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LionDesk Review for Real Estate – Is This the CRM for You?

Last updated on November 23, 2021

LionDesk Review for Real Estate LionDesk

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A real estate professional has a staggering amount of things on their plate to deal with daily. The most crucial aspect, of course, is taking care of their leads, prospects, and clients. 

But in between, they also need to have their documents in order, keep listings updated, and continuously build their brand through marketing efforts.

Sounds like a lot? 

It is. 

Well, LionDesk CRM is there to lessen the burden. 

But is it the CRM for you?

In this LionDesk review for real estate, we’ll look at its highlighted features and possible drawbacks. We’ll also discuss the pricing. 

With this, you’ll be able to determine if it suits your real estate workflow. 

So let’s get reviewing!

About LionDesk

LionDesk Review for Real Estate LionDesk

Get organized. Stay top of mind. Nurture closed leads. David Anderson was thinking of these things when he founded LionDesk in 2014. 

These days, many CRMS boast of an “all-in-one” solution — they offer products that include CRM, IDX websites, managing digital ads, and more. Although it sounds good, you often end up with an expensive tool that doesn’t deliver on all fronts.

LionDesk chose to go against the grain. They opted to focus on one tool and one tool only — a customer relationship management platform.

It offers a broad array of features, making LionDesk a well-rounded software that addresses most real estate agents’ needs. This is why using LionDesk can be a solid choice and may result in better business for you.

LionDesk wouldn’t have continued to be successful seven years after its inception if it didn’t have features that made real estate agents smile. 

There are more than a couple of reasons why users have chosen it over other CRM options.

Here are some of LionDesk’s advantages.

A 30-day Trial Period

Reading user reviews about a platform is one way to understand what it offers, but nothing beats hands-on experience. 

Not all CRM providers offer a free trial period. Most platforms give you 14 days to familiarize yourself with its features — and, honestly, it isn’t bad. 

A lot can happen in two weeks — you can see how the CRM integrates into your daily workflow.

Imagine what you can find out in a month.

Yes, LionDesk goes the extra mile by offering a 30-day free trial period. If that doesn’t say something about their willingness to help. 

The Daily Vitals View

Launching LionDesk brings you to your dashboard. You’ll see a menu on the left side, which shows shortcuts to the platform’s functions. On the right is your Daily Vitals, which gives you a glimpse of your outreach numbers.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure?” It applies in real estate, too. 

LionDesk shows the number of outgoing and incoming calls, texts, and emails you have so you can adjust your activities as necessary.

Video Emails and Texts

One feature that sets LionDesk apart from other CRMs is it allows you to create your videos directly from the platform. 

Although most clients do business through email, studies show that texts have higher open and response rates. LionDesk allows you to send your videos through both channels.

Videos are also an excellent way of personalizing your messages to your clients. No matter how well worded your note is, actually showing your face, along with your natural quirks and gestures, allows for connections on a whole other level.

Gabby Qualifies Leads for You

Let’s face it, if you could respond to every single lead that comes your way, you would. The question is — should you?

When you’re busy, having an automated response system can do wonders for your business. LionDesk provides this through Gabby, their AI chatbot. 

Although it’s not the most sophisticated system out there, it can detect trigger words such as relocating, buying, or even married and responds with an appropriate message that allows you to gather more information. 

Gabby can qualify through text messages as well, which works well for younger leads. It doesn’t take the place of human interaction, but it’s better than not responding to these leads and leaving them in limbo.

It’s Scalable

LionDesk offers three plans, which our pricing section details. It means that as your business grows, you can upgrade to a higher-end plan.

This approach is more efficient than realizing you have to export all your information to a different CRM altogether once your business has outgrown your current one.

LionDesk Possible Drawbacks

With the number of benefits listed above, it’s clear you can get a lot out of this CRM. That said, no platform is perfect. 

It pays to see foreseeable challenges you may encounter down the line. Here are a couple of drawbacks you need to know about. 

Your Monthly Credit Limit

Depending on your subscription plan, you only have a certain number of emails, text messages, and video texts you can send each month. 

If you’re not careful, you may find yourself exhausting your limits even if you still have a couple of weeks before the month ends.

Exceeding your limit subjects you to overage pricing, which may quickly build on itself. 

If you find yourself paying overage regularly, you may consider subscribing to their most expensive plan.

You May Need A Zapier Subscription

Unlike other CRMs that allow you to integrate with other tools directly, LionDesk relies on Zapier to make this possible. 

Although this second platform is easy to use, you’ll need to pay for a separate subscription if you want more than five zaps or integrations.

LionDesk Pricing

You can choose between three plans if you want to push through with LionDesk. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the three subscriptions and their monthly limits:

Price$21 to $25 per user per month depending on billing frequency$42 to $49 per user month depending on billing frequency$83 to $99 per user month depending on billing frequency
Monthly Credit Limit2,000 emails
500 text messages
100 video texts
7,500 emails
2,000 text messages
500 video texts
15,000 emails
4,000 text messages
1,500 video texts
Other InclusionsVideo emails
Bulk text and email
Transaction management
Pre-build drip campaigns
Group webinar training
Facebook lead generation
A-la-carte emails and texts
Custom number for texting
Video texting
Bulk campaigns
Text-2-Sell shortcodes
White label email domain
Sub-account for admins
Multiple transaction management
Valet contact import
3rd party integration setup
Priority support
1:1 training

* Higher-priced plans automatically include the inclusions from lower-priced ones

Wrapping Things Up

LionDesk is a solid CRM option. 

It offers multiple benefits such as the possibility of sending personalized video messages through text or email, a view of your outreach tally, and Gabby, your chatbot for lead qualification. 

That said, you should have an accurate estimate of how many activities you do each month so you can choose the appropriate plan for you.

In the end, the only person who can decide if LionDesk will work for you is you. Make sure you consider your preferences, business needs, and workflow requirements before deciding.

If you’re still in doubt, you can always give their 30-day-trial a go and take it from there. 

Good luck!

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