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How To Get Your Missouri Real Estate Broker License Online

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get Your Missouri Real Estate Broker License Online

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Missouri gets a lot of recognition for being the birthplace of Budweiser, and a statewide obsession with the perfect barbecue. But those accomplishments—while notable!—are not all the state is about. I think one of the best things about Missouri is that it`s just a great place to live. It’s safe, it has easy access to many natural and historical sites, and the property market is very affordable!

That means that there’s always a busy time for people that choose to get into the real estate industry here. Are you one of those people? Then you’ll need to think about what steps you need to take in order to get a Missouri real estate broker license, so you can enter into this market and start building a lucrative career for yourself. I’ll explain how it works.

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The Character Of A Missiouri Real Estate Broker

Not everyone should get into real estate, any more than everyone should be a dentist, or a musician. But if you have the predisposition, then maybe this is the right profession for you. But what does it take, besides the Missouri real estate broker license to be successful broker?

I think the two most important aspects required for a broker are a willingness to take financial risks, and the ability to be self-motivated. There’s a certain amount of financial uncertainty in real estate, especially in beginning. That’s because this isn’t a job where you get a monthly salary, it’s a commission based job. If you and/or your family absolutely require a certain, fixed income every single month, then this may not be the career for you.

The other characteristic for this line of work is independence. By that, I don’t mean you like freedom; everyone wants to do what they want. I mean that you are able, without supervision from a manager, to do what you should. You should be able to organize yourself, set your own appointments, establish your own goals and milestones, then work as hard as you can to meet them. If you do all that, than the sales you make once you get your license can quickly surpass what you’ be likely to make on a fixed, monthly salary. And that brings us to the next hurdle, the actual professional requirements for a Missouri real estate broker license.

Legal Authority For Missiouri Real Estate Brokers

You need to have a Missouri real estate broker license in order to work in the property market here for one, very simple reason; it’s the law. And the reason the law is in place is to protect the people that want to buy and sell property. Showing off a property and undertaking a financial transaction to buy or sell that property is, for the majority of Americans, going to be one of the biggest expenditures of their lives. It’s an enormous financial and ethical responsibility to handle that, which is why a legally issued license is required for people in this line of work.

If you want to get your Missouri real estate broker license, there are actually a few ways to go about it, depending on what your current professional situation is. Two of the universal standards is that you must be a legally consenting adult, and you must be willing to submit yourself to a fingerprinting and background check through an approved state vendor.

Just Starting Out In The Missouri Real Estate Industry?

If you’re coming to your Missouri real estate broker license “new” with no previous real estate or legal background behind you, you’ve got a lot ahead of you! You’ll need to take at least 48 hours of state-approved courses from a school. You’ll also need to write and pass TWO exams; the actual Missouri salesperson examination, and MREP, the Missouri Real Estate Practice Course before you can actually submit your Missouri real estate broker license application.

Lawyer Up!

If you’re already a practicing attorney in Missouri, then you have a different route available to getting a Missouri real estate broker license. No classes are required, though you’re certainly welcome to attend them if you want to brush up on other aspects of real estate, such as appraisals or home inspections. Otherwise, you only need to write—and pass—the exams. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to have your Bar card on hand to present when you submit your application, with your exam results, and you’ll get your Missouri real estate broker license!

Already Have A Real Estate License In Another State?

If you’re already a real estate professional that is simply relocating, then getting a Missouri real estate broker license is comparatively easy. You’ll need to take a 24 hour MREP course, and, when you’re ready, you’ll need to write and pass only the state portion of a Missouri real estate broker license exam. You’ll also need to produce a current and active license certification/history—not a copy—from your previous state that is no older than three months.

Studying For The Missouri Real Estate Broker Exam

Of course, having the knowledge to write the Missouri real estate broker license and pass it is essential, which is where a good school comes in. I like to give people a lot of different options, depending on the way they prefer to study, and urge everyone to go do some research on the schools that are available in Missouri, both physically, as classrooms that you can go to for live instruction and online. Online has the added flexibility of letting you study the material at your own time and pace, so for many this is a much more feasible way to go about it if there are still professional or family obligations that take up a lot of the week.

Online schools like Career Webschool or Colibri Real Estate are good schools to think about for people who are just starting out, and wanting to learn everything they need to about getting a Missouri real estate broker license.

But even for experienced attorneys, or out of state professionals relocating, these schools are good for tertiary or advanced education for more professional development.

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