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Online Real Estate Licensing Courses Reviewed And Compared

Last updated on February 17, 2023

Online Real Estate Licensing Courses Reviewed And Compared

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Improving your life can be done in a lot of different ways, but one of the best is certainly to take steps to further your career in a meaningful way. For many, that means making a career change and becoming a real estate agent is a move that can lead to better income, more freedom, and more personal satisfaction with your life.

And with today’s real estate markets exploding in growth and potential, there’s never been a better time than now to think about making this career change. But it’s not always easy to do, and for those who are currently working full-time jobs or managing other responsibilities the process of completing the required classwork in order to sit for the licensing exam isn’t always easy.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022


AceableAgent Real Estate License Course

AceableAgent tops many “best real estate schools” lists for two main reasons – they have rich video and audio content, and they offer a lot of review tests and exam prep. So if you want to ace the real estate exam on your first try, then AceableAgent should be on your radar.

The videos and audio content uploaded per topic are extensive and up-to-date. You can trust that you’re learning the required coursework and current industry information. And, with the text, videos, and audio media available in a mobile app, learning becomes easier wherever and whenever you are. 

Once you think you’re ready, you can take their many spot-check quizzes and practice tests right after!

Check AceableAgent Here. 

The CE Shop

The CE Shop Real Estate License Course

A lot of stellar reviews about The CE Shop are mostly about their platform, also known as LEAP. LEAP has one of the most advanced, intuitive, and detailed learning systems we’ve found across the internet. It’s so easy to scan the entire program in one glance, move from topic to topic, answer the chapter tests, head over to your personal dashboard, and reach out to customer support.

Check The CE Shop Here. 

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate Real Estate License Course

Formerly known as Real Estate Express, Colibri Real Estate is known for its hands-on support from instructors. Aside from the materials such as ebooks, worksheets, and glossaries, you can always ask for help from their instructors if something is not clear. Colibri Real Estate also has assigned instructors specializing in specific courses, this way you’re sure that you’re getting the best help from experts.

Check Colibri Real Estate Here. 


Looking for a school that offers the learning style you prefer? Then you should include KAPRE at the top of your list. This school offers Home Study, OnDemand, and Live Online classes to most of the states they cater to.

Home Study is self-paced and self-study, where you will review all the ebooks, summaries, and practice tests on your own. For OnDemand, you can simply log in and play the pre-recorded topic discussions. And lastly, for Live Online, you will need to join scheduled classes with instructors and fellow students.

Check KAPRE Here. 

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Online Real Estate Licensing Courses To The Rescue

That’s where online real estate licensing courses can help dramatically. Certain states allow you to enroll in online real estate licensing courses and complete the required amount of classroom hours in your spare time over the internet.

Websites like KAPRE can show you which states offer these programs and make it easier to find out more about what the courses have to offer to you. Online programs offer numerous benefits including:

  • Ability to fit your education into your daily schedule
  • More flexibility and freedom in when and how you complete coursework
  • No need to commute to and from school
  • The ability to learn in a more relaxed environment – your home

In short, online real estate licensing courses allow you to get the education you need without having to struggle to make it to a class each day. There are still plenty of responsibilities you’ll have to meet, including regular deadlines for assignments, tests, and so on. But by letting you complete the training when it works for you, online real estate licensing courses like those found at Colibri Real Estate make it much easier to take the steps needed to improve your future and become a real estate agent.

Why Comparisons And Reviews Matter So Much

However, while sites like The CE Shop or Colibri Real Estate can certainly show you the different online real estate licensing courses that you can use to improve your career opportunities, the reality is that not all courses work best for each person. That’s why using comparisons and reviews of online real estate licensing courses is so important.

Comparisons often break down the differences and similarities of each course, showing you what you can expect from the different programs and making it easier to sign up for the right one.

Reviews are generally written by those who have enrolled in a program and completed it, and as such are honest, unbiased reviews that can tell you a great deal about online real estate licensing courses and what a particular program might have to offer.

When using these reviews and comparisons, there are a few key things to pay attention to. Some of the main things to look at include:

  • The level of education that the program delivers and how effectively it prepared a student for the exam and a career in real estate.
  • How education is delivered. Most online real estate licensing courses use text, images, and video hosted on their page and assignments that are emailed to you.
  • The difficulty in making deadlines. You’ll have to turn in classwork by a set time, but when you complete the work will be up to your daily schedule.
  • What kind of additional resources are offered. Looking at sites like KAPRE, you’ll see that certain programs may offer extra tools ranging from physical textbooks to additional video archives.
  • How do you communicate with fellow students or instructors in a class? Good online real estate licensing courses will also include a forum or message boards that you can use to connect with those in the program. This helps you find support and motivation as well as letting you ask questions that you might have.
  • Another thing to investigate is the post-course support. Online real estate licensing courses may also help connect you to realtors already in the business or help you find the next available exam and sign up for it.

These are just a few of the key things to use when looking through reviews and comparisons of online real estate licensing courses. Keep them all in mind, visit resources like The CE Shop and KAPRE, and you’ll find the program that is best for your needs.

Know Yourself For The Best Results

While using comparisons and reviews of online real estate licensing courses is a key part of making sure that you find the course that works best for you, it’s also vital that you know yourself in order to get the best possible results from your efforts.

For example, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • How do you learn best, and which online real estate licensing courses offer you the chance to learn in that way? Some may learn more effectively via videos, or through images, for example.
  • How much support do you need? Forums and message boards help connect you with other students and teachers, but some online real estate licensing courses may offer additional support and contact with instructors to help give you additional assistance in mastering your courses.
  • How motivated and driven are you? All online real estate licensing courses are essentially self-driven, and you need to have the motivation and focus to succeed. Some may offer more direct encouragement than others, or fit into your life more effectively, however.
  • What kind of deadlines exists? Reviews of online real estate licensing courses will often discuss just what is required in terms of meeting specific deadlines, and knowing what you’ll be expected to do is important before you enroll.

If you’ll keep these things in mind, you should be able to determine exactly what it is that you need from the online real estate licensing courses. Then, using sites like Colibri Real Estate and online reviews and comparisons of the programs, you’ll be able to track down the program that works best for you. From there, you’ll be on your way to a future that will reward you in more ways than you might realize.

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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