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The 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Mississippi (Reviews & Comparisons)

Last updated on February 6, 2023

Online Real Estate Schools in Mississippi

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Real Estate is one of those industries that has consistently grown despite changes in the economy.

It’s no shocker that millions of Americans are looking into becoming real estate agents to supplement their income.

Regardless of why you’re doing it, becoming a real estate agent brings loads of benefits in more ways than one.

Being your own boss, working when you want, no suit and tie — the list goes on and on.

In this article, I’ll go over the best online real estate schools in Mississippi, guaranteed to provide you an excellent learning experience from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s get into it.

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Mississippi

The top picks in Mississippi are:

  1. Colibri Real Estate
  2. The CE Shop
  3. Burk Baker School of Real Estate & Appraising
  4. Mississippi Realtors Institute
  5. Real Estate Training Institute

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

A school well known across the country, Colibri Real Estate has provided thousands of students with all sorts of real estate courses over the years.

With a focus on pre and post-licensing, Colibri Real Estate has created an interactive, engaging, and intuitive course that stands out amongst other online offerings.

Integrated with videos, audio clips, and animations, this course makes learning easier by keeping the material fresh. In turn, it helps in grinding out the 60-hours required in Mississippi.

Their course is also one of the most affordable options, as they provide you a range of packages to suit your wallet and learning needs.

From the most basic package that includes the required standard learning materials to their plus packages which have helpful tools to make learning easier and efficient. Colibri Real Estate has an option for every type of learner.

Their parent company, McKissock, provides continuing education (CE) completely online, giving you an easy way to keep up with your required study courses after you get your license.

So with an exceptional course structure and immense experience in the online real estate game, this school is perfect no matter where you are in your real estate career.

Here is an inside look at Colibri Real Estate:

Check It Out Here

The CE Shop

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Mississippi (Pre, Post-Licensing, and CE) The CE Shop

Boasting a 96% pre-licensing pass rate, The CE Shop has an impressive real estate track record.

Providing you a free trial to get a taste of their course beforehand, The CE Shop has been a staple of the online real estate scene since its inception.

Priding itself on its interactivity, this school’s course has a whole host of features from flashcards to real estate dictionaries that provide you with that extra push.

Their content is regularly updated to keep it in stride with the rules and regulations in Mississippi. So, you don’t need to worry about unknown questions in the final test.

They also provide exceptional customer service available 24/7 to attend to any burning questions you may have about the course and licensing process.

However, the course only gives you a 1-month extension if you need more time. This means you’ll only have 7 months to complete it as opposed to Mbition’s maximum of 9 months.

Regardless The CE shop is still an exceptional option for aspiring agents in Mississippi.

Here’s an in-depth look at the course:

Check The CE Shop Here

Burk Baker School of Real Estate & Appraising

Burk Baker Real Estate

Burk Baker is based in Louisiana. However, thankfully, they also offer approved online courses in Mississippi.

Besides pre-licensing, they also have approved continuing education courses. So you can study with this school throughout your real estate career — not just the beginning of it. 

Burk Baker was built in 1981 by Buker Baker. Throughout the decades, the school is known for giving engaging and hands-on learning experiences to aspiring real estate agents. 

The 60-hour package is a little over $200, so it’s competitively priced like the schools on this list. If you ask us, this is already a good deal considering their popular name and many years of experience. 

The course also comes with a few additional resources. There’s a short quiz at the end of each lesson to help you refresh your memory. If you have any questions, you can easily reach out to their customer service.

The only downside is that you cannot mix and match pre-licensing topics. The school also lacks other options to choose from in terms of packages. 

Nonetheless, their single package is all you need to complete your pre-licensing courses. Plus, it’s affordable, too! 

You can take their courses by creating an account and viewing it on a browser. 

Check It Out Here

Mississippi Realtors Institute

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Mississippi (Pre, Post-Licensing, and CE) Mississippi Realtors Institute

This course will teach you all the ins and outs of real estate in the state of Mississippi.

Providing a standard online experience, this course includes all the basic necessities required to pass the final test.

However, it doesn’t provide you with interactive flashcards or special learning tools like the other courses on this list.

This can be difficult if you’re looking for an easy-to-do learning experience.

However, this course does shine in that it provides you with content that is thoroughly focused on the Mississippi real estate market, which is great if you’re planning to practice in the state.

Also, due to its bare-boned nature, it isn’t anything that would break the bank and is certainly much cheaper than any in-person options available.

Check It Out Here

Real Estate Training Institute

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Mississippi (Pre, Post-Licensing, and CE) Real Estate Training Institute

Offering both live zoom-based and completely online learning courses, the Real Estate Training Institute provides you with multiple learning methods to choose from.

The zoom-based course allows you to instantly engage with your instructors, and socialize with classmates, which is a plus, considering the importance of connections in real estate.

However, tools and extra features are not a part of this course.

Their website and course design also aren’t the best and you’ll probably have to contend with some minor technical difficulties here and there.

But if you want to enjoy the benefits of in-person learning along with the convenience of online study, then you may want to consider their course offerings.

Check It Out Here

Online Real Estate School Mississippi – FAQs

Am I Eligible For a Real Estate Licence in Mississippi?

To be eligible to take a real estate pre-license course you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of Mississippi before applying
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must complete the 60-hour pre-licensing course
  • Pass the final test
  • Submit a background check
  • Work under the supervision of a broker

Note – Felons can still obtain a real estate license but they must first request permission from the Mississippi Real Estate Commission.

Do I Need To Take a Post-Licensing Course in Mississippi?


Mississippi demands all-new license holders to complete a 30-hour post-licensing course within 1 year of obtaining a license.

Failure to complete this course can result in license suspension.

Thankfully, all the options listed above provide both pre and post-licensing courses in Mississippi.

Should I Take an Online or In-Person Real Estate Course?

Both online and in-person courses have their own unique advantages.

In-person courses provide you with a social working environment and direct access to your instructors, which can help build contacts and clarity.

However, in-person courses can be hard to take, especially if you’re doing real estate as a side gig. The rigid class schedules can make it difficult to attend.

This is where online courses shine, providing you with a convenient way to learn from your own home, whenever you want to.

This flexibility also comes in an affordable package, as online courses on average cost around $350 compared to in-person lectures that are often upwards of $500.

How Long Will The Real Estate Course Take?

As per Mississippi’s requirements, the pre-licensing course is a minimum of 60 hours while the post-licensing course is 30 hours long.


If you’re looking for the best schools to start your real estate journey, the above options are your best bet to hit the ground running and achieve sweet success.

Good luck!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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