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How To Get Your Arizona Real Estate License Online

Last updated on November 9, 2022

How To Get Your Arizona Real Estate License Online

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On average, an Arizona real estate salesperson can expect to earn between $20,000 and $107,000 throughout their career, with a median salary of around $40,000. For this reason, it’s no wonder why everyone from young adults to established professionals are looking to get a piece of the Arizona real estate pie. Obtaining your initial real estate license in Arizona will require in-person coursework, but renewing your Arizona real estate license online allows current real estate professionals to keep their license in good standing without taking too much from their busy schedule.

While many states within the US allow you to obtain your initial license online, Arizona real estate license courses for pre-licensure do require in-person coursework, and 90 hours of it to be exact. Every state within the United States observes their own real estate pre-licensure and post-licensure requirements, and just because a person was able to obtain their licensure online in another state doesn’t mean they will be able to practice the selling of real estate in a separate state like Arizona without carrying out additional educational requirements.

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Obtaining Your Initial Arizona Real Estate License

As I’ve mentioned, this part can’t be done online alone. The requirements for obtaining your initial Arizona real estate license are:

  • Must be 18 years of age – Before seeking out an education program, taking your exam, or applying for your license, a person must be at least 18 years of age. In addition to age, the individual must also be able to present a high school diploma or GED.
  • Complete your course – In order to obtain an Arizona real estate license, you must take 90 course credit hours of Arizona real estate education in person at an approved and accredited real estate school. A person is unable to earn their Arizona real estate license online without appearing in person to participate in one of these approved classes.
  • Fingerprinting and background check – After taking the 90 credit hours of classes, a person may then be fingerprinted and have a background check performed to ensure they’re eligible to buy and sell as a professional Arizona real estate professional. A person convicted of a felony and currently incarcerated, on probation, on parole, or carrying out community service may not be issued a license upon application. A person with past felony or misdemeanor convictions for theft, forgery, conspiracy to defraud, extortion, crimes of moral turpitude, or violent crimes may also not be eligible to receive their Arizona real estate license online or in person.
  • Take a contract writing class – After the fingerprinting and background check, a person will then take a 6 hour contract writing class and obtain a certificate of completion before applying for their Arizona real estate license.
  • Take the exam – The final step before obtaining an Arizona real estate license is taking the Arizona real estate pre-licensure exam. Upon the passing of this exam, a person has 1 year to apply for their real estate licensure, and if this 1 year window is missed the exam must be passed again.

While there isn’t much room for obtaining your Arizona real estate license online in the pre-licensure portion of the process, it is a common option in the post-licensure requirements. After getting your initial license, it will need to be renewed every 2 years through continued education, and this continued education isn’t the type you’ll need to travel to in person courses for.

Renewing Your Arizona Real Estate License Online

While you can’t carry out the pre-licensure process online, you can renew your Arizona real estate license online. Like the pre-licensure process, each state observes different post-licensure requirements to keep real estate licenses in good standing. In Arizona, post-licensure requirements state that one must complete 24 hours of ADRE-approved continuing education comprised of 7 different subjects. Renewing your Arizona real estate license online is simple with the course packages offered by The CE Shop, an accredited online school that allows you to carry out your continuing education from the comfort and flexibility of your own home.

These 24 hours of continuing education must be carried out every 2 years to renew your Arizona real estate license online, and these 24 course credit hours are comprised of 3 hours of agency law, 3 hours of contract law, 3 hours of commissioner’s standards, 3 hours of disclosure education, 3 hours of fair housing, 3 hours of real estate legal issues facing Arizona, and 6 hours of general real estate education. The general real estate education can be obtained by taking on additional hours in any of the aforementioned courses, or simply taking a general real estate course.

The CE Shop gives you options in retaining your Arizona real estate license online with continuing education courses. For a simple solution to your continuing education requirements, you can choose to opt for continuing education for the Arizona package including all of the courses you’ll need for your 2 year renewal period. However, continuing education isn’t always one size fits all, and Career Web School also allows you to pick and choose your desired courses, which comes in handy for those looking to obtain a specific course set for their 6 general real estate education hours.

Why You Will Want To Renew Your Arizona Real Estate License Online

The option to renew your Arizona real estate license online provides several benefits to working real estate professionals. Whether you look at your real estate career as a part-time gig, which 32% of Arizona real estate salespeople do, or you work full-time as an Arizona real estate professional, your time is valuable. Renewing your Arizona real estate license online allows you to take care of your 24 hours of continuing education on your own time and with a flexible schedule, so you’re not forced to juggle in-class time with your family or professional duties. In addition to this, you’re also able to learn at your own pace and ensure that all information is absorbed and learned before moving on to the next course.

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