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How To Get An Online Real Estate License In Missouri

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get An Online Real Estate License In Missouri

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Missouri is a little different than most other states when it comes to the pathway to becoming a real estate professional. While there is a set path to follow in most states, the state real estate board actually observes 3 different options one may take to obtain a real estate license in Missouri. If anything, these options tend to make becoming a real estate professional an easier choice than in some other states, simply due to the versatility, one is granted who wishes to pursue a career in real estate. In the state of Missouri, a real estate salesperson is able to make an average of around $38,000 and could make as much as $99,000 or more as they gain experience in their field.

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The First Real Estate License In Missouri Option

The first option or path one may take to obtain a real estate license in Missouri is a more “standard” path. This path begins when a person chooses a course and completes 48 credit hours in real estate education. This education must come from an accredited Missouri board-approved education institution, like that offered at Colibri Real Estate, and upon completion one will be ready to take their application test.

Colibri Real Estate also offers exam prep that aids with this application test, providing you with a higher likelihood of passing your exam on your first try.

After you’re finished with your 48 credit hours, you’re then ready to take your application exam. If you’ve prepared with exam prep, you will walk into the exam room with confidence that you’re prepared for what you’re about to undergo. If you pass your exam, you can then send in your real estate license in Missouri within 6 months. If you wait longer than 6 months before applying for your license, you may have to retake the exam.

The Second Real Estate License In Missouri Option

For a pathway that is a little different, we have the second Missouri option. This option is for licensed attorneys, who have waived the need to complete 48 credit hours of real estate education. While attorneys may be able to waive their education from an accredited program, they are still required to pass all application exams before obtaining their real estate license in Missouri. When applying for the license, the attorney should attach a copy of their Bar card, and they should file their application within 6 months of passing their application exam.

The Third Real Estate License In Missouri Option

Lastly, the third and final option is for those who already hold a real estate license, but in a different jurisdiction or state. If you hold an active real estate license in another state you are not required to undergo the full 48 hours of accredited education courses, and instead, are only required to complete the 24 credit hour MREP course instead. Upon completion of this course, you will then complete the licensure exam, and upon completion and passing of this exam, you may apply for your real estate license for up to six months. A copy of your current active license from another jurisdiction must be included in your real estate license in the Missouri application.

Choosing The Best Course For You

While there are 3 paths to take to become a real estate professional in Missouri, most will follow the first path. This first path is for those who are not currently a real estate professional in another area or an attorney, and it’s the most common method people use to get their real estate license in Missouri. Choosing the best 48 credit hour course for you is important and will set the foundation for the rest of your real estate career.

Choosing an online course is typically the most popular option, and especially for those who are already working in another profession, those raising children and families, and those who simply want to get their careers started as quickly as possible. Online courses to get you your real estate license in Missouri allow you to go about your education on your own time, so you’re not forced to give up valuable time you need to spend working or would rather spend with your family. If you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed one day and like you’re unable to retain information as well as you could, you can miss a day and go back to your studies when you feel better prepared. Being able to study from your own home and on your own time makes the popularity of online real estate courses obvious.

Other Requirements For Obtaining A Real Estate License In Missouri

While there are 3 paths to take to obtain your real estate license in Missouri, each has the same basic requirements. First and foremost, the youngest a person may be before registering for their real estate courses is 18, and this allows young people fresh from high school to embark on a career right away that doesn’t require a traditional 2-year or 4-year degree. If a young person plans to put themselves through college, pursuing a career in real estate first can help them to get professional experience while supporting themselves in furthering their education.

Additionally, all applicants for a real estate license in Missouri must be able to pass a background check and must have their fingerprints registered at an approved location. Typically, the same sites where one would take their real estate application exam will also log and register fingerprints necessary to be approved for licensure. A background check will also be completed, and if a person has any criminal charges they may be approved or denied depending on what those charges may be and long ago they have occurred.

Getting an online real estate license in Missouri is a great option for any busy professional or family person looking to enter into a career that boasts plenty of growth and earning potential. With today’s opportunities, one can obtain their real estate license in Missouri almost entirely online, only needing to be present in person for the final application exam.

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