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How To Renew A Real Estate License Online

Last updated on November 11, 2022

How To Renew A Real Estate License Online

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For working professionals in the real estate field, the ability to renew your real estate license online has been a game-changer. Long gone are the days of having to juggle full-time work in real estate with making it to and from various classes, as you’re now able to take control of your continuing education by completing your coursework on your own time. Just like your pre-licensure courses, however, each state observes its own post-licensure requirements, and these should be carefully investigated before the time comes to renew your license.

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Checking Out The Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

When you renew your real estate license online, you’ll want to check out your requirements first, and long before you’re due to have your continuing education courses completed. You don’t want to take it down to the line, realize that there is more required than you believed, and feel rushed into completing your requirements on time.

In some states, but not all, separate requirements are observed for your first renewal than subsequent renewals. While all of your other renewals may require 20 hours of continuing education in certain fields, your first may require 26 in different programs, so this specific difference is important to check out. Not only may the requirements be different, but timing could be different as well, and you may find that you must renew your license after your first year, but then every two years for the remainder of your career. In many states, failing to complete your requirements on time will also warrant you a late fee.

Like separate renewal requirements for a first year, some states will also require you to take license renewal exams based on your required coursework, but again this is not all. For these exams, you will want to utilize resources like exam prep courses to ensure you pass on your first try, just as you would with your initial pre-licensure process. Many online courses have exam prep ready and waiting as part of their particular state continuing education curriculum, so you can be sure you’re getting the exact preparation you need.

Each state observes completely different requirements from one another regarding licensure renewal. If you’ve recently moved from one state to another, and plan to continue practicing real estate in your new home state, checking to see differences in the renew real estate license online process is important to making sure you remain in good standing. In these situations, you may even have to do a little extra to have your license transferred over or modified to qualify for practicing real estate in your new home state.

Why Go Online?

There are several reasons why a person may want to go online with their renew a real estate license online process. First and foremost, if you are renewing your real estate license, you are at least working part-time in the real estate field. Most professionals are working full time, and some may even be working over full-time hours trying to push their career to a higher level. Taking the time to make the most of your real estate career takes just that, time, and this is time better spent not having to travel to and from in-person classes. By choosing to renew a real estate license online, you’re able to take control of your schedule and manage your continuing education in the best way that works for you. You can use those little moments at night before bed for study, or continue one of your courses on a lunch break, and you’re not tied down to following another person’s schedule in order to meet your deadlines and your requirements.

Choosing Your Course

The most important part of choosing to renew a real estate license online is choosing your course. Before you’re able to renew, you will be required to take some type of continuing education course or courses, and the one you pick will make all the difference. You want a course that is user-friendly, simple, and looks out for you, while still providing you the best-approved education possible. If your state has exam requirements that go along with continuing education courses, they may even offer exam prep courses to ensure you put yourself on the fast track to a passing grade.

Colibri Real Estate and The CE Shop are two particularly comprehensive programs that have renewal courses for all states. Figuring out what your specific requirements are for a particular renewal is easy, as they’re all laid out on the renewal course webpages for your particular state, so you’re never going into your renewal without a complete understanding of what is expected and how you can best further your career. In addition to this, exam prep courses are offered as well as pick and choose a-la-carte electives, so you’re able to mold and shape your continuing education exactly as you see fit.

Completing Your Education

Once your education is complete, you’re then ready to renew a real estate license online. In some states, there is strict deadline of when your renewal must be submitted by, and failing to meet these deadlines will incur a fine. This fine can range from the affordable and small $50, but it can extend to over $100 or more. If this deadline is too far gone, you may even have to begin your initial application process all over again. In Utah, for instance, when you renew a real estate license online more than 1 year past the deadline, your application will be denied and instead you will need to start the initial application process over.

Learning how to renew a real estate license online gives you plenty of benefits that are only found in today’s modern age. Long gone are the days of having to complete education courses in person, and of having to file by hand when it’s time to prepare your renewal. By opting to renew a real estate license online, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to progress your career inconvenience-free, and in a way that works for you.

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