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Online Real Estate License Requirements

Last updated on November 11, 2022

Online Real Estate License Requirements

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Online degrees, certificates, and education, in general, are a big part of the future. A decade or more ago, an online degree was thought to not be held in as high respect as a degree from a traditional institution, but this is no longer the case. As we’ve taken our shopping, banking, bill paying, and research online, we’ve taken our education online as well. Online real estate license courses are the same, and they provide for you a simple option that wasn’t available just a few short decades ago.

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The online real estate license requirements you will need to meet will vary from state to state. Each state within the US observes their own real estate licensure requirements in general, and you’ll need to research your specific state in order to make sure you’re meeting all of these requirements in a necessary way. Failure to meet these requirements will result in your failure to obtain licensure.

While all states observe their own online real estate license requirements, some basic requirements observed by most states include:

• Age requirement – The first and most basic requirement that must be met is the age requirement. While most states observe an age requirement of 18, there are some states that require prospective real estate professionals to be age 21 or older. This younger age requirement of 18 presents a unique option for young people graduating from high school and looking for an alternative to a 4-year college degree. Online real estate license programs will allow them to take control of their education and begin a lucrative career straight away without the mountains of student debt.

  • Prerequisite education requirement – All states also observe prerequisite education requirements and these state that those enrolling in real estate licensure courses must first have obtained their high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Education requirements – Every state observes sometimes vastly different real estate education requirements, and this is what you should pay the closest attention to when researching online real estate license requirements within your particular state. Some states require as many as 180 course credit hours, while others only observe 50 or less, and each will have their own course requirements that need to be met specifically as well. When transferring from one state to another to practice real estate later on in your career, you may be required to take some of these credit hours depending on the state you wish to live and work in.
  • Exam requirements – After completing your education, you will then be required to take an exam to obtain final licensure. This exam cannot be taken online and will be taken in an in-person testing center located in your area. Each time the test is taken, the test must be paid for, and some states even require additional education to be taken if the test is taken and failed 3 or more times. For this reason, it’s important to research online prep courses specifically for your state’s exam, which allow you to prepare and study for the exam in the way that works best for you. These courses are student-led, and they offer mock exams as well as review study courses.
  • Obtain your license – In some states you’ll receive your real estate license immediately after passing the exam, some states require your application to be filed after passing the exam, and others will require a professional broker to file your application for you after your passing of the exam. It’s important to research what your specific state requires in order to allow you to obtain your license in a timely and correct manner.
  • Continued education – Continued education and license renewal are required by each state, but like initial pre-licensure education requirements, they vary widely. In some states continuing education is only a few hours and must be renewed each year, others require more credit hours and must be renewed every few years, and others still will have different requirements depending on your renewal year. These continuing education requirements tend to change and progress over the years and should be kept up with if you plan to continue your career as a professional real estate agent.

Why Online Real Estate License Programs?

One may ask themselves exactly what the benefits are of online real estate license programs. After finding out the online real estate license requirements in your particular state, it becomes simple to realize why one would go online to obtain their real estate license. For working professionals, these online courses open new doors in terms of embarking on a career that allows for freedom and growth. Too often adults feel stuck in jobs that they don’t feel nurture their true potential like they’re stuck in a position that doesn’t seem to be progressing. With a real estate license, you’re able to practice as a real estate agent or move on to become a real estate broker, while molding your future in just the way you want.

The problem with changing careers as a working adult is that the time is often simply not there. You’re tired from working all day long, and having to travel from your job to a night school, complete your studies, and then come home to spend time with family can create quite the burnout situation. Meeting online real estate license requirements by carrying out online programs gives you a way to complete your education on your own time and in a way that is convenient for you.

Colibri Real Estate outlines the online real estate license requirements for each different state, and they don’t simply stop at pre-licensure. From the pre-licensure process to the exam, to the continuing education for license renewal, they make sure you remain informed every step of the way with up-to-date information pertaining to your particular state. After researching your particular online real estate license requirements, you can then choose your program package, enroll in your chosen program, and begin completing your courses in a way that works for you and your schedule.

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