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How To Get Your Real Estate License In Maine Online

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get Your Real Estate License In Maine Online

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Getting your real estate license in Maine is a great idea for both those looking to embark on their first career or those who may want to change gears and get started in something a bit more lucrative than their current job. In Maine, a licensed real estate professional can expect to make an average of $37,000 per year, but this number can rise to up over $75,000 per year with the necessary drive and experience. So how do you get your real estate license in Maine? The steps are pretty simple.

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Meet The Main Real Estate Commission License Requirements

Maine has few requirements for beginning your journey in real estate. While every state observes their own requirements, Maine in particular only has a few. First and foremost, a person must be at least 18 years of age or older to begin their coursework and path to their new career. This presents a really unique and smart option for young people just graduating high school or who have recently obtained their GED. Rather than taking the traditional 4-year degree approach, they may choose to take a real estate course either online or in person, and begin their career with plenty of room for growth in about a year. Additionally, they may wish to obtain their real estate license in Maine and begin their real estate career in order to support themselves through a 4-year college program if they choose.

Next, a person must have obtained their high school diploma or GED before beginning their desired course. If a person wishes to become a real estate professional in Maine, but they haven’t yet earned a diploma or equivalent degree, they will need to do so before being approved to begin their desired course or submit an application.

A person will also need to be able to pay for and pass a background check before their application may be submitted, and just because you have a previous conviction, doesn’t mean your application will be denied. The cost of this criminal background check is a very affordable $21, and the results will be viewed by the state committee to determine if it is considered passing or not. For those who do have prior convictions, both the convictions and the time since their occurrence will be taken into account, and the main goal for the committee is to only pass those that are deemed honest and trustworthy and will carry those values into their real estate career.

Begin Your Maine Real Estate License Education

After meeting the requirements, you’re now ready to begin your real estate license in Maine education. A 55 credit hour course is required with a passing grade of 75 or more, and this may be taken either in person or online as a person’s schedule sees fit. Online courses are a particularly popular option in today’s modern age, as they allow people to maintain their family balance or work their full-time job while pursuing a new career. The school must be accepted and accredited according to the Maine Real Estate Commission. You can get a list of approved real estate courses in Maine here.

After you’ve passed your chosen course or program, you’ll then be ready to take the final exam. This exam must be taken in person whether you’ve completed your education courses online or in a classroom, and they’re given at Pearson Vue testing centers all around the state. Before taking the exam, make sure to bring your certificate of course completion with you to your testing appointment.

The exam is given on a computer in the testing center and must be passed with a score of 75% or more. Because the test is taken virtually, you will know right away if you’ve passed the exam or if you will need to make another appointment in order to retake. Exam prep courses offered by online programs like Colibri Real Estate or AceableAgent can leave test takers with a feeling of confidence that they’ll pass on their first attempt. These exam prep courses not only review information but provide sample exams that let test takers know just what they can expect when they arrive for their exam appointment.

Submit Your Application

After taking your test to obtain your real estate license in Maine, and passing this test, you’re then ready to submit your application. The application comes with a fee of $121, but as long as the background check, course, and exam are all passed, your application should be approved simply.

Once your application is approved, you’re then ready to move forward with your new career and pair up with licensed real estate agency.

Real Estate License Renewal In Maine

Once you get your license, your work isn’t done yet. In order to keep your license in good standing, you must complete continuing education every 2 years, and this includes 21 hours of approved and accredited education.

If a licensee fails to complete their continuing education by their 2-year deadline, they will additionally need to pass an exam covering Maine real estate law as well as their 21 course credit hours. These continuing education courses can be taken online, and this allows working professionals to maintain their full-time real estate duties while still completing their continuing education courses in a convenient way.

Why Pursue Online Real Estate Courses In Maine?

Maine allows both in-person and online courses to be accepted for obtaining your real estate license in Maine, and going online has quite a few benefits. When you’ve found the right course, you’re given the opportunity to get a great education in real estate while still maintaining a schedule that works for you. Sometimes in-person classes simply don’t offer the flexibility needed for working professionals or those looking after their families, but this is where online courses really shine.

With a career in Maine real estate, the sky is the limit in terms of your professional potential. How you approach your career and your experience will directly impact the amount of financial success you experience working in the active and exciting world of real estate in Maine.

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