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Online South Carolina Real Estate License Course Reviews

Last updated on April 7, 2021

Online South Carolina Real Estate License Course Reviews

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Real estate is one of the most lucrative industries a person can enter into in the state of South Carolina if they’re looking for a comfortable and flexible career. With real estate, the sky is the limit in terms of how far you can take your career and your earnings, but the average salary for a licensed real estate salesperson within the state is around $39,000 per year. This number can quickly rise to above $100,000 with subsequent drive and experience in the field.

Before obtaining your South Carolina real estate license, you’ll want to choose the best courses not only to begin your career, but sustain your career, and this is best done by researching online South Carolina real estate license course reviews. These course reviews will give you insight into the type of experience you’re like to have, by taking a look into the experiences previous attendees of a particular program have had. Reviews will ensure you’re looking at an accredited program, and a program that works to provide for you a flexible experience teaching you in ways that best allow you to retain the information.

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What To Look For In Online South Carolina Real Estate License Course Reviews

When looking at reviews, and using reviews to determine which course is best for you, it pays to know just what to look for. With reviews, what you want to see is a high rating, but a high rating based on a large reviewer pool. A small pool that only shows a few reviews only shows a few experiences, and the rating might not be completely accurate. Perhaps those few folks had negative experiences, or very positive ones, but that might not show the experience of everyone from different walks of life. Like with any sort of poll, you want a large sample size to give you the most accurate result.

You also want to look for organic reviews, and reviews that sound legitimate. If the reviews are all written in the same style, they’re all left very vague, or they’re just “fishy” in some way, they might not be legitimate, and these experiences may not be able to be trusted. What you want to see is a nice large sampling of ratings, with a vast array of reviews written by different program participants outlining their different experiences.

Obtaining A South Carolina Real Estate License Online

Each state within the United States observes different requirements in obtaining a real estate license, and South Carolina is no exception. The requirements for obtaining a South Carolina real estate license are:

Meet the age requirement – First and foremost, an age requirement of 18 must be met before obtaining a South Carolina real estate license. While some states observe a requirement of 21, South Carolina is one that observes an age of 18. This lower age requirement can present a great opportunity for young people looking to forego a traditional 4 year college degree program for something more flexible that still results in a great career.

Have a high school diploma or GED – The next basic requirement is that a person must have a high school diploma or GED, in addition to being at least 18 years of age. If a person lacks a high school diploma or GED, they will need to earn this before beginning their South Carolina real estate license education.

Complete education – When you’ve found your chosen program, you’ll then need to complete 90 course credit hours. 60 credit hours will be spent in a unit I sales course, while 30 hours will revolve around a unit II advanced real estate principles course. In order to become a real estate broker in South Carolina, an additional 60 hours of education will be required.

Pass the exam – After completing your education courses, you’re then ready to take your exam. A great program, like that offered at Career Web School, will offer exam prep courses that leave you feeling prepared and confident walking into your South Carolina Real Estate License exam. Each time the exam is taken, it must be paid for and rescheduled again, making it no wonder why so many prioritize passing on their first try. With the prep offered by Mbition, you will walk into the exam knowing what to expect, and knowing that you can pass.

Continuing education – Passing your exam and obtaining your license isn’t the end of your South Carolina real estate license courses. Just like initial requirements, each state observes their own license renewal course requirements as well, and if you wish