that means having your real estate license in Los Angeles that certifies you as qualified. I’ve put together some of my top choices for the schools that can help you to make this goal.

Making The Transition

The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re seriously thinking about getting a real estate license in Los Angeles is to do as much research on your own as you can. I went to the Internet and did my due diligence, looking up a considerable amount of material, but I also picked up books on the real estate industry and, maybe most important of all, I talked to people who actually work in real estate, asked them questions, and got a real feel for what a “day in the life” can be like, before making my decision to switch. These should be the same things you’re doing. Don’t just jump into getting a real estate license in Los Angeles because it sounds good, actually look at what the pros, cons, risks, and rewards are, and then decide if this is really for you.

Once you have a better idea of what you’re getting into, you can start thinking about getting your real estate license in Los Angeles. Much of this depends a lot on your own predisposition and, more importantly, your financial situation. Many people thinking of making the jump into real estate are doing so from a salaried position, and this isn’t something that you want to give up right away, especially if you have financial commitments like family and/or a mortgage. Simply put, there aren’t a lot of people that get into a real estate license in Los Angeles and immediately start making a profit in the same way you can count on getting paid at the end of the month with a normal job.

This is where online real estate schools are a godsend in the 21st century. If you’re like me, then you don’t want to give up that financial safety net just yet, nor is it financially responsible to do so. But going to an actual real estate class to learn the basics of getting your license can take up too much time, especially if you have other time commitments like a career and family. With an online real estate school, however, you can get your real estate license in Los Angeles on your own schedule. You can squeeze in a few hours at the end of the day, try it in the mornings just before work, or just reserve it for weekends. It’s all up to you and what’s feasible for your schedule.

Picking The Right School

If you’re ready to start taking your courses to get your real estate license in Los Angeles, you need to pick a good online school. You’ll have a lot of options, as California is, unsurprisingly, a popular state for real estate and thus many schools cater to the industry here. Do your research, look at reviews, carefully study what each school offers and make your choice.

One school that I like to recommend to people is Colibri Real Estate. They have different tiers of service, so if a budget is a concern for you, or you’re simply not interested in a lot of extras and just want the absolute minimum of information, they have basic plans for your courses. However, for people that want a lot of support, access to better supplementary materials, and even the ability to ask questions of an instructor, higher tiers offer those added features.

There’s even a “don’t pass, don’t pay” policy for people that try—and fail—to pass their real estate license exam on the first try. It’s a good school to look at while considering your options.

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