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The 5 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Idaho For 2023

Last updated on February 6, 2023

The 5 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Idaho featured image

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Is your Idaho real estate license renewal almost due?

With the pandemic, you might not want to take in-person classes for safety reasons, and also, a lot of schools are closed due to COVID-19 restrictions anyway.

The good news is that you can take your CE hours online!

You can complete your continuing education requirements without stepping outside. All you need is a laptop or mobile device, an internet connection, and an online real estate continuing education provider.

Now, the number of available online CE courses in Idaho is overwhelming. That’s why, here, we’re going to explore the best options. We’ll talk about 5 schools that provide the best real estate continuing education in Idaho for 2023.

5 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Idaho

Here are 5 of the best real estate continuing education providers in Idaho:

  1. McKissock
  2. The CE Shop
  3. Idaho Real Estate School
  4. CBT Real Estate
  5. EnVision Real Estate School

Let’s dig in deeper and explore what each school has to offer.

1. McKissock

Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Idaho for 2022 McKissock

The best thing about McKissock is it serves its clients’ needs exceptionally. From sign up to course completion, the entire process is so easy.

Once you sign up, you’ll find that McKissock has a modern platform that makes online learning convenient. It is, however, very text-heavy, meaning you will need to do a lot of reading.

When you look for the available continuing education programs in Idaho, the website instantly shows you your options. You can avail of a renewal package or purchase the courses individually. Fees start at just below $30 per course.

If you want to sign up for one of their packages, there is one bundle (includes both core and electives) that costs around $120. With this package, you can swap the elective courses based on your preference.

If you want the best value for your money, I recommend the ID CE Plus Membership. With this membership, you get unlimited access to all the CE courses in Idaho. You also get premium benefits such as a coaching tool, on-demand library, how-to videos, and more. What’s more, you get to participate in Sherri Johnson’s 90-day Boot Camp.

At a little under $190, I say the CE Plus package is the premium option you can avail for a fraction of the cost.

Overall, McKissock is one of the best and most reliable schools for online real estate continuing education.

Check McKissock Here

2. The CE Shop

Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Idaho for 2022 The CE Shop

Michael McAllister founded The CE Shop in 2005 as a response to the real estate education being behind in technology.

Fast forward to today, The CE Shop has become a one-stop-shop for various real estate education courses. It offers online programs for pre-licensing and post-licensing but focuses mostly on continuing education (as its name suggests).

Once you filter online classes by state, the website will show you your state’s CE requirements. It will also provide you a list of its offerings that will satisfy those requirements.

Its core plus elective courses bundle costs around $140. You can also purchase the courses separately. Fees start at around $35.

What students love about The CE Shop is how well-formatted the courses are. The CE programs feature a good mix of images, videos, and text content. They provide information in short but in-depth lessons, making it easy for students to remember.

The only downside with The CE Shop is it only offers one renewal package for Idaho, which means you have lesser options. It would have been better if students had more choices with supplemental learning materials.

Nevertheless, The CE Shop is still highly recommended for your real estate continuing education needs.

Check The CE Shop Here

3. Idaho Real Estate School

If you’re looking for a school that offers online CE webinars or classes, the Idaho Real Estate School is the place to go. This school offers live in-person classes (day and night schedules), Zoom classes, and online self-paced packages. 

It can cater to anyone! 

The Zoom classes are like your physical classes where you have to participate and watch an instructor go through the course material. If you’re picking this type of package, expect to attend classes using a tablet or a computer because this isn’t mobile-friendly. 

Another thing to take note of is that this type of class is more expensive than the self-paced packages. Idaho Real Estate School is more famous for its Zoom classes, but you can also give this a chance. 

The self-paced packages are much more affordable, with the most common package at just $109. This already includes the 12-hour course requirement. 

Everything you need to learn is on the platform. It’s a lot like an online account where you study each chapter on your mobile/desktop. 

The downside to this is that you’ll mostly read and there are no additional resources included. 

Besides that, Idaho Real Estate School has three other packages, ranging from 6.5 hours to 18.5 hours. Each has a different set of electives to choose from. 

Check the Idaho Real Estate School Here

3. CBT Real Estate

Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Idaho for 2022 CBT Real Estate

Another note-worthy online real estate school is CBT Real Estate. With over 15 years of experience, it is undoubtedly one of the most trusted in the country. It is the official online CE course provider of the Real Estate Academy of Idaho.

Its offerings are some of the cheapest, high-quality programs available online. Its continuing education packages start at around $100, while individual courses cost just below $30. Its selection of bundles gives you flexibility by offering different combinations of core and elective courses to take.

CBT Real Estate’s lowest price guarantee is indeed its best selling point. However, don’t expect a highly interactive course.

Similar to most online real estate schools, CBT Real Estate CE courses can be bland due to the text-heavy content. Still, you can trust it to provide you with current real estate trends in Idaho and help you fulfill your license renewal requirements.

Check CBT Here

4. EnVision Real Estate School

Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Idaho for 2022 Envision

Yet another online real estate school that offers quality continuing education courses in Idaho is EnVision Real Estate.

Its faculty consists of licensed real estate professionals with over 90 years of combined expertise. EnVision Real Estate assists its students in maintaining their licenses by providing a modern approach to teaching.

The school offers its CE courses via two delivery methods. You can sign up for a live class via Zoom or a self-paced e-learning course.

One thing you should know. For the mandatory Idaho Commission core courses, you only have the Zoom option. Only electives are available in a self-paced format.

EnVision’s offerings are suitable for those who prefer classes that enable social interaction. Also, this option might not be the best for people with weaker network connections due to the live-streaming feature.

Check EnVision Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Requirements for Real Estate Continuing Education in Idaho?

All Idaho real estate agents must renew their licenses every two years. During the first renewal, license holders must complete 12 hours of post-license education and two Idaho Commission core courses. 

On subsequent renewals, agents must finish 12 hours of electives as well as two core courses. Keep in mind that the core courses usually fluctuate between two and four hours. The total mandatory hours may differ depending on your renewal year. 

When does an Idaho real estate license expire?

Your real estate license expires every two years on the last day of your birth month. But if it’s your first year of being a licensed real estate agent, it expires 24 months from when you got your license. 


Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on things. With today’s technology, you can complete your professional education requirements from the comfort of your home. Not only is it cheaper and more convenient than classroom-based learning, but it is also safer.

What’s most important, though, is that you get to finish all your required continuing education hours.

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