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Comparing the 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Idaho

Last updated on March 17, 2022

Online Real Estate Schools in Idaho

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

To successfully start a career in real estate, there are a few requirements you need to meet. 

One of those requirements is completing 90-hours of real estate education from an Idaho Real Estate Commission-approved school. 

But with everything that’s been going on in the world, who has the time to attend classes?

Luckily, there are online real estate schools.

Online real estate school makes preparing for your real estate exam seem like a breeze. Plus, you get to be the boss of your own schedule.

Now, there are hundreds of providers online all claiming to offer “high-quality” instruction. 

But how can you know which schools are good and which are bad?

Below, we’ve made a list of the best online real estate schools in Idaho to help you make the best decision possible for your education.

5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Idaho

The top 5 best online real estate schools in Idaho listed below are state-approved in Idaho and are 100% online.

  1. Idaho Real Estate School
  2. EnVision
  3. Idaho Online Real Estate Academy
  4. Professional Real Estate School
  5. Western Magic Valley Realtors

Let’s check them out to see which one suits you best!

Idaho Real Estate School

Online Real Estate Schools in Idaho chart1

Idaho Real Estate School offers both in-person and online classes through Zoom for real estate pre-licensing courses.

Their online classes are taught by friendly and professional instructors who have been in the real estate industry for years. 

With the intent to prepare you for the real world, their pre-licensing Module 1 is specially created to ensure that you have a solid foundation on real estate principles and a fundamental concept on real estate practices and terminologies.

They have also included the basic real estate skills in the 2nd Module of the course program, so you can practically apply your knowledge on valuation, listing, selling and buying, and closing transactions. 

With this school, you can be sure that you will be informed about all things real estate. 

Online Real Estate Schools in Idaho EnVision

Jumpstart your real estate career with successful real-world instructors!

Envision Real Estate School and Consulting, Inc. now offers online live streaming classes in Idaho.

They will provide you with the training you need to pass your pre-licensing exam through their Idaho-approved real estate modules. These modules reflect the frequently encountered challenges of a realtor.

EnVision’s Real Estate Module 1 is designed to help real estate beginners get a solid foundation by learning its fundamental concepts. 

Real Estate Module 2, on the other hand, is designed to teach you how to successfully apply these concepts when listing, selling, buying, and closing residential properties.

EnVision has a pass rate of 87%-93% for state and national exams, which is well above average.

With EnVision, you can rest assured that you can achieve your real estate goals!

Online Real Estate Schools in Idaho Idaho Online Real Estate Academy

Idaho Online Real Estate Academy offers an IREC-approved real estate pre-license course delivered through Zoom.

All you need is your device (computer, tablet, or phone) with a camera and mic, an internet connection, and you’re all set.

Their pre-licensing course consists of 2 modules designed for beginners in the real estate industry. Both Modules 1 and 2 are created to focus on helping you build a strong real estate foundation and equip you with the necessary knowledge to start a successful career in real estate.

For around $650, you get the complete 90 hours of instruction. The course material is a mix of textbooks and professional interaction.

Each class is 4 hours long with a 10-minute break every hour that runs from Monday to Thursday. 

In addition, 100% attendance and a 70% exam score or higher are mandatory for you to get a completion certificate.

Further, you can check their Idaho Online Real Estate Academy website to sign up and get updated Zoom class information.

One thing you should note is that a minimum number of 15 students is required for each class. A full refund will be given if there are less than 15 students within a week before the registration deadline. 

Online Real Estate Schools in Idaho Professional Real Estate School

Professional Real Estate School strives to empower real estate agents by developing and honing their skills to survive and thrive in the real estate business.

They offer new agent classes with the state-required 90-hour pre-licensing course in 3 ways: in an interactive classroom, live in-person classes, and remote live classes through Zoom.

Taking their Zoom classes to get ready for your pre-licensing exam is highly recommended since it is more convenient.

Professional Real Estate School’s Module 1 is a course study of the fundamental concept in real estate, while Module 2 is all about the study of knowledge and applied skills listing, selling, buying, and closing property. 

Now, that’s a good way to start since you will have all the basic knowledge needed to succeed in real estate!

Another great thing about them is that they have free study sessions if you need more help preparing for your state and national licensing exams. This additional feature will almost guarantee you to pass the licensing exam on the first try.

Plus, they are a state-certified real estate course provider since 2002, making them one of the pioneer real estate schools in Idaho.

Online Real Estate Schools in Idaho Western Magic Valley Realtors

Take the first step in your real estate career with Western Magic Valley Realtors!

Western Magic Valley Realtors is a real estate education provider that helps support its members pursue a career in real estate by providing them with quality education services.

You can sign up for their pre-license classes offered twice a year by attending a live class, going remote through Zoom, or get your real estate education by blending live and Zoom classes.

Honestly, the best way to go forward and get started is to enroll and attend their pre-licensing course through Zoom. Doing so will save you plenty of time and money intended for your commute. 

All you need to have is a tablet, a notebook, or a computer with audio and video capabilities and a quiet space with no distractions and you are good to go. Mobile phones, however, are not allowed.

You also need to log in a couple of minutes earlier than scheduled as latecomers will no longer be permitted to join. A 100% attendance is also required.

Their pre-license course costs $350 per module with an additional $14 convenience fee upon signing up. This is quite a good deal- since your payment for the pre-license course is per module, you don’t have to pay in full one time.

Idaho Online Real Estate Schools FAQs

Can I Get a Real Estate License Online in Idaho?

Idaho allows you to complete your real estate pre-licensing courses online. But in order to process your license, you need to take the licensing examination in person at any of the Idaho registered test centers. 

What are the Requirements for a Real Estate License in Idaho?

This is the requirement checklist for a real estate license in Idaho:

  •          Completely Filled-out Salesperson Application Form (Form REE-040)
  •          A high school diploma or an equivalent
  •          You must be at least 18 years old
  •          Complete the Module 1 and Module 2 pre-license course
  •          Your background check and fingerprints
  •          Idaho and national salesperson license exams
  •          An active status Errors & Omissions insurance
  •          Proof of legal presence in the US

How Much Does Online Real Estate School in Idaho Cost?

The required two modules for a pre-licensing requirement can range from $200 - $650, depending on the provider you choose.  

How Long Does Online Real Estate School in Idaho Take? 

You are required to complete a 90-hour pre-licensing course. 

In a traditional classroom, this will usually take 4-6 months to complete. Online schools, on the other hand, take about 2-3 months to complete.


By enrolling in an online real estate school, you have the freedom to complete your pre-licensing course at your most convenient time. 

The five schools we reviewed above will give you all the information and training you need to start your real estate career the right way. 

Good luck!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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