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Comparing the 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico

Last updated on November 22, 2022

Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico

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Some people get into real estate as a full-time career, while others do it as a part-time gig. 

Whether you’re getting your license for the first time or renewing it, New Mexico has several requirements that you have to complete.

Online real estate schools can give you more flexibility when completing those requirements. On-demand classes allow you to go through it at your own pace. Online classes save you from travel time to and from a physical classroom.

This article has five online real estate schools in New Mexico. Knowing which ones are available for you opens up different options in your journey to becoming a real estate professional.

Read our list, and you’ll have a good idea about which online real estate school best suits you.

Here we go!

Th 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico

If you’re in New Mexico, here’s a list of the 5 best online real estate schools available:

  1. McKissock Learning
  2. The CE Shop
  3. Kaplan
  4. NM Real Estate Academy
  5. VanEd

Let’s take a deep look at these schools to help you determine which one is for YOU. 

McKissock Learning

Best Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico for Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education McKissock

With more than 250 courses, you are likely to get what you need from McKissock Learning

They aim to provide quality education to people looking into building a successful career in real estate.

If you’re looking to renew your license and go above and beyond the requirements for Continuing Education, you can avail of McKissock's NM McKissock CE Plus Membership.

A more affordable option is their 24-Hour Renewal Package. It still gives you the hours you need for your license renewal for a lower price. It also allows you to customize your package by swapping some courses. 

Note: McKissock Learning doesn’t provide pre-licensing courses in New Mexico. 

Best Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico for Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education The CE Shop

The CE Shop boasts of a custom online learning solution called LEAP. This platform allows students to have a more engaging experience because of its interactive content.

You can access the content anywhere and anytime, making it extremely convenient. The CE Shop ensures their online content is regularly updated to keep up with any changes and observed industry trends. 

Two of the three 30-hour courses – Real Estate Principles and Practices and Real Estate Law – are available in The CE Shop. These already give you 60 of the 90-hour education requirement for an associate broker.

If you’re looking for Continuing Education, CE Shop also offers an elective package that can fulfill 24 out of the required 36 hours.

Here's an in-depth look at the course:

Best Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico for Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education Kaplan

Kaplan offers the Essential Associate Broker Licensing Package. It covers the 90-required hours, comes with a complete set of prep tools, and includes a weekly interactive study group. 

An exam-focused review course is an additional feature of the premium package.

Kaplan’s real estate classes are delivered through online videos, live online classes, or a mix of both.

For Continuing Education, Kaplan offers almost twenty core and core-elective courses with various costs, depending on the topic and the number of CE hours you can earn. 

Another option is their Build-Your-Own CE Package, which earns you 12 credit hours for under $170. The courses are taught in different ways – live online classes, text-based online, or textbook home study.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico for Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education NM Real Estate Academy

CNM Ingenuity - approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission - is the brand behind NM Real Estate Academy. They offer courses for both pre-licensing and continuous education.

You can take the three 30-hour pre-licensing courses over ten weeks through the Real Estate Prelicensing Series

All classes are self-paced, but assignments are released and due on specific dates during the ten weeks.

If you want more flexibility in schedules, you can opt to take the three courses separately. This option, however, turns out to be more expensive than buying the bundle.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico for Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education VanEd

If you have completed your primary pre-licensing coursework, VanEd can help you prepare for the exam. For less than $60, their exam prep already comes with practice tests, topic reviews, and interactive exercises.

You can also take several courses for Continuing Education, including the mandatory USPAP 7-Hour Update Course. 

What’s more, VanEd offers a menu of real estate training courses for professional development. These allow you to stay current with industry trends so you can build better relationships with clients and customers. 

On the other hand, professional development courses will not add to your CE hours and cannot be used to renew your license.

Study support is always available in VanEd. They ensure their instructors are available by phone or email.

Note: VanEd does NOT have pre-licensing courses for New Mexico available. They DO have an exam prep for the pre-licensing exam, though. This is to help you prepare for it and pass on your first try. 

New Mexico Online Real Estate School FAQs

Are Real Estate Classes Better Taken Online or In-Person?

Both Online and In-Person Real Estate classes come with their own set of advantages.

In-person classes ensure a high level of engagement due to social interaction with the instructor and other students. Some prefer these types of classes since it allows them to have their work checked by instructors in real-time. 

Another advantage of in-person classes is they allow students’ questions to be immediately answered. Several online real estate schools, however, have established systems to make online support available for students.

On the flip side, flexibility and convenience are strong selling points for online real estate classes. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the courses through any device from home, the office, or even while commuting. 

Being self-paced, you can also go as slow or as fast as you want.

Online courses are usually less expensive than in-person classes. Plus, you do not spend on transportation and materials. 

Because it allows people to work around their schedules, online classes are often preferred by those who want to go into real estate as a side gig. 

But even if you are doing this to start a full-time career, going through classes online gives several advantages that are hard to beat. 

How Much Does Online Real Estate Schools in New Mexico Cost?

The courses offered by online real estate schools in New Mexico have varied costs.

For pre-licensing courses, you can find bundles anywhere from $800 to $1,000, depending on what the package includes. Individual courses are usually below $300.

Prices for Continuing Education courses have a wide range. Some are as low as a little over $30, while others are just shy of $250.

How Long Does Online Real Estate School in New Mexico Take?

The length of time it takes someone to finish online real estate school may vary. 

For pre-licensing, some online real estate schools offer a 10-week course. It already allows you to complete the required 90 hours of education.

Of course, if you want more flexibility, you can always take the three 30-hour courses separately. 

For Continued Education, it depends on how fast or slow you can complete the various courses available.


Figuring out which school best fits you play a big part in your success. Going into real estate requires time and effort, so it’s better to choose a school that gives you the most advantages.

To make sure that you have the best experience possible, study what the different schools have to offer and pick the one that feels right for you.

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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