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Market Leader Review for Real Estate (2023)

Last updated on January 4, 2023

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If there is one thing real estate agents want – it’s a LOT of leads

Every buyer starts as a lead. And if you don’t have enough of that, then the chances of closing a deal become slimmer. 

This is the main feature of Market Leader. As a CRM + website in one, it sells you leads so that you can have a solid base to nurture. 

We know that the ‘sell’ part has made you ask a lot of questions. So if you’re curious about how you get those leads, let’s talk more about Market Leader.

Here, we’re going to go into a deep Market Leader review for real estate. We’ll talk about its features, pricing, and more. 

So let’s get started!

About Market Leader

Market Leader was founded in 1999. It was bought and merged with a lot of companies since then, leading them to be under Constellation Real Estate Group’s belt. 

Initially, it was bought by Trulia in 2013. But as we all know, Trulia and Zillow went into a merger. 

Unfortunately, Zillow didn’t retain Market Leader. Hence, it was sold to Constellation Real Estate Group. 

Despite these changes in management, Market Leader has always offered the same services – leads, CRM, and a website. 

Aside from the bought leads, Market Leader is also one of the few CRMs that allows you to build your website. 

Market Leader Features

This is the part you’re probably more curious about, so we won’t delay any longer. Let’s talk about the three main features of Market Leader – leads, CRM, and website. 

Paid Monthly Leads

The paid monthly leads is by far the most popular feature of Market Leader. 

When you purchase this, you will be given a guaranteed number of leads. 

How do they get the leads?

Through a number of channels, like their own site HouseValues.com and Google Ads. 

Take note that this feature isn’t included in the plans, so you can always choose not to buy leads. 

Are the leads qualified?

Unfortunately, this is where Market Leader gets a lot of bad reviews. According to users, the number of leads guaranteed isn’t usually filled. 

Some complain that the quality of leads is bad and that some leads given use fake email addresses, names, and phone numbers. 

But this somewhat makes sense as you only pay $20-$30 per lead. Quality leads cost a lot more than that.

And if you’ve been in the real estate industry long enough, you know that relying on HouseValues.com and Google ads alone is not enough to put your name in front of people who are interested. 

Still, there are some leads that are real and could very well become buyers. So it isn’t a total waste of money, as some might think. 


Nevermind leads. If you want to focus on a simple CRM, then Market Leader is a good choice. 

Market Leader uses a basic CRM for its plans. 

When we say basic, it means that it can bucket and label your contacts, notify you of anyone visiting your site, send customized emails depending on the type of lead, and keep your contacts in one platform. 

The contacts you get come from the website you’ll build with them. 

This means that if you have a Facebook page and other accounts from Zillow and MLS, then you won’t be able to integrate your leads there. 

Nonetheless, if you plan on using your website as your main lead-generating platform, then this won’t be a problem. 


Market Leader is a CRM + website in one, so the plans already include a free website that you can build. 

What’s great about this is that Market Leader uses a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. So if you don’t know any line of code, you can still make your own website with just a few clicks. 

Aside from the intuitive feature, Market Leader’s site builder includes a lot of templates to choose from, including stock photos. You can choose from their library or you can upload your own photos. 

Another plus when you make a Market Leader site is the site is optimized to be search-engine friendly. If you’re planning to do some SEO, the easy-to-navigate setup is a plus for your rankings. 

Market Leader Pricing

Market Leader has only one plan which costs $129 a month. 

This plan already includes a website, which explains why it’s at a higher price point. 

Besides that, this monthly price includes all the basic CRM features including sending out automated marketing emails to your leads depending on where they are on your sales funnel. 

Take note, though, that the leads you’ll get aren’t included here. 

As mentioned earlier, you have to pay for them. But that isn’t a problem if you’re not planning on gaining leads from them. 

Market Leader Pros

  • CRM + website builder in just one platform 
  • Gives you access to a lot of leads
  • Easy drag-and-drop site builder
  • Gives you all the basic features of a CRM

Needless to say, having a lead generator, CRM, and a website in one place is very convenient. You no longer need to pay for a separate domain, a site builder, and an email account. 

And since you’re making a site connected to the CRM, it’s a lot easier to integrate your incoming leads to your marketing tools. 

Another advantage Market Leader has over other CRMs is the paid leads. 

This is especially helpful for new real estate agents. If you aren’t sure where to find leads, the additional leads you can get from Market Leader can be nurtured to be your first sales! 

Finally, not everyone wants a fancy CRM with all the bells and whistles. If you just want the basics, then Market Leader gives you the basics. 

Market Leader Cons

  • Slightly expensive monthly plan
  • You do not own the website and domain
  • Customer service is poor

There are a lot of mixed reviews with Market Leader. 

While it’s true that it’s slightly more expensive than other CRMs, that’s mainly because it has added perks. 

Nonetheless, this isn’t enough to justify an almost 200% higher price than basic CRMs. Even more when you don’t get your own domain and you don’t own the site.

Yep, unfortunately, your website built within Market Leader is under the platform’s ownership. 

This means that if you plan to stop subscribing to Market Leader, you have to start making your website from scratch somewhere else. 

There is also the issue of poor customer service. 

Market Leader’s customer service team is known for being attentive only at the beginning of the plan. But as time passes, people noticed that it gets harder to contact any customer representative. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Market Leader has a lot of promising features. Its appeal to real estate agents, however, is being affected by its high price and poor customer service. 

Nonetheless, as real estate agents, we know that having another source of leads is going to be very helpful. 

So it’s up to you to gauge if what Market Leader offers is the right set of features to help boost your career or not. 

We hope that this article has helped you make your decision!

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