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Michigan Real Estate License Requirements

Last updated on November 15, 2022

Michigan Real Estate License Requirements

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I know a lot of people in the USA tend to ignore “everything in the middle” and only concentrate on the coasts. But you don’t have to live in California or New York in order to enjoy the great life this country has to offer. The Great Lakes region has some of the most stable, livable regions in the country, and I think the people of Michigan should count themselves fortunate to live and work where they are. The rest of the country and world is starting to wake up to what Michigan has to offer.

That growth in Michigan is also going to mean a growth in population, and for people in my industry that means one great thing; the real estate business is going to be booming! The property market is a great industry to get into, but only for the people that have the right predisposition. I think everyone should at least consider whether they want to look at Michigan real estate license requirements to see whether this industry is of interest, but at the same time, I have to be honest; this business isn’t for everybody.

Who Is Real Estate For?

I think we can divide Michigan real estate license requirements into two categories; personal and professional. Both of them are important for success in the property market, but in the very beginning, before you even start laying out the foundation of meeting your professional Michigan real estate license requirements, you should start looking honestly at yourself. You need to assess whether you, personally, have what it takes—or even the genuine desire—to get into this line of work.

In general terms, it looks like almost anyone would be a good fit for meeting Michigan real estate license requirements. After all, ask the questions, “Do you want to be your own boss,” or “Do you want to make as much money in a month as you can without being limited to a salary,” and most people will be shouting “Yes!” But there’s a big difference between embracing the perks of the property industry, and being wholly prepared and committed to taking on everything that his profession demands.

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Above all else, the most important, personal Michigan real estate license requirements are personal responsibility and personality. Some people mistakenly believe that “being your own boss” means you can do whatever you want. In actuality, what this really means is you have the discipline to make yourself work because no one else is going to supervise or manage you. Like free speech, this isn’t explicit permission to do every self-indulgent thing you feel like, so much as put you in a position where you must boss yourself. You must be able to set your own goals, you must be able to organize your own schedule, and perhaps most importantly, you must be able to work with no promise of a fixed, predictable salary check at the end of the month. Being in real estate means working on commission, not on a salary. If you absolutely need to know exactly how much money you make every month, and every year, this is not the lien of work for.

The other quality of your Michigan real estate license requirements is your own personality, or, more specifically, your sociability. If you’re the type of person that works best alone, without interacting with too many people because you find socializing distracting, this is absolutely not the line of work for you, and you will do very badly. This is a business about helping people to buy and/or sell a property. It means you have to be able to interact with people, educate them, assist them, and most important of all, listen to them. If you can’t hear out what people are looking for in a property deal, you’ll quickly gain a reputation for not representing your customer’s interests, because you don’t care to even find out what they are.

The Professional Requirements

On the other end of the equation, there are the formal, professional Michigan real estate license requirements. These are the legal requirements you absolutely must meet if you want to get your license, and you want to get a license because, without one, you do not have the legal authority or recognition to legitimately negotiate property transactions. The amounts of money involved in property deals mean that some kind of verifiable, legal accountability must be in place for people who make these deals.

The first Michigan real estate license requirements are easy enough to meet. One is a matter of simple time, as you must be at least 18 years of age to even consider applying for a license. Beyond that, however, there is the matter of meeting the education and examination Michigan real estate license requirements as outlined in Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980. This is all about making sure you go to school. You’ll need to take a state-approved, 40-hour course that will fill you in on all the essential legal and financial regulations surrounding the real estate industry as conducted through Michigan.

The Right School

For most people, a real estate school will fulfill the Michigan real estate license requirements, but there’s more than one way to achieve this. People with time and a preference for traditional schooling can attend an old-fashioned, physically-based, regularly scheduled real estate school.

For others, an online school such as AceableAgent or Colibri Real Estate will meet Michigan real estate license requirements. It’s just a matter of doing in-depth research on these schools, making sure they are actually approved for valid education in Michigan, then studying the material. Once you’ve completed the course, you have 36 months to apply for the license and write the exam. Upon passing the exam, your final set of Michigan real estate license requirements is the crucial one for getting into the business. You’ll need to get sponsored by a licensed Michigan employing broker, but that’s a concern you’ll deal with when you’re ready to actually start working in the business.

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