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Online Real Estate in Rhode Island (Best Continuing Education in 2023)

Last updated on August 28, 2023

Online Real Estate in Rhode Island (Best Continuing Education) featured image

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As a real estate professional in Rhode Island, you went through many challenges to secure your license. 

But then you realize that after all your hard work, you still have to learn continuously and take courses every few years to maintain that license.

It doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Signing up for continuing education programs requires some effort. Plus, they can be costly.

Even worse, there are real estate schools that don’t deliver what they promise. And you end up going through much hassle for nothing.

What if I told you, though, that there are top-performing online real estate schools that are not only legit but also offer just what you need at more affordable prices?

Continue reading to learn more.

4 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Rhode Island

Here are the 4 best online real estate courses for continuing education in Rhode Island that you should check for your license renewal: 

  1. McKissock
  2. The CE Shop
  3. AYPO Real Estate
  4. Lee Institute School of Real Estate

Let’s find out more about what each one has to offer. 


Online Real Estate in Rhode Island (Best in 2021) McKissock

Founded in 1991 by the McKissock father and son duo, it is now one of the country’s largest providers of online continuing education. It features top-rated content for CE courses in all 50 states plus Washington DC, making Internet-based education available to more Americans.

Apart from its nationwide availability, McKissock’s CE courses are known for being thorough and highly informative. 

Don’t worry about lessons skimping on the information because the school’s curriculum is complete and accurate. To some, it may feel a little text-heavy, but such is usual in the industry. 

McKissock also offers the best CE bundles in the market. For around $160, you can opt for the CE Plus Membership. It is a premium package that gives you unlimited access to all CE courses available in Rhode Island. 

The CE Plus bundle will also provide you the best professional development tools, supplemental learning materials, and an invite to Sherri Johnson’s 90-day Boot Camp, where you will learn best practices, as well as secrets from well-known real estate professionals. 

Talk about value for your money!

The only downside with McKissock is the school currently does not have a chat feature for customer support. Nonetheless, its customer experience team handles queries and concerns quickly. 

Check McKissock Here

The CE Shop

Online Real Estate in Rhode Island (Best in 2021) The CE Shop

Another real estate school that specializes in continuing education is The CE Shop, as you may have guessed from its name. 

The CE Shop is one of the longest-running online real estate schools that have consistently earned high praises from clients. In the past years, it has received many awards from many organizations for its excellent services. 

What sets The CE Shop apart from its competitors is its informative and interactive coursework. 

While other CE courses are primarily text-heavy, The CE Shop’s text content is concise and easily digestible. Instead of having lengthy paragraphs, it breaks down information into smaller, easy-to-understand pieces.

It also features interactive elements that keep students on track and engaged. 

Another advantage The CE Shop has over other schools is its multi-state offerings. If you are a licensed agent in, let’s say, two states, The CE Shop will allow you to satisfy requirements for both. 

One disadvantage with The CE Shop, though, is its lack of physical materials. While online learning is convenient, some of us still prefer to have textbooks in hand rather than read text on a screen. 

Check The CE Shop Here

AYPO Real Estate

Online Real Estate in Rhode Island (Best in 2021) AYPO Real Estate

AYPO or At Your Own Pace Real Estate is an Oregon-based school that now operates across the United States. Their CE courses consist of on-demand, independent lessons that are suitable for self-sufficient learners. 

The school’s best selling point is the price. AYPO’s continuing education programs are some of the cheapest you will find online. Its 24-hour Rhode Island package costs only around $150 and already covers Ethics. 

As for the course itself, it is short yet informative. 

The downside with AYPO is it offers limited customer support. Its format is best for those who like to self-study but not necessarily for those who will require one-on-one help from instructors. 

Here’s a quick walkthrough video you can watch:

Check AYPO Here

Lee Institute School of Real Estate

Lee Institute is one of the oldest real estate schools that originated in Massachusetts. It has been around for almost 60 years and has helped mold thousands of real estate professionals. 

It offers individual CE courses that start at around $20. Its Rhode Island continuing education package cost around $220. 

If you wish to complete the electives first, you can purchase an 18-hour Elective Package for a little under $160. 

Its CE programs are simple but a bit boring, due to the limited amount of multimedia content. However, it is easy to navigate. It offers one of the fastest ways to complete your required credit hours. 

There is one criticism worth mentioning, though. Its system automatically logs you out of your account within 10 minutes of inactivity. It’s inconvenient, but other than that, it is a great pick for online real estate continuing education.

Check Lee Institute Here



How often do I need to renew my Rhode Island Real Estate license?

All RI real estate agents must renew their licenses every two years. Renewal is due every April 30th of even-numbered years. For example, the next renewal date for your license is on April 30, 2024. 

What are the requirements for renewing a real estate license in Rhode Island?

To successfully renew your license in RI, you need to complete 24 hours of Continuing Education - six hours for core courses and the remaining for electives.

Can I file my renewal online?

Yes. You can get the renewal form, submit the requirements and pay for the fees online via the state’s eLicensing portal.

You will receive your new license within five to ten business days after the submission of the requirements. 


A real estate license, like a driver’s or any professional license, is a privilege, and therefore, will not be valid forever. 

As an individual with high qualifications, you have a duty towards your clients and your community to be equipped with knowledge that will enable you to serve them to the best of your abilities. 

Renewing your license is not necessarily enjoyable, but it is an essential part of practicing your profession. 

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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