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How To Get Your Real Estate Agent License Online

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get Your Real Estate Agent License Online

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As the housing market continues its recovery, many people are considering a career in real estate. I decided real estate would be a great career change for me, so if you’ve decided to make the career switch, I completely understand where you’re coming from.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average salary for real estate agents is around $44,000, with the average rising or falling to match with local markets around the country, and a dedicated and experienced real estate agent may be able to exceed $100,000 per year with proper drive.

Getting your real estate agent license online provides the perfect option for those taking care of families or already working full time to pursue a lucrative career path without the hassle of juggling in-person courses. While some states do require some coursework to be completed in-person, many allow budding real estate professionals in their respective states to complete their education entirely through real estate agent license online courses.

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Meeting Your Requirements To Obtain A Real Estate Agent License Online

Each state observes their own requirements in order to earn a real estate agent license online or through in-person classes. Because of this, it’s important to check your state’s individual requirements before choosing a real estate agent license online program. Some requirements to make sure to pay close attention to are:

  • Age requirements – Most states within the United States require a prospective real estate agent to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED. What this does is provides an excellent option for young people who may want to forego the traditional 4-year college degree route, but still pursue a career path that will make them a comfortable wage with plenty of room for growth. Additionally, real estate agent license online programs can give college students a way to enter in to a professional field while still pursuing another degree, making putting themselves through school a much easier endeavor. Not all states observe the 18-years-old age requirement, however, and some do require those who embark on an education path to become a real estate agent to be 21 years of age with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. In these states, some will allow a person who is 18-years-old to pursue their real estate license if they’ve completed certain pre-requisite courses. One such state that observes such a rule is Illinois.
  • Background check requirements – Background checks are often a requirement in all states in order to have your licensure application approved. Prior misdemeanor convictions, depending on the charge, may cause a person to have their license application to be denied, and what may cause a denial in one state may not cause a denial in another. Before enrolling in your chosen real estate agent license online program, it’s beneficial to look into the background check requirements in your state to make sure your application will be approved after the background check process.

  • Class requirements – Next, you’ll want to look into the particular class and education requirements observed by your particular state. Real estate agent license online programs like those at Colibri Real Estate can be used as a great resource in finding what requirements your particular state upholds. Some states will allow a prospective real estate agent to carry out all of their pre-licensure education courses through and online program, while others will require some courses to be taken in person, while others may be taken online. In Illinois, for instance, 75 out of the 90 required course credit hours may be taken through real estate agent license online courses, while the other 15 must be taken in-person through a webinar or interactive classroom course.

  • Application and Exam After you’ve finished with your course requirements, you’ll then be ready to take your exam. Online programs like Colibri Real Estate and Career Web School offer exam prep courses that leave budding real estate agents feeling confident and prepared before they ever sit to take their exam. The exam must be taken in-person at an exam center, which varies by state, and a fee typically comes along with the exam. If a person does not pass on their first try, the fee will then need to be re-paid and the exam may need to be retaken within a certain time frame. Using exam prep courses can help to ensure you’re able to pass your exam on your first try, only pay the fee once, and be ready for your licensure as soon as possible. After your application has been sent in, and the exam passed, many states give real estate license to those who have earned them right away.
  • Renewal requirements – Every state also observes their own renewal requirements. Some states require licensed real estate professionals to renew their licenses each year, while others require renewals every two or three. In order to continue working in real estate, a professional must renew their license, and complete all of the requirements laid out for doing so. In some states, renewing for your first year may have different requirements than renewing in subsequent years, but others have flat requirements for each renewal. Completing your renewal courses through real estate license online classes gives professionals a simple way to continue to push their careers forward while still continuing their education as necessary. Your continued education is carried out on your own time, and while working full-time as a real estate agent within your state.

Getting, and keeping, your real estate agent license online through online programs opens up many doors for anyone looking to pursue a career path with plenty of growth and possibility. Whether you’re a working professional or a student who wants something a little different than the traditional 4-year college degree route, these online courses allow you to get the career you want on your own time, and helps to place you in a position where you’re able to push your professional ambition as far as you’d like for it to go.

As long as you meet the above basic requirements, you’re ready to get signed up to study for your exam and get your career started!

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