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How To Get Your Real Estate License Online

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get Your Real Estate License Online

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The internet has made it easier than ever for us to enhance our lives in numerous ways. Virtually all the information known to man is just an internet search away, and technology has changed the way we work, play, and communicate in numerous ways.

One of the biggest benefits of the internet is its ability to let those who want to improve their career situations do so without having to struggle to fit a college program into their lives. And with real estate markets around the country improving steadily, earning a real estate license online is something that makes a lot of sense for those hoping to improve their lives.

Sites like AceableAgent or KAPRE can help make it easier to go through the process and get your real estate license, but understanding the basics of how it’s done will help you know what to expect and make it easier to determine just what you need to do when the time comes to start taking those first steps towards a brighter future.

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Basic Steps For Your Real Estate License Online

There are two primary things to understand – the basic steps taken when getting your real estate license online, and what to expect specifically from the classes. Here’s a breakdown of the basic process.

  • Start off by getting a look at what courses are available through sites like Colibri Real Estate. Certain programs are available for different locations, and some states may not even offer online options when training for your real estate license. These websites give you a quick look at which programs are really available and which ones aren’t.
  • Do some research. Look into the different programs and read reviews from those who have taken the classes as well. This is a big step, and you will want to ensure that you’re choosing a program that will not only help you get your real estate license, but that will fit into your life and your style of learning. Look at deadline requirements, forum options, class structure, support after graduation, and more. Take the time to really make sure you’re making the right choice.
  • Sign up for the program. Sites like KAPRE will have revolving start dates and in some cases classes could run nearly year-round. Once you’re ready to go, there’s a good chance that a real estate license course will be ready for you.
  • Start your education. Online learning involves being given assignments and deadlines for completing them, but then finishing them when it works best for you. This means that you can complete your education in the way that you want to do so but without worrying about rushing to a class each day. Use the tools, resources, and forums given to you by your class to complete your education.
  • Once you’ve finished the required training – which will vary depending on where you live – your next step will be to sign up for the real estate license exam in your state. Your program should help direct you to the soonest and closest exam available to you. Up until this point, you will likely be able to complete all the requirements for getting a real estate license over the internet. The exam, however, will have to be completed in person.
  • Some states have additional requirements such as being ‘sponsored’ by a mentor real estate agency. If this is required, you’ll need to connect with such an agent and take this step. At this point, you will be licensed and working in the field. Upon completion of any required time as a sponsored agent, you’ll be able to work as a fully licensed agent.

These are the basic steps for becoming a realtor. Sites like AceableAgent will make it easier to determine which programs are right for you and how to proceed specifically for where you live.

The bottom line, however, is the same no matter where you might be – getting a real estate license online is an excellent way to take steps towards a better future, and is something that is worth considering for anyone.

What To Expect From The Classes

It’s also a good idea to know what to expect from classes through sites like KAPRE. While each program is slightly different, there are a few basic things that you can expect from any online real estate program. Here’s a quick look at how your classes will likely work.

  • Real estate classes are delivered using a variety of tools including video, text, and images. In some cases, you may even have streaming live video lectures or lessons, but usually, the videos will be pre-recorded.
  • You’ll be sent emails that contain lessons as well as assignments. You need to complete these assignments by the included deadline, which will vary. Some deadlines may be 24 hours while others may be several days. You’ll have to turn in the work when finished, but when you actually complete it is up to you. This is the primary flexibility of online courses and the reason that they’ve gained so much attention over the last few years.
  • Good online programs also offer online forums that you can use to connect with other students. This lets you ask questions, get moral support, and make connections that could help even after graduation. These online forums help remove the isolation that some may feel during the process of earning a degree online.
  • Courses often provide support after you complete the required number of classroom hours. This often comes by helping you find the next available exam or by connecting you with mentors if required. This post-completion support can make a huge different for those looking to quickly move into the world of real estate.

A Final Note On The Process

All in all, earning your real estate license online can help simplify the process dramatically. However, it’s vital that you remember that you’ll still be required to put forth effort and time. It’s no free ride or overnight path to a license, and you’ll need to be willing to work towards your goals. But with the help of sites like Colibri Real Estate, you may be able to fit the process into your busy life more easily.

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