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Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Maine

Last updated on September 9, 2021

Online Real Estate Schools in Maine

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Do you want to start a career in real estate but don't know where to begin? 

Finding the best online real estate school in Maine is a challenge for every budding real estate agent. You’ll be overwhelmed by the number of choices.  

If only there was a guide that would help you pick the best online real estate schools in Maine.

You’re in luck! 

This article is that guide. 

Aside from listing down the 5 best online real estate schools in Maine, I will also give a short review of each one. This way, you’ll know which one will suit you the most. 

Plus, we’re going to talk about continuing education courses. So there’s something for everyone here, whether you’re an aspiring real estate agent or you want to renew your license. 

Let’s get to it!

The Rundown: Top 5 State-Approved Real Estate Schools in Maine

Here is a list of the 5 best online real estate schools in Maine:

  1. Mbition
  2. McKissock’s 100% Education
  3. Real Estate Institute of New England
  4. The CE Shop
  5. Center for Real Estate Studies

In Maine, a career in real estate may grant you an average of $37,000 annually. However, this value may increase up to $75,000 if you have the right expertise! The first step in ensuring a successful career is enrolling in a reputable school. 

To help you with your research, I listed down five state-approved real estate educators in Maine. (You must enroll in a state-approved school to avoid complications in the future.)

Now, let’s review these online schools. 


Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Maine Mbition

Mbition is one of the best online real estate schools out there. They have been in the real estate industry for more than 50 years!

They have a very organized way of teaching, so the curriculum is beginner-friendly. 

They also provide helpful supplemental study materials, which gives them the edge over their competitors. 

Mbition’s way of teaching is very interactive. If you are easily bored and you prefer learning the fun way, Mbition is the school for you! 

It has virtual classrooms with forums so you can personally ask your instructors questions. 

However, one thing you should note about Mbition is that the course materials expire after 6 months. Unfortunately, you need to pay extra bucks to extend your access.

Furthermore, Mbition only gives you two chances to pass the final exam. If you still fail after these two tries, you have to contact your course administrator.

In Maine, Mbition offers the National Real Estate Exam Prep at around $60. You can also take the National Exam Prep Package for about $130! Take these courses to ace your licensing exam.

For continuing education, they offer the Going Green Elective Renewal Package at around $170. Visit the Mbition website for more details!

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Maine McKissock

If you want to grow further in your career, McKissock is the school for you! This institution offers Maine real estate continuing education for those who already have their licenses.

McKissock is an established name in the real estate industry. This is because they have already helped over 2 million people obtain various trade licenses. How cool is that?

However, McKissock has a few shortcomings to take note of. 

First, their website does not have a live chat feature. This is a bummer when you have an urgent concern.

Second, they also don’t offer exam preparation courses. You would have to prepare for your exams on your own. 

Lastly, you would have to purchase the more expensive packages if you want to live-instructor sessions.

If you don’t mind any of those and want a school that offers one of the best CE courses, then McKissock could be the school for you! 

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Maine Real Estate Institute of New England

Although this school was established way back in 1991, it still impresses by how it managed to stay current and informed. 

This school has been in the industry for a very long time, so I guess it’s safe to say they are trustworthy. They provide courses for Maine real estate pre-licensing and continuing education.

This school will be your best bet if you are interested in appraisal. The Real Estate Institute of New England offers all the three classes needed for an Appraisal Trainee License!

Moreover, this school may also help you jumpstart your career as a home inspector with their home inspector classes. 

With their live online classes, you have the benefit of having a live instructor while studying the course from the comfort of your home. How awesome is that?

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Maine The CE Shop

The CE Shop’s sky-high passing rates are pretty impressive — they boast a 90% passing rate nationwide! If you value rankings and want to receive top-tier education, you should enroll in this school. 

Student success is the top priority of The CE Shop. They achieve this through their user-friendly online interface and proficient instructors.

However, this school needs to improve the quality of its content. Its review materials contain a minimal amount of spelling and punctuation errors. Also, their content may be repetitive.

If those don’t matter that much to you, then definitely check The CE Shop out!

Note: They only offer continuing education courses in Maine. So if you want to take a pre-licensing course, you won’t find it here. 

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Maine Center for Real Estate Studies

This real estate school promises to help students figure out their future careers. If you need help in decision-making, the Center for Real Estate Studies will help you find the perfect fit. 

Their special highlight is that they offer a free career counseling session to their potential students. This will help future real estate agents get a glimpse of the career they are getting into. 

If you are unsure of what path to take in the future, this school can surely give you a sneak peek of what’s in store for you!

CRES offers a Maine sales agent online course for around $400. They also offer continuing education courses if you want to learn more about your career!

If you need help with your law exam, don’t fret! CRES also offers Maine Law Exam Prep Materials at around $140.

One important thing to note. Since we’re talking about online, you will only be able to study their Maine sales agent course online. The rest you will have to take in person. 

Maine Online Real Estate School FAQS

Can I Get a Real Estate License Online In Maine? 

Maine real estate examinations are administered through Person Vue

To take the exam, you must make a reservation first. You can do this through the Person Vue website or over the phone.

Moreover, remember to bring your certificate of completion to the testing center to ensure a smooth process!

Keep in mind that you need a score of at least 75% to pass. Also, you must pass the real estate license examination within one year of completing your course.

What are the Requirements for Online Real Estate School in Maine?

The Maine Real Estate Commission requires a 55-hour curriculum which must include:

  • Industry Overview
  • Maine Real Estate Commission
  • Product Knowledge
  • Property Valuation and the Appraisal Process
  • Agency Relationships
  • Federal and State Laws Governing Real Estate Activities
  • Financing the Transaction
  • Contracts
  • Closings

Is It Better To Take Maine Real Estate Classes Online or In-Person?

Both options will do, and I encourage you to take what you think will work best for you. 

However, I prefer online classes since it is more convenient. 

With online real estate classes, you do not have to leave the comforts of your home. You can also study at your own pace and use any preferred device.  

However, ensure that your environment is conducive to learning. Remember to check your internet connection stability so that you won't get disconnected from your classes. 

How Much Does Online Real Estate School In Maine Cost?

Here is a close approximation of online real estate education costs in Maine:

  • License Fee: $121
  • Pre-License Education: $450

The approximate total is $571. Remember to save up enough money to avoid future hassle!

Final Thoughts on the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Maine

I hope I answered all of your questions regarding online real estate education in Maine! With the right attitude and ambition, you can secure a successful career. Remember to check out the schools I listed to jumpstart or continue your real estate journey!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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