Obtaining an online real estate license in Virginia is a lucrative career choice. On average, a real estate agent in Virginia can expect to make somewhere around $47,440 per year on average, but this number could go as high as $115,000 with some experience under your belt. For busy parents or those already juggling another full-time job, getting an online real estate license in Virginia is something that can help you to further your earning potential while still keeping up with your current day-to-day job. Getting a real estate license in Virginia can be done entirely online, and this gives working adults options in terms of their future and just how far they’d like their future to go.

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How To Become A Licensed Real Estate Agent In Virginia

The first thing one must do in order to obtain their real estate license in Virginia is to register for and complete the required 60 hours of real estate education. RealEstateExpress.com is the nation’s top online real estate school, allowing you to complete these required education hours from the comfort of your own home and on your own time. You can register with RealEstateExpress.com, complete your 60 required education hours using a Virginia real estate licensure program on the website, and be prepared to take your real estate final exam in order to be eligible for your licensure. This is the same course I personally used to complete my real estate license training. Here are some other courses you can sign up for:

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how-to-get-an-online-real-estate-license-in-virginiaAfter you’ve completed your required 60 hours of education, it will then be time to take your Virginia Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam. In order to ensure you pass on your first try, exam prep is always a good idea. Taking RealEstateExpress.com, in addition to your 60 hour education course, also offers Virginia real estate licensure specific exam prep including 12 general practice exams, 3 themed practice exams, and 2 final practice exams so you can go into your official licensure exam confident that you will walk out of that room eligible to apply for your license.

Once you’ve passed your real estate license exam in Virginia, you’ll then be ready to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check before applying for your license. Electronic fingerprinting is mandatory for all licensed Virginia real estate professionals, and can often be completed at the same site you’ve completed your real estate licensure test. Once you’ve received your background check and fingerprinting, your real estate license application must be received by the Virginia Real Estate Board within 45 calendar days.

One common question is “If I have a past criminal record, can I become a licensed real estate agent in Virginia?” and the answer is somewhat complicated. If a length of time has passed since the crime has been committed, and the crime in question was a misdemeanor, you may not have a problem applying for and obtaining your real estate licensure. If the crime was a felony, or if one has plead no contest to a felony, your application may be denied.

Lastly, you’ll want to apply for your real estate license as quickly as possible after passing your exam and background check. One can apply for their real estate license at Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation website, which can be completed and sent electronically.

The Online Process Of Real Estate Licenses In Virginia

Modern technology has provided today’s professionals with an almost entirely online way to take on a new path and pursue their Virginia real estate license. Using online courses like those at RealEstateExpress.com, as well as exam prep courses, then applying for your real estate license online, one may only need to go to a location one time during the entire process to have their board exam performed. Locations for the final licensure exam in Virginia include Charlottesville, Falls Church, Richmond, Roanoke, Tyson’s Corner, and Virginia Beach, allowing for a location only a short distance from any Virginia resident.

Online real estate courses for real estate license approval in Virginia are just as interactive and just as beneficial as any in-person physical course, but they allow working adults and professionals to pursue this career in their own time and from the comfort of their own home. All one would need to complete their online real estate license in Virginia course is a home computer or laptop and internet access, as well as one single free day to take the final exam at any of the Virginia locations. With the online exam prep benefits, most students of online real estate license in Virginia courses will pass their exam on their first attempt and be ready for the fingerprinting, background check, and online filing of the real estate license application.

Your online real estate license education will give you the same opportunity to use your skills in the field as taking an in person course as well. Once you’ve finished with the online course, you’ll be ready to help your clients to find their dream home with a confident foundation of education in the real estate field. The online process includes a variety of different subjects and topics within the 60 education hours, and this is to ensure all students are fully prepared. Some of the online courses include the basics of licensing, learning about the Virginia Real Estate Board, the mathematics you’ll need to know in the real estate field, and finance topics as well as so much more.

For today’s busy parents, professionals, or adults with a current full-time job looking for a new career path, nothing works better for you than an online real estate license in Virginia course. You won’t lose time with your job or your family as you pursue a new lucrative beginning, as you can complete all of your training with confidence in your own spare time. If you can only study for an hour one day, a half hour another, and 2 hours the next, it’s no problem, and your courses will be right there waiting for you just as you’ve left them when you’re ready to get back to it.

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