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Nimble Review for Real Estate – Is This the CRM for You?

Last updated on March 9, 2022

Nimble Review for Real Estate - Is This the CRM for You

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Timeliness is key to building strong relationships with clients. Providing the right services at exactly the right time — that’s exactly how real estate agents can nurture leads and turn them into full-fledged buyers. 

That said, you’ll need exceptional CRM software that will help you achieve all these things without having to break out a sweat. 

Nimble is considered one of the top CRM for real estate agencies. They were awarded “Best Real Estate CRM Software Companies of 2021” by Digital.com. 

Furthermore, they hold the titles of “Leader in Sales Intelligence Software based on user satisfaction” and “Leader in Email Tracking Software for Small Business”. 

But is it the CRM for YOU?

In this Nimble review for real estate, we’ll take a deep look at Nimble’s features, services, and more to see if it’s a good match for you. 

So let’s get started!

What is Nimble?

Source: Nimble.com

We’re sure you already have an inkling as to what Nimble is. But in case you don’t, here’s a quick introduction:

Nimble is an industry-leading real estate CRM that helps Office 365 and G-Suite teams with contact management. It does everything from integrating with productivity apps such as inboxes and calendars to delivering streamlined and customized services. 

The Nimble software was designed to help agencies close deals and transactions much faster. 

Besides that, Nimble also provides convenient and accessible bookkeeping services to help improve financial and operational performance. 

So far, Nimble has helped over 10 million small businesses and agencies close deals with their top-notch services. They currently have over 140,000 registered users and counting.

Nimble Products and Features

Nimble currently offers 2 product packages: Nimble Business and Nimble Contact

Nimble Contact offers simple services for grouping and organizing contacts into lists for agents to effectively manage their connections without all the confusing manual labor. 

If you want more advanced services, then go for the Nimble Business package. These have products and features catering to 8 categories, namely:

  • Relationship management
  • Data enrichment
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Prospecting
  • Pipeline management
  • Apps and add-ons
  • Customer support
  • Integration

Let’s look at each of these quickly. 

Relationship management

These features are essentially responsible for helping real estate agents and agencies keep up with the ever-changing needs of their customers and prospects. 

With these features, you can combine multiple inboxes into one platform, even unify multiple social media accounts so you won’t have to move from one app to the other when you’re connecting with leads. 

There are also calendar syncing features that help keep everyone in the team on the same page. 

What’s more, Nimble automatically segments leads, making it easier for you to customer your content to their preferences and needs. 

Data enrichment

Keeping up with changing trends and standards is an essential part of running a real estate business. Nimble’s data enrichment features make it easier for users to track and interpret customer analytics and metrics. They can also match agents with social profiles that may help generate more leads and sales. 

Marketing and outreach

If staying in touch with your customers and prospects was a challenging task for you before, Nimble can help make the experience feel less like a chore. With its Marketing and Outreach features, you can send up to 100 customized group emails per day so you’ll always stay top-of-mind for your clients.

With Nimble’s activity tracking software, you can easily check which of your prospects are opening and responding to your content and which aren’t. This may help you come up with better campaigns the next time around. 


This feature helps you build an entire database of active business emails, phone numbers, and addresses of people you regularly engage with via the Nimble software.

Pipeline management

With pipeline management, you can measure sales successes and team performance. This feature also allows the team leader to control accessibility authorization among members. Lastly, it can help teams effectively predict trends so they can prepare for any upcoming threats or opportunities. 

Apps and add-ons

Nimble wants to make its services accessible to as many users as possible. This is why they provide a host of great apps and add-ons you can purchase upon check-out. These include the following:

  • Nimble prospector
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • G-Suite add-on
  • Outlook add-in

Customer support

Using Nimble for the first time may present a slight learning curve, especially if you’ve never used CRM software before. Nimble makes it easier for its clients by offering accessible customer support services via online and email support, 1:1 consultations, and weekly Q&A sessions. 

They even offer free onboarding assistance that helps users set up their accounts upon opening. 


Stay connected with all your social media and inboxes with Nimble’s Integration features. With its two-way sync software, you can stay in contact with over 160 applications across all your devices. 

Nimble Pricing

The Nimble Business package can be bought at affordable prices — $19/month if you get the yearly subscription plan and $25/month if you choose to get the monthly payment plan. 

Compared to other CRM available to real estate agencies right now, this is a really good bargain. Especially considering the number of applications and features you can enjoy. 

On the other hand, Nimble Contact costs only $9/month. So if you just want the basics, then you can get it for an even cheaper price. 

Nimble Storage Allowance

Nimble provides each team with a 1GB storage allowance for their Nimble Contact package and 2GB for the Nimble Business. This allowance can be extended by 10GB increments at $10 per month. 

Nimble Money-Back Guarantee

Nimble offers clients a 14-day trial. Users can test out products and features before making a full-on commitment to their services. 

If you find that their services don’t fit your standards and preferences, you can simply contact their customer support team to request a refund. They’ll be the ones to process everything for you.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely get the most bang-for-your-buck from Nimble compared to other CRM software. 

Plus, if you’re not into all the bells and whistles, you can go for their simpler package. 

Nimble is great because it has something for everyone. 

So If you’re a small agency or a solo agent, Nimble’s services are certainly worth looking into. 

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