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Less Annoying CRM Review for Real Estate – Is This the CRM for You?

Last updated on December 4, 2022

Less Annoying CRM Review for Real Estate

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Are you looking for a CRM that isn’t annoying?

Well, as their name suggests, Less Annoying CRM promises to be just that. 

They offer straightforward features that you can use with ease. Not only that, you can rely on them to help you keep track of your leads, prospects, and clients. I mean, isn’t that what CRM is for? 

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Less Annoying CRM review for real estate. We’ll look at its features, drawbacks, and more. 

So shall we? 

About Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM Review for Real Estate Less Annoying

Two brothers, Tyler and Bracken King, established Less Annoying CRM. They knew what they wanted to make — an affordable and easy-to-use CRM software that could help users in their business.

It quickly gained popularity and, in 2012, only a year after they launched it, they already had their first 1,000 users. Less Annoying’s popularity hasn’t lost traction even after a decade. Today, they have more than 23,000 users and maintain their headquarters in St. Louis.

Less Annoying CRM continues to be a lean organization, only made up of 20 people and is funded solely by the King brothers. Their platform caters to small businesses, which reflects in its design and pricing.

Another facet that helps Less Annoying’s brand is its owners’ move to give back to the community. They offer a summer fellowship in coding and programming. Their program provides opportunities to underrepresented people in the industry, such as African Americans and women.

The St. Louis Business Journal named Less Annoying as the Best Place to Work in St. Louis for Young Professionals in 2017.

Less Annoying CRM Features

There’s a reason why Less Annoying topped the U.S. News list, tying with Nimble as the best customer relationship management software of 2023. 

We’re going to talk about the key features that make Less Annoying a solid CRM choice.

You Can Start with a Free Trial

Reading up on reviews is an effective way to glimpse how a specific CRM works, but nothing beats going into the system. 

Every user is different, and the best way to gauge whether a platform can deliver what you require is to get an opportunity to see how it works.

It makes CRM providers who offer free trials extremely attractive to prospective users. Less Annoying doesn’t just make this available — their period is longer than others.

Most CRMs offer a 14-day free trial. Less Annoying allows you 30 days to see whether or not it’ll work for you.

They Prioritize Customer Experience

There are several ways you can come to this conclusion. One example is how intuitive Less Annoying’s interface is. 

The less complex your CRM is (and the less annoying), the less time you’ll spend figuring out how to maximize its features. Conversely, it means you’ll have more time for actual usage.

Less Annoying offers the core features a real estate agent needs to track and manage their sales pipeline effectively. These include contact management, collaboration, prioritization, leads, and pipeline tracking.

Contact Management

You can easily add a new contact or a new company by clicking a button on the upper right side of your screen. Doing this brings a pop-up window that asks you to put in the necessary information. 

If you add a contact, the software automatically integrates the person and the organization when you add company information. 

It may seem insignificant, but it makes your life easier if you encode dozens of contacts regularly. If the company information you encode already exists, the system immediately connects the new data to it.

Built-In Calendar

Another feature that brings added convenience is Less Annoying’s calendar. 

You can use it for tasks and events connected to different contacts. These may include scheduled meetings, phone calls, or other engagement activities.

It’s also possible to integrate your existing calendar from Google Workspace.

Customer Support

Less Annoying provides a lengthy but easy-to-understand FAQ page for users who want to look for answers themselves. You can get support through other channels if you encounter a challenge that the guide can’t resolve.

You can reach Less Annoying’s support team via phone or email. Regardless of whether you’ve signed up for a subscription or are still in your free-trial phase, you can get personalized help since each account is assigned a coach. 

Their Customer Support team is available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST. You can even go through Twitter to get help by tweeting your question to @LessAnnoyingCRM.

It Provides Multiple Training Methods

Some users prefer to go through a structured approach to learn Less Annoying’s CRM, even if the platform is generally intuitive. 

If you’re the type, make sure to visit their page on Help and Training Resources. Less Annoying provides a beginner’s guide, which contains multiple videos that show you how to use the CRM. It serves as a step-by-step guide so you can maximize the various tools and features.

You can even avail of personalized guidance. Less Annoying gives you the option of signing up for a FREE one-on-one session with a CRM coach.

This benefit comes in two forms. 

You can either have a 25-minute Q&A focusing on a specific CRM tool of your choosing or an account consultation. 

The second option is best if you’re in the process of customizing your platform. Your CRM coach will ensure it fits your real estate requirements perfectly.

Less Annoying CRM Drawbacks

Before you get all excited, though, here’s the deal: Less Annoying is far from perfect. The platform is deemed most suitable for small to medium businesses for a reason. 

There are also a couple of limitations for you to consider.

The Reports May Be Too Simple

In an attempt to make it less annoying, you might find the reports to be too simple. 

Less Annoying allows you to create multiple pipelines — and you can generate a report for each of these. However, it only shows active contacts and leads, which are color-coded based on their priority. 

This may be a bit too simple. Less Annoying’s reports and dashboard don’t offer a lot of customization that you can find with other CRMs.

It Doesn’t Cater to Complex Needs

Although Less Annoying is a solid CRM choice, not all businesses may find it beneficial. 

There are several features that the platform doesn’t offer, such as:

  • Integrated click-to-call service
  • Call tracking
  • Email integrations
  • Marketing tracking
  • Automated workflows
  • Artificial intelligence

Less Annoying CRM Pricing

Less Annoying has one of the most straightforward pricing schemes we’ve come across. 

Unlike other CRMs that have tier-based prices, Less Annoying charges a flat fee if you subscribe.

You pay $15 per user per month to gain access to all of its features. Regardless of whether you opt for monthly or annual billing, the rate remains the same.

Again, this is another way it aims at being less annoying. 

Wrap Up

With a $15 per user per month price tag, a less annoying and intuitive user interface, and strong customer support, Less Annoying is a solid choice if you’re looking for a good customer relationship management platform.

What spells the difference, in the end, is your needs and preferences. 

As we mentioned, if your needs are more complex or if you’re looking for features leaning towards the likes of marketing or artificial intelligence, signing up for Less Annoying may not be a wise choice.

But if you like the sound of a simple and not annoying CRM, then definitely give it a try! Remember, you get a 30-day free trial!

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