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McKissock vs. The CE Shop – Which Online Real Estate School Is Best?

Last updated on December 7, 2022

McKissock vs. The CE Shop

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Currently, there are hundreds of online real estate schools you can choose from. 

In this article, we’re going to highlight two of the better-known brands in real estate education: McKissock and The CE Shop

Their reputations come from the strength of their Continuing Education courses - but what else can they offer? What do their students have to say once they've completed their online real estate classes? How do they measure up against each other?

Let's take a look at both schools from various angles. 

Here we go!

Pricing as of 03/28/2022

Comparison Chart



The CE Shop

States Available

  • Available Nationwide (different courses are available for each state)
  • Available Nationwide (different courses are available for each state)

Course Options

  • Continuing Education
  • Post-licensing (Pre-licensing and license upgrade courses are delivered through Colibri Real Estate)
  • Pre-Licensing
  • Post-Licensing
  • Continuing Education

User Experience

  • Easy-to-navigate platform, straightforward content, mostly text
  • Combination of text and interactive content


  • Starts at $139.95 for Texas, or $68.95 for California
  • starts at $440.30 for Texas, or $90.30 for California


  • 4.4/5 stars from McKissock
  • 4.7/5 stars from Trustpilot


  • CE Plus Membership
  • Exam Prep Edge

Sign Up

Pricing as of 03/28/2022


Both McKissock and The CE Shop’s strengths lie in their Continuing Education courses, which are offered nationwide.

Colibri Real Estate, McKissock’s sister company, delivers courses on pre-licensing, as well as those for license upgrades. 

The CE Shop also offers courses outside of those required in Continuing Education. All their courses are delivered in-house but are not available in all states. 

Here’s a more detailed list:



The CE Shop


                  24 States 

(AL, AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NV, NY, OK, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA)

**Delivered by Colibri Real Estate

                  39 States




                   8 States

(DE, GA, ND, OK, PA, SD, UT, VT)

                   25 States

 (AL, AR, CA, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KY, LA, MS, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, P, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA)

License Upgrade

5 States

(CA, FL, GA, MO, NY)

**Delivered by Colibri Real Estate

9 States

(CA, CO, GA, IL, MA, NY, TN, TX, VA)

Continuing Education

50 States (including the District of Columbia)

50 States (including the District of Columbia)

Sign Up

User Experience

Access straightforward content with McKissock.

Being part of a brand family connected to the real estate industry, McKissock is one of the most reputable online schools for real estate professionals. The fact that they’ve been in the business for over 30 years is a testament to that. 

When you sign up with McKissock, you get access to their learning platform. 

Logging in brings you directly to the My Courses page, allowing you to view your purchased courses. The main page shows everything - but if you want to view it by delivery method, you can click each of the four tabs available.

McKissock’s learning platform gives a detailed introduction when you start, including a Pre-Course Checklist containing information about your instructor, as well as a course roadmap.

What’s more, Mckissock's platform has an Email Instructor feature, which allows you to communicate with them directly. You can clarify items further, although you may not get an immediate response.

The beauty of taking your real estate courses online is having the option to spread it across as many sessions as you want, so there’s no pressure to do all this in one sitting.  If you need a break, close the platform - your progress is automatically saved.

Have an interactive adventure with The CE Shop.

Jumping 31 spots up to number 50, The CE Shop has made it to ColoradoBiz’s Top 200 Private Companies two years in a row. They boast of a 91% pass rate (with 75% of students passing on their first attempt) as of December 2020, making them one of the most successful online real estate schools in the country. 

They are particularly proud of LEAP, the learning platform where their online real estate courses are delivered. 

Each one begins with a table of contents showing its sections. Every section has its own set of resources that you can access from the side panel.

LEAP is compatible with all devices – computers, mobiles, and tablets. With the content automatically syncing when you sign in using a different device, you can continuously go through the coursework without any hassle.  

Another great feature is the unlimited attempts to pass the final exam.

Compared to other material, The CE Shop designed theirs to be interactive, making the experience both educational and enjoyable. 

Asides from using videos as resource materials, they also use a variety of practice exercises. These include matching terms and definitions, having interactive images, and presenting true or false scenarios.


Both schools have CE courses bundled together – McKissock even offers a CE Membership, which you can read more about in the Features section. If you prefer to have a bit more freedom in choosing your classes, you can always opt to purchase them individually.

Focusing on Continuing Education courses only, McKissock is more affordable than The CE Shop. Individual courses in McKissock range from a low of around $15 to a high of around $60. The CE Shop's courses are priced at $440.30 for Texas, or $90.30 for California

Note: Prices vary depending on the length of the course and which state you're in.


4.4 out of 5 on McKissock.

McKissock vs. The CE Shop The Best Online Real Estate Schools for Continuing Education McKissock

Positive reviews centered on how easy the courses were. Students appreciated the straightforward way materials were presented. It made McKissock preferable to users who struggle with technology. 

