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Online CA Real Estate License Course Reviews & Comparisons

Last updated on April 5, 2021

Online CA Real Estate License Course Reviews & Comparisons

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Thanks to the information age that the 21st century has turned into, we now live in an era where a high degree of mobility in careers is more feasible than ever. In the old days, people used to be limited in their career and education choices to wherever they happened to live; if you wanted to be a stock trader, but didn’t live in New York, you were out of luck. If you got tired of working in a factory and wanted to be a graphic designer, you had to think about moving to San Francisco, or some other city.

Today, the proliferation of the Internet and online education has made it possible for people to make meaningful, profitable changes in their career and education, without having to make huge sacrifices in either time or the place they live.

As hard as it may be to believe, real estate, which traditionally is focused on physical locations, has benefited greatly from the Internet. People from all over the country can see properties they might not have been aware of for sale. The people who make these sales, the realtors, can now “break-in” to the industry with greater ease, thanks to things like, for example, getting an online CA real estate license.

Quick Picks: Top Online Real Estate License Schools Approved In California

California, Technology & Real Estate

It should come as a surprise to no one in California that the real estate market in this state is perpetually hot. It’s one of the few places on Earth that can be considered to have two of the great cities of the world in the same place; San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s that constant state of dynamic growth that makes so much of California a great place for real estate development and investment, and because of that, the market is very active.

That also means that for people that deal in real estate, the realtors themselves, it can be a very productive and busy career. But even if you didn’t start out having the goal to be a realtor and only realized it after you were committed to another career, it’s not too late to change. A career in real estate obviously isn’t easy, otherwise, everyone would be doing it. It requires a mix of business sense and being good with people, as well as keeping on top of market developments. But for people who have all those traits but lack the time to learn about being a realtor, an online CA real estate license is the answer, thanks to the Internet world we live in.

Getting Started

These days, getting an online CA real estate license is the most efficient way to start a career in real estate. This isn’t a profession where you can just make a product, put it online and start selling it, you need an actual government verified license in order to work in this field. That’s because you’ll be involved in the transaction of very large amounts of money, and so official certification is required to do so.

In the past, this has meant finding a real estate school and then making sure you had enough time during your week to either attend the day or night classes, which included the commute to and from the school. While this got results, it also severely limited things for people with existing personal or professional commitments. Now with the materials available as an online CA real estate license, ambitious hopefuls can undertake their studies at a time, place and pace of their own devising. Then the only real question becomes making the right choice in schools.

This is important for a number of reasons, but the most important one is that while there are any number of schools available online to learn from, not all of them are certified for California. In the same way, you need to take a DMV-approved test to get your license to drive in this state, you need a school the offers an online CA real estate license if you want to buy and sell in properties here. So which one should you take? We have a few places for you to start.

Open Soon For Business

There’s one particular school that may be an unusual recommendation to make—because it’s not even open yet—but that’s about to change in just a few weeks. Real Estate Express is a school that we’re keeping an eye on, and we’re going to thoroughly review and explain once it’s open for business.

Real Estate Express is run by the same people, and the driving school has already established itself as one of the best online experiences for learning. Now they’re bringing that same level of quality to people interested in either Texas or an online CA real estate license—at least at the start—and if that same level of professionalism and convenience continues, this will be a great choice. They’ve already committed to making their online course friendly for both desk/laptop computers, and mobile platforms like phones and tablets, so things are looking promising.

Keeping Your Options Open

For people that are looking to expand their choices and professional possibilities in real estate, we like to recommend is Mbition. It’s a solid choice for getting an online CA real estate license. Of course, they have all the basics that you’d need if you’re strictly interested in being a realtor. But in addition to getting your online CA real estate license, they offer more career specializations and choices.

For people that really want to make the most an online CA real estate license, there are options for brokers, for appraisals, and even more advanced course material for established realtors that want more professional development. Like Real Estate Express, they are also mobile friendly, so this is a solid choice.

The Classic Choice

The last option we have for an online CA real estate license is one we always have a great deal of confidence in. Real Estate Express is a good school to consider, and fortunately, California is one of the states that they offer courses in. So you’re in luck if you’re considering this school.

One of the reasons we like it so much is their statistical average. This school has a success rate of 79% for their students writing and passing their online CA real estate license exam on the first try. That’s significantly higher than many of the other schools. They have different tiers of service that add more and more perks the higher you go, so if you want a lot of supplementary bonuses while getting your online CA real estate license, this is the school to go with.


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