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How To Get Your Real Estate License In Minnesota Online

Last updated on November 18, 2022

How To Get Your Real Estate License In Minnesota Online

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Getting your real estate license in Minnesota is a smart career choice. Without a 4-year degree, the average salary for a Minnesota real estate agent is $37,410, and with relevant experience and the necessary ambition, this number can quickly rise to as much as $100,000 per year or more.

Because of this, online classes are becoming more and more popular with working professionals and young people alike, providing them with a way to capitalize on this opportunity while carrying out their education on their own time.

Getting your real estate license in Minnesota online is the perfect option for those people who are working full-time, but don’t quite have the fulfillment they’re looking for out of their career. Whether it’s a lack of opportunity for growth, not making enough money, or they want a bit more freedom in their day to day, they could be looking toward a career in real estate for any number of reasons. With getting your real estate license in Minnesota online, you can remain working full-time as you use your spare time, those bits and pieces here and there, for completing your courses. Whether it’s late at night, or an hour here and an hour there, juggling your already packed schedule with in-person coursework is no longer necessary.

Getting your real estate license in Minnesota online also serves as a great option for those taking care of their families. For stay at home parents with children about to be entering school, they may be looking for a way to get back out there and find a new career. Online real estate classes allow them to get an education while at home with the children, and be ready for a new professional path when they’re done.

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Real Estate License In Minnesota Basic Requirements

Each state within the United States observes their own basic requirements for real estate license eligibility, and Minnesota is no different. Minnesota’s requirements, however, are quite basic and simple, allowing the majority of people to be eligible to pursue this career path should they see fit. First, there is an age requirement of 18 years old, which is pretty common across all states. Although some states do observe a 21 years old age requirement, Minnesota observes that of 18. This young age requirement makes getting your real estate license in Minnesota an excellent option available to young people who might want to forego a traditional 4-year college degree path, but who wish to make a comfortable salary in a flexible work environment ripe for growth.

On top of being at least 18 years of age, one must also have earned their high school diploma or GED prior to enrolling in their desired online real estate license in Minnesota online course.

Education Requirements For Getting Real Estate License In Minnesota

Like basic requirements, Minnesota also observes their own education requirements. Your accredited online program must include 90 course credit hours comprised of 3 30 hour courses. The first course, Course I, must be completed prior to taking your real estate salesperson exam, but Course II and Course III may be completed before or after the exam as you see fit. In order to submit your application and receive your license, all 3 30 credit hour courses must be completed.

After completing at least the Course I portion of your education, it will be time to sit for your exam. While all of your education may be completed in your own time by going online, the exam must be scheduled at a testing center and given in person. After taking the computerized exam, you will have your result straight away, and if you’ve passed with a grade of 75 or higher and completed all 3 courses, you can then begin thinking about your application submission. If the test is not passed, however, you will need to repay the exam fee and sit to take the test once again.

Taking exam prep courses when trying to obtain your real estate license in Minnesota is a great idea. Whether you’ve completed just Course I, Courses I and II, or all 3 Course programs, exam prep works to prepare you for passing your exam on your first try. Through resources like Colibri Real Estate or The CE Shop, you can even use one single program to take you all through your real estate education in general. Your courses are available, then there is exam prep, and after you’ve been licensed your license renewal courses as well. By opting for one program that offers it leads no having to account for a learning curve between each education requirement

That leads us to license renewal. Just because you’ve received your license, that doesn’t mean you’re finished with your education. In the state of Minnesota, you must obtain 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years in order to keep your license in good standing, and this is broken down by taking 15 hours of courses annually. These courses must consist of 3.75 hours of mandatory courses and 11.25 hours of elective courses each year. The emphasis on elective courses in continuing education allows Minnesota real estate professionals to develop specialty areas in order to better serve their clients.

Submitting Your Application

Once your education is complete, and your test passed, it’s then time to find a current real estate broker to be associated with. This practice is fairly common all throughout the country, and either through associates or sponsorships, one will get that final push to obtain their licensure. Only one broker must be chosen, and working on behalf of two is not allowed. It’s this broker who will submit your real estate license in Minnesota application, and after that application is approved, will be sent your license for printing. Working with a current real estate broker within the state of Minnesota will give you the foundation you need to really build a strong future in real estate.

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