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Online Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania (Best in 2021)

Last updated on June 11, 2021

Online Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Are you working toward getting your real estate license in Pennsylvania?

If you’re looking for a real estate school, you’ve probably realized that they can be expensive. The course schedules can be inconvenient as well. 

Good news! You can now enroll in an online real estate school!

You can complete your 75-hour pre-licensing credits and qualify for the PA real estate exam with a state-approved online real estate school.

That said, learn more about the best online real estate schools in Pennsylvania this 2021. 

The Best Online Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania

These are the best 5 online real estate schools:

These online real estate schools are a cut above the competition in terms of course content, learning tools, and pricing.

So let’s now review them one by one. 


Online Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania (Best in 2021) AceableAgent

As one of the newer online real estate schools, AceableAgent offers some of the most modern, innovative learning tools.

Their pre-licensing courses are 100% online, and you can work through them at your own pace. Though the course is remote, AceableAgent makes sure to keep your focus with interactive fun through games and simulations. 

The online exams are a combination of multiple-choice and sorting. For a more interactive approach, open-ended questions are included. It’s also possible to view other students’ answers. 

The study tools, such as the study guide, pop-up quizzes, and chapter summaries are beneficial for preparing for the final exam.

AceableAgent also offers unparalleled support. Each student is assigned an accredited real estate instructor to contact for further assistance through email from Monday through Friday. 

In addition, a reliable student support team is available five days a week to answer any questions about your license and/or technical issues.

You can even enroll in AceableAgent 100% risk-free with their “Ace the Test Guarantee.” Pass the real estate license exam in three attempts, or they will give you a full refund.

For a tech-savvy approach to online real estate education, we recommend the AceableAgent Pennsylvania Pre-licensing course at around $230.

Online Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania (Best in 2021) Mbition

Mbition has offered top-rated real estate education for over half a century, honing thousands of real estate agents across the US.

They have one of the most well-designed, self-paced courses out there. And, you get access to learning tools like the Progress tracker and Time Management tool. 

One unique feature of Mbition is its MathMaster program, which makes it easy to learn about real estate math, financing, and valuations.

Mbition offers three (3) Pre-licensing packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All packages include instructor and technical support and the MathMaster Program. 

For additional exam prep and a money-back guarantee, go for the Gold or Platinum packages. For an additional printed course textbook, we recommend the Platinum package.

What’s more, they have an online library that makes it easy for students to access even more references, including real estate ebooks and printed textbooks.

Online Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania (Best in 2021) Real Estate Express

For flexible online real estate school packages, we recommend Real Estate Express.

If you’d prefer to sign up for individual classes, you can enroll in either the 30-hour Pennsylvania Fundamentals course or the 40-hour Pennsylvania Real Estate Practices.

To get value for your money, though, we recommend you choose one of Real Estate Express’ pre-licensing courses in Pennsylvania:

  • The Basics
  • Exam Preparation
  • Exam Preparation Plus
  • Ultimate Learning

All these packages include the 30-hour fundamentals PL course and a 45-hour real estate practices course. You’ll also get exclusive access to state-approved instructor support, three real estate ebooks, and interactive learning tools, including audio, text, video, and animations. 

You can go for the Exam Prep packages for additional exam simulations and a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee. 

The Exam Prep Plus package also includes a real estate dictionary and instructor Q&A, which are great if you want to ace the PA real estate exam.

Another great recommendation is the Ultimate Learning package –– it’s the best deal by far with exclusive access to a 90-day boot camp and 1-year professional development membership. You’ll also get a printed course textbook delivered right to your door.

Online Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania (Best in 2021) The CE Shop

For a simplified approach to online real estate education, check out The CE Shop.

All learning tools are available 100% online on any device, so it’s easy to finish the course anytime and anywhere.

The CE Shop offers four (4) pre-licensing courses. All include the 75-hour required PA PL courses and access to downloadable learning tools, quizzes, flashcards, webinars, ebooks, a real estate glossary, and a study schedule.

You’ll also find a practical use for The CE Shop Agent Essentials resource page. Here, you can get valuable career advice and updated industry news. 

They also have a live student forum that allows students to engage in discussions with fellow real estate instructors and teachers. 

While The CE Shop isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for an interactive course,  it’s still a good choice for practical and career-oriented real estate education.

Online Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania (Best in 2021) Kaplan

Are you looking for a fast and straightforward pre-licensing course? Kaplan Real Estate is one of the easiest ways to complete your PL credits.

You can opt for two (2) pre-licensing packages or individual PL courses (30-hour real estate fundamentals or 45-hour real estate practice). 

We recommend the pre-licensing packages for additional access to exam prep tools, including unlimited test retakes and the national and Pennsylvania-state Practice Qbank. 

The Interactive Study Group webinars are also valuable resources for passing the PA real estate exam.

Out of the two Kaplan packages, we highly recommend you get the Career Launcher Package. Though it does come with a more expensive price tag, you’ll get exclusive access to an 8-hour career course on real-world skills, tools, and practices.

Pennsylvania Online Real Estate School FAQs

How do I get a real estate license in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, real estate sales agents need to be 18 years old and a high school graduate (or its equivalent). After passing a background check, applicants should complete 75-hours of state-approved real estate education within five years.

You will also need to pass a 110-question real estate license exam, including PA and national real estate sections.

How long does it take to finish real estate school in Pennsylvania?

All aspiring Pennsylvania real estate salespersons need to complete 75 hours of pre-licensing courses.

This includes:

  • 30 hours of Real Estate Fundamentals
  • 45 hours of Real Estate Practices

Are online real estate courses worth it?

Completing your pre-licensing requirements online will definitely give you an edge in terms of convenience and flexibility. Almost all online real estate schools (like those on our list) offer 100% online and 24/7 access to learning tools on any device.

You wouldn’t want to spend 75-hours in a stuffy classroom. Not to mention the time you’ll spend getting there. With an online real estate school, you can manage learning in your free time, at your pace, and in the comfort of your home.


Online real estate schools provide a flexible and affordable alternative to completing your pre-licensing requirements in Pennsylvania. 

Some online real estate schools, such as the ones in this article, offer some of the most innovative learning tools in real estate education.

For convenient, affordable, and reliable real estate education, go for these 5 Best Real Estate Schools in Pennsylvania!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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