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How To Obtain A Real Estate License Online

Last updated on December 7, 2022

How To Obtain A Real Estate License Online

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Are you tired of the direction that your current career is headed? Feel as if a change is needed? Becoming a real estate agent offers a host of benefits. For one, it can be a relatively lucrative position that in 2016, came with a median gross income of $42,500. Most of these jobs are commission-based, which means salespeople get paid a certain percentage for the sale of houses, office buildings, and other properties. This type of pay implies that the sky is the limit, and the amounts that real estate agents can bring home vary widely. Here’s a video with some additional info on how much a real estate agent can expect to earn:

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Becoming A Real Estate Agent Is A Lifestyle!

A huge reason folks head down the career path into real estate is that they are able to work much more independently. After you obtain your real estate license, most states require that you work with a real estate broker for at least two years, but after this stint, entrepreneurship awaits. These lucky individuals have the freedom to set their own schedules, meet many interesting people, and view countless numbers of beautiful properties. None of these things are possible without first furthering one’s education. One way to accomplish this is to obtain a real estate license online by going to a state-approved online real estate license school.

Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point that makes getting a real estate license much easier than in the past. More and more students are looking for online real estate schools. For anyone interested in learning how to obtain a real estate license, I have researched two of the best online real estate license schools to find out what sets them apart from the rest.

Sadly, fraudulent schemes and shady scams are all over the place these days, so always put forth the effort to investigate an online real estate school before enrolling. Failing to review the organization properly could cause you headaches in the long run. You may find yourself with an unaccredited real estate school for your state, which means you’d be unable to obtain a real estate license by taking that program. Don’t put yourself in this type of predicament by choosing a professional and reputable online school.

Start-Up Costs To Consider Before You Obtain A Real Estate License

To get up and running agents should expect to pay for expenses that include but are not limited to…

  • Testing Fees
  • Pre-Licensing Courses
  • State License Fees
  • Criminal Background And Character Checks

However, it is equally as important to remember that a person must spend money to make money. After you obtain a real estate license, additional investments will be required. Agents might find themselves paying for things like…

  • Advertising
  • Insurance
  • Professional Headshot Images
  • License Upgrades

Avoid letting these costs send you for a loop by performing thorough research, rather than just diving into a new career headfirst. The time for change is now but always be prepared for whatever life is going to throw your way. 

Obtain A Real Estate License Online With Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate has a pass, or don’t pay guarantee, so there is essentially no risk other than your time. Students have 150-days from the initial date of purchase to take practice exams, as many times as they want, to achieve a score of 80-percent or more. Next, within 30-days of finishing the coursework and practice exams, they need to take the state real estate license exam. In some states, you will get the results immediately, but in others, it may take a couple of weeks to get the results back. There are a few exceptions to the pass guarantee. For example, Florida and Tennessee do not permit guarantees for passing the test, so make sure you read the fine print.

Colibri Real Estate offers a wide selection of courses to obtain your initial real estate license, upgrade a license, or for continuing education purposes. After achieving successful completion, finding the right brokerage firm can be an overwhelming experience in itself. Colibri Real Estate features a career hub with tips to help with the company selection process and setting goals. A host of other free resources are available on the site as well. The instructors are real estate business owners, textbook authors, and directors of schools across the nation. They have the know-how of what it takes to make it in the industry, and their real-life experiences will put pupils ahead of the game. It will take dedication, hard work, and devotion to obtain a real estate license, but students should consider one of these top schools for an excellent experience that will help them launch their new careers.Check Out Colibri Real Estate Here!

Obtain A Real Estate License Online With Aceable Agent


AceableAgent is a fairly new school, but they quickly gained popularity among real estate students because of how unique and advanced their courses are. As a matter of fact, they have tons of positive reviews and impressive exam passing rates. 

If you don’t have time to attend face-to-face real estate lessons, AceableAgent is one of the best choices out there! 

They have an app that students can use to access their courses on the go using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. No matter what device you use, courses will be synced. This means you can save where you finished off and continue later using another device. 

Their courses are designed to make complicated processes appear easy to make learning fun and simple for students. Interactive and educational videos are also included in each course to enhance the learning process. Courses also include real estate glossaries, topic summaries, math formulas, online study guides, prep tests, and level assessments.

AceabaleAgent is confident about the quality of their courses and they promise a money-back guarantee in case the student doesn’t pass the final exam. 

Additionally, they have Career Mentors available 7 days a week to assist students through the licensing process. 

You’re probably thrilled about AceableAgent, however, their classes are not offered in all states. Currently, AceableAgent is available in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

AceabaleAgent has a full-refund policy as long as the student has not completed the course within 30 days of purchase.

Check Aceable Agent Discount Price Here

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