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How To Get Your Texas Real Estate Agent License Online

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Get Your Texas Real Estate Agent License Online

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About 28 million people call Texas home. It is a large, robust location full of diverse cultures, friendly communities, and the state offers a wide selection of work opportunities. Some folks may have to relocate to the area due to their job, and others just enjoy the beautiful rolling hills, gorgeous trees, or different types of scenery year-round. Regardless of why people are there, or what they do for a living, the fact of the matter is that they need housing.

Therefore, obtaining a Texas real estate agent license can result in a secure, stable, and lucrative career. The business will depend on the ups and downs of the economy, but still, obtaining certification can prove to be extremely worthwhile.

Even if an agent does not work full time, selling one property now and again produces extra income. People can do with the money as they please, but in my opinion, it is a good idea to put it back into the business. There are additional costs associated with getting a Texas real estate agent license, and these funds can offset those expenses.

For instance, continuing education courses are a state requirement for keeping the permit valid. Insurance will also need to become purchased, so be mindful of these things before just heading out on a spending spree. However, before any of these things come to fruition, students must receive the proper training via a course from an approved school. Then, they must also pass a state-exam and pay fees before obtaining a Texas real estate agent license.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Using Exam Prep Master To Get Ready For Your Texas Real Estate Agent License Test

Colibri Real Estate offers a variety of different courses approved for over 30-states, including Texas. The Exam Prep Master can be purchased as part of a course or as an individual class. It comes with…

  • 12 General Practice Exams
  • 3 Themed Practice Tests
  • 2 Final Practice Tests

From the purchase date, students have 150-days to take the exams as many times as needed to ensure that they retain the information. The questions are very similar to those from the state-exam, and they help people feel more relaxed and comfortable in the test-taking experience. Everything is accessible 24/7, which allows the user to learn at their own pace. Topics covered include but are not limited to definitions, mathematics, policies, and laws. The organization has had great success in helping pupils pass the exam on the first try. So, much so, that the Exam Prep Master program comes with a pass or don’t pay guarantee. To be eligible for reimbursement, a student must score an 80 or higher on all of the practice exams, and they must sit for the state test within 30-days of finishing the course. Just send them the failure notice, and the organization refunds the purchase price.

Kaplan Is Another Option To Prepare You For The Texas Real Estate Agent License Exam

Brightwood College, San Antonio (Ingram), formerly known as Kaplan Professional Schools and Leonard Hawes School of Real Estate, offers licensing, exam preparation, and continuing education courses. The curriculum is taught in different formats that include OnDemand, live classroom, and textbook home study. Choose the right one for your learning style and master the material to obtain your Texas real estate agent license quickly. All of the coursework is approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission, so students can rest assured that no problems will arise. It provides a comprehensive review of the most densely tested content while measuring the test takers strengths and weaknesses. These amounts are then broken down to give the person a reliable prediction of how they will fair on the exam.

Let Career Web School Help You Obtain Your Texas Real Estate Agent License

Mbition courses are approved to meet all state requirements. The class can be accessed from any computer that meets the qualifications, and lessons are broken down into small, easy to comprehend sections. Students can work through the curriculum at a personal pace, and each segment is followed up by questions to ensure that they grasp an understanding of the material. The proven Master methodology is featured throughout every course to help pupils retain vital information well. This aspect has resulted in a high first-time pass rate for students over the years. The organization continually upgrades the data to make sure that they are passing along the most relevant and up-to-date info.

Much like Colibri Real Estate, Career Web School offers a reimbursement policy. All of the organization’s new license packages come with a Quality Guarantee. Students that fail to pass the Texas real estate agent license exam on the first try, pass all course tests with an 80 or above, and take the examination within a year of class completion will become reimbursed for the second exam fee.

To Practice With Your Texas Real Estate Agent License, You Will Need A Broker

Applicants can apply for either an active or inactive license. To practice the duties of a real estate salesperson in Texas, the agent must have a licensed broker sponsor them. Both parties must sign a Salesperson Sponsorship form, also commonly referred to as an SSF-2, and it has to go on file with TREC. The document can be obtained via download at www.trec.texas.gov. Don’t forget, candidates must be at least 18-years old, and they will need to become fingerprinted too.

Whether you choose one of the schools I have recommended or not, do your own research to make sure they are legit. New scams are born every day, even in the online education industry, so do some homework and avoid getting ripped off. Obtaining a Texas real estate agent license can help better your overall way of life, but unfortunately, there are always people that will attempt to take advantage of you on your quest. Check testimonials and be on the lookout for reviews with wording that seems too good to be true. These statements may be less than truthful, and they may provide a tell-tale sign of problems that will arise from picking that particular institution

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