On the other hand, others found their content too text-heavy, saying that videos or audio clips here or there would have been helpful. The majority of the dissatisfaction was rooted in the quizzes – that they were vague and confusingly worded. Some said some questions had multiple correct answers.

Here’s a glimpse of what students had to say:

“This was an easy to understand course. I thought it was easy to manage as a person who struggles with technology.”

-Lisa T.

“Quizzes kept generating the wrong questions. For instance, I would complete a Quiz from a chapter, when I was reviewing the "wrong" answers I got in order to study and retake it, I would notice those were other questions I had not even answered during that particular Quiz. It was incredibly frustrating having to take the final exam like 8 times.”

-Judith L.

4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

With over six thousand reviews, only 6% of reviews were average (3 stars) to bad (1 star). 

The effort The CE Shop put into their interactive platform and content delivery certainly paid off, seeing how most of the reviews revolved around the experience and the teaching tools provided. 

McKissock vs. The CE Shop The Best Online Real Estate Schools for Continuing Education The CE Shop

On the other end of the spectrum were unhappy students, frustrated with The CE Shop’s chosen third-party partner for exams and their customer service.

Here are a couple of reviews:

“I have been using the CE Shop to acquire my Realtor's License. I took the 48 hour course, then utilized the Exam Prep Edge and passed the National and State of Missouri Exam on the first attempt. 

I'm continuing to use it for the 24 Hour MO Practice Course. That's also a requirement to apply for my license and I'm sure I'll use it for the State of Kansas and Continuing Education. 

It works!!”

-Nicole A.

“The CE Shop was great but their chosen partner PSI was HORRIBLE to work with and in my opinion are in business to scam money from people. I had non stop issues with them proctoring my tests and the CE Shop refused to step in and do anything for a service they chose to use. If they did not use PSI or offer to help my review would be different. I would choose another provider.”

-Taylor C.


CE Membership from McKissock.

McKissock has a CE Plus Membership that, on average, costs under $170. Despite having the same content, the price varies per state – from as low as under $60 to as high as a little over $300. 

The CE Plus Membership includes all Continuing Education courses available in your state, access to the on-demand library of the Pro-Series webinars, and Sherri Johnson’s 90-Day Boot Camp. There’s a multi-state version of this membership that’s priced at around $289. 

Seeing as it’s a membership, you must remember you have to pay annually to continue having access to all materials. The subscription automatically renews after 12 months, but you can cancel it anytime through customer service.

Exam Prep Edge From The CE Shop.

In line with their thrust of keeping things interactive, The CE Shop offers an online study platform designed to increase your confidence in preparation for your state exam. 

The Exam Prep Edge covers the content of the Candidate Handbook and topics in your licensing exam. Given that each state’s handbook is different, Exam Prep Edge gives you customized content based on where you reside.

Each topic is broken down into individual lessons, which allows you to study these in-depth. This approach lets you use your time effectively. Using each lesson and simulated exam as a basis, Exam Prep Edge tells you when you’re ready to take the real one.

The CE Shop also makes itself available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through phone, chat, or email should you need support.


Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Although McKissock’s strength lies in its CE courses, you can take classes for pre-licensing and license upgrades with its sister school, Colibri Real Estate.

Most people find their materials presented in an easy-to-follow format, making real estate education an uncomplicated experience. There’s also the option of communicating with a state-approved instructor should you want anything clarified.

If you don’t pass on your first try of the real estate exam, then you can be refunded the total amount of your package, thanks to the school’s Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee.

Colibri Real Estate is certified by both ARELLO and IDECC.

AceableAgent Los Angeles Real Estate Schools

Another school that has extensive learning materials plus an exam prep in its pre-licensing courses is Aceable Agent. 

Versus other schools, Aceable Agent stands out because it’s the most user-friendly course out there. Most schools are only accessible via website, but Aceable Agent gives you access to its app from multiple gadgets - smartphones, tablets, and your computers.

Aceable Agent students can continue learning wherever they may be - whether they’re waiting in line or driving around town. 

Many of the lessons have available video content and audio narrations, for convenience and better memory retention.

They have 3 packages available - Basic, Deluxe, and Premium. But if you want to get the most exam prep materials, choose either Deluxe and Premium. You’ll get access to 75 videos, more audio sessions, and digital flashcards. 

At the end of the program, you’ll also take an exam that is customized for you.

And if this is not enough and you want individual assistance, you get 1 hour of private tutoring from the Premium package.

Package prices vary per state; some can start as low as $116, while others can start as high as $430. If you’re lucky, you can score up to 20% off discount from their website.

Yes, prices might be more expensive than other providers, but we know that it’s worth it!


Considering the different areas highlighted in the article, both McKissock and The CE Shop are excellent choices for your Continuous Education courses. What will spell the difference, in the end, are your preferences. 

McKissock gives you what you need to renew your license, no frills attached. Another advantage is they are more affordable. But some might be willing to pay a little more for an interactive experience, which The CE Shop delivers.

Think about what you’re looking for and use the information from the article to make an informed decision. Ultimately, you get to decide where to invest your time and money.

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