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NetHunt CRM Review for Real Estate Agents

Last updated on November 19, 2021

NetHunt CRM Review for Real Estate

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Looking for a CRM that suits your workflow?

If so, you might find NetHunt to be the best for your real estate career. 

NetHunt is a CRM made specifically for real estate in mind. With that, it offers many great features that will help you organize your database, automate tasks, manage sales pipelines, and so much more. 

If you’re interested, check out our NetHunt CRM review for real estate below. Here, we’ll talk more about its features. Plus, we’ll talk about its pros and cons, as well as pricing. 

So let’s get straight to it! 

About NetHunt

NetHunt CRM Review for Real Estate - Is This the CRM for You NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is a cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) tool that is fully integrated with Gmail. It helps businesses manage leads, organize databases, create and maintain customer relations, monitor sales, and automate tasks. 

NetHunt is a great tool for any real estate professional, whether agents, agencies, realtors, brokers or investors. This is because it offers a single platform that centralizes all valuable data.

NetHunt Pros and Cons

Below is a summary of NetHunt’s pros and cons:

Easy to useHas plenty of features
Excellent customer support
Great value for money
Lacking in aesthetics
The basic plan lacks reporting features and integrations
The mobile app is not very functional

 Let’s look at these in more detail. 

The Pros

Ease of use

What you will love the most about NetHunt is its user-friendliness. 

From the get-go, the signup process is super easy. If you want to avail the 14-day free trial, you just need to sign up with your Google account.

And, you can get NetHunt up and running in no time. It only takes a few clicks to link messages and calendar entries. It also automates data collection and migration and takes non-value-adding tasks off your hands.  

Has plenty of features

NetHunt offers plenty of features and functionalities. 

It provides CRM essentials such as contact, deal, opportunity, and lead management, customization options, integrations, automation, productivity, and reporting tools. NetHunt has everything a real estate professional needs. 

So, instead of managing leads and clients on separate platforms, NetHunt lets you enjoy a unified customer relationship management system. It also helps streamline sales processes, create customized marketing strategies, and encourage teamwork.

Excellent customer support

NetHunt offers customer support via phone, email, live chat, as well as training. 

Its tech support is incredibly helpful and responsive. A NetHunt user reports that the customer service team takes user suggestions courteously. 

It has no ticketing system for IT issues and other concerns, though. But it has a learning hub on Youtube for video tutorials on how to get the most out of NetHunt. 

Great value for money

Considering it has plenty of features and functionalities, NetHunt is fairly cheap compared to its competitors. (More about pricing below.) 

The Cons

The interface is lacking in aesthetics

As for the cons, the first one is the simplistic look. 

Now, I know that this is more preferred to some. But most users might want a more appealing and aesthetic platform. 

So depending on your personal preference, NetHunt’s lack of aesthetics may or may not be a con. 

The Basic Plan lacks reporting features and integrations

If you’re planning on getting the basic plan, you might be disappointed with the lack of reporting features and integrations. 

Team and sales performance reports are only available in Business and Advanced plans. And, only Google Workspace, Zapier, and API Access integrations are included in the Basic plan. 

If you need Facebook, Messenger, and LinkedIn integrations, you will need to pay for an upgrade. 

The mobile app is not very functional

While your NetHunt subscription includes a mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android users, it is not nearly as functional as the desktop version. 

Sure, it gets simple tasks done, but it isn’t built to fully support working on the go. 

NetHunt Pricing

NetHunt has three main plans available to clients, namely:

  • Basic ($24/mo per user)
  • Business ($48/mo per user)
  • Advanced ($96/mo per user) 

If you just want to check it out, you get a 14-day FREE trial, without the need for credit card details. 

The trial period is also available for an unlimited number of users. So, if you have a team, you can have as many members try NetHunt. 

For larger organizations, you can request a quote on their website

What’s more, NetHunt has a special Startup Plan aimed at helping startups. It has a lock-in period of one year, which includes a three-month free period. 

The remaining nine-month subscription costs around $15 per user per month.

To apply for the Startup Plan, you will need to fill out and submit an online application form, which NetHunt will review within a few business days.

NetHunt also offers a special discount to non-profit organizations. Simply shoot the team an email at sales@nethunt.com.    

Final Thoughts

Overall, NetHunt is simple, affordable, and comes with many basic features. If that’s all you’re looking for, then this might be the CRM best suited for your workflow. 

Sure, it has its drawbacks, like all CRMs. But what we love is that it can work for individual agents or large agencies. It doesn’t matter where you are in your real estate journey. 

If it sounds like the CRM for you, you can go try their 14-day FREE trial today!

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