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How To Obtain Your Realtor License Online

Last updated on November 15, 2022

How To Obtain Your Realtor License Online

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For a lot of Americans, one of the great professional dreams is to work for yourself, rather than being an employee that answers to business hours, draws a salary from a company, and answers to a corporate agenda thought up by someone else. Fortunately, the USA being the country that it is, it’s always possible for someone with the drive and discipline to strike out on their own and be “their own boss.” There are quite a few ways to do this, from getting involved in trading stocks, to working in the real estate industry. And while some people like to actually make money by owning then selling properties, there’s money to be made in the process of handling those transactions.

Getting involved in real estate, as a realtor, can be a very fulfilling change of pace for jobs. It can also be quite lucrative, especially once you gain an understanding of the market you live in and take advantage of what it offers. People who live in certain states, such as California, for example, get access to a dynamic market where something is always happening, but the need for good property spreads all across America, and you can be a part of it if you get your realtor license online. But how do you do it?

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Rewarding But Demanding

Some people may view the real estate industry as nearly impossible to understand and engage with, while others will find the systems and markets at play to be irresistible. What almost everyone will agree on, however, is that this is not an easy business, but for those who stick with it and get a realtor license online, it can pay off handsomely.

It’s true that if you get your realtor license online and star working, your office is your own, and so are the hours and work schedule you create. But this also means that how much you make in a month or in a year is directly dependent on your performance. The safety net of a fixed salary is no longer there, and it’s down to your skills in presentation, marketing and negotiation that will directly impact your success.

And getting started, even if you get the realtor license online, isn’t easy. Just because you have the legal document that says you can work, that’s no guarantee the work will actually come to you. As with any entrepreneurial venture, you will have to build yourself and your business. But of course, none of that is possible without staring somewhere, which is getting your realtor license online.

Licensed & Ready

Getting into the real estate industry is not like deciding to apply for a job at retail, or even a white collar job such as management. In many cases, the only qualification you need is job experience, or having the requisite skills that a company is looking for. Real estate is different. You are going to be working with people and transacting substantial amounts of cash. That means that you will need to be legal and certified to work, and that’s where the realtor license online comes in.

Every real estate agent must have a legally recognized and verifiable license in order to operate. You cannot just simply call yourself a real estate agent and start trying to sell or help buy properties for clients. Proper documentation and legal authority is required.

In the past, getting a license was achievable only one way, and that was finding a real estate training school in your area, and looking up their schedule. If you had the time during the day or night to attend the classes, you’d need to devise your own schedule based on class availability and take your courses as and when the school dictated. Once you’d completed those courses then, as with a driver’s license, you ‘d write a final exam, and, if you passed you’d get your license.

The Digital Difference

These days you can get your realtor license online. The same material you would get in a physical school is here, but the two single, biggest changes are that you can learn any time, and you can learn anywhere. By making it available as a realtor license online, people with the ambition and willingness to learn, who lacked the time due to professional or family commitments now have a real chance.

However, if you’re going to get a realtor license online, there are few things that you need to do. The first and most critical thing is to make sure that the realtor license online that you’re looking at is actually valid for your state of residence. A realtor license online is very easy to find, but not every school offering to teach is actually recognized by every state.

Choose Carefully

Different schools will have different areas of validity. If you look at Colibri Real Estate, they are a very good school, with a useful realtor license online, but they are only recognized by 24 out of 50 states. In this case, you’ll need to look up the school itself to see whether your state is represented. If you want an even more extreme example, Colibri Real Estate is a new school opening up this summer that is offering a realtor license online, but they are only starting out in Texas and California for the moment.

There are other schools that, due to their age and experience, have a much broader range of representation. Kaplan Real Estate School offers a realtor license online for every state in the country, so you can safely register for this school and get everything you need to prepare for your final exam. Our website actually has detailed reviews of many different online schools, so take the time to familiarize yourself with them, and then make your choice.

Do It Right

Once you’ve selected the right school for you, the next thing you should do is put in the work and do it seriously. While you have the advantage of taking these classes at your own time and pace, that doesn’t mean the material will be easy, and you shouldn’t treat it casually.

As with any kind of work, you should set your own schedule, and make sure you have a place you work effectively. If you can concentrate in the evenings in your home office, make those arrangements. If you’re more productive in the mornings in a café, away from the bustle of home, do your work there. The important thing is to treat this like work, except at the end of it, you’ll have passed and been able to make that important next step, starting a new career in real estate.

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