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Comparing The 7 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan

Last updated on November 22, 2022

Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan

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So I hear you want to start a career in real estate.

Regardless of whether you’re looking at doing it part-time or full-time, getting your real estate license is a must.

The road to getting licensed may take months – from taking the licensing course, passing the real estate exam, and getting sponsored by a brokerage. 

Choosing which online real estate school to take is a crucial decision. 

This article helps you with making that choice.

Considering different factors such as price, platforms, and packages, I’ve put together a list of the best online real estate schools in Michigan. 

By the time you finish reading it, you’ll have a better idea of which online real estate school best suits you.

Let’s begin.

The 7 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan

These are the 7 best online real estate schools in Michigan:

Let’s review these online schools to see which one is for YOU. 

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Considered to be the top online real estate school, Colibri Real Estate offers packages in four tiers. 

The basic package to get a new license contains 40 hours of licensing content, state-approved instructor support, and three real estate books. 

The instructional materials are presented in a way that’s easy to follow. 

If there are topics that you may have difficulty with, there’s always the option of getting in touch with a state-approved instructor by phone or email.

If you’re the type of person who works better in an environment with more interaction, you can also opt for their LiveStream packages

These packages give you the chance to experience Q&A sessions with instructors and engage with other students.

Colibri Real Estate was established in 1996. It is currently accredited in over 40 states and is certified by both ARELLO and IDECC.

McKissock Learning

Finding the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan McKissock

As Colibri Real Estate’s sister company, it uses the former’s platform for pre-licensing requirements.

McKissock Learning allows you to take various courses at the time and at the pace that works for you. 

It also offers one-on-one instructor assistance should you have questions or clarifications about some materials.

What sets McKissock Learning apart from Colibri Real Estate, however, is its Continuing Education Packages

They offer various packages that cover the requirements for license renewal. It also gives you access to all CE courses in Michigan at a fraction of the cost.

Aceable Agent

Finding the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan Aceable Agent

Different from other online real estate schools, Aceable Agent only offers one package. 

Their instructional materials include a summary at the end of each level, allowing you to do a self-check to see if you have learned the essential information.

Aside from the standard 40-hour required education, Aceable‘s package also includes the Ultimate Exam Prep Guide. It gives further instruction on questions that you got wrong on the practice tests.

But what sets Aceable Agent apart is an app that allows you to take your pre-license courses on the go. 

It also automatically syncs with your Apple or Android device so you can pick up where you left off.

Students are sent instructional support seven days a week through email. This gives you direct access to master instructors. 

With all the inclusions, Aceable Agent‘s package is a bit more expensive – a bit north of $250. 

It does, however, often go on sale. If you time it right, you can get it for less than $200.


Finding the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan Mbition

Mbition’s packages have everything you need to begin your real estate career.

They give you a study plan customized to your learning needs, based on which types of questions you have difficulty with. 

Your study time becomes more efficient because you get to focus on areas that need more attention.

There are also several prep courses offered to help you get a feel of the actual licensing exam.

The package for a new license already includes the MathMaster program, but instructional materials to help prepare for the exam are only received if you purchase their middle-tier package.

If you want to go the distance and become a real estate broker, Mbition can help you prepare for that as well.


Finding the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan Kaplan

With 75 years of exam preparation experience under their belt, Kaplan offers three packages ranging from $199 to just under $400. 

The basic package includes 40 hours of instruction and unit exams. These can help you identify areas that need additional study.

Kaplan offers a Career Launcher Package designed to support individuals after passing the pre-licensing exam. 

It also includes Real Estate Accelerator, a live online course that covers business and marketing strategies where students can interact directly with the instructor.

Michigan Institute of Real Estate

Finding the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan Michigan Institute of Real Estate

Established in 1985, the Michigan Institute of Real Estate boasts of 35 years of providing education for aspiring real estate agents and brokers. 

All packages they offer include the 40-hour content, a video cram course, and a one-on-one coaching session.

The 40-hour material is delivered three ways. You can choose to complete it through an online, self-paced course, a virtual classroom, or home study.

The CE Shop

Finding the Best Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan The CE Shop

The CE Shop offers three packages, all containing the 40-hour required education and unlimited practice exams as part of the state and national exam prep. 

Middle and top-tier packages include Business Building Courses and an 18-hour MI Renewal Package respectively.

As the name implies, The CE Shop’s strength lies in its continuous education. Presently, they have the most number of continuing education courses online.

With these courses, you’ll be able to satisfy the required course to renew your Michigan license. 

Michigan Online Real Estate School FAQs

Is It Better To Take Real Estate Classes Online or In-Person?

Both Online and In-Person Real Estate classes come with their own set of advantages.

Online classes often work best for those looking at going into real estate as a side gig, as it allows them to work around their schedules. 

But even if you are doing this to start a full-time career, going through classes online still has several benefits that you can enjoy.

Flexibility and convenience are strong selling points for online real estate classes. 

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the courses through any device from home, the office, or even while commuting. 

Online courses are usually less expensive than in-person classes. Plus you do not spend on transportation and materials. It also saves you time because you do not have to miss work to complete it.

That said, if you want a lot of instructor support and social interaction, in-person classes may be more to your taste. 

How Much Does Online Real Estate Schools in Michigan Cost?

The state licensure examination fee in Michigan costs around $88. This is on top of the required pre-licensing education, which averages around $230. 

Of the online schools in this article, the most affordable option is Colibri Real Estate, which costs just under $180. The Michigan Institute of Real Estate is the most expensive at slightly below $300. 

How Long Does Online Real Estate School in Michigan Take?

The length of time it takes someone to finish online real estate school may vary. It depends on how long it takes them to complete the required 40 hours of Pre-Licensing education.


Going into real estate requires time and effort. Choosing an online school that suits your needs and preferences plays a big part in your success. 

Study what the different schools offer and pick the one that feels right for you. This ensures that you will have the best experience possible.

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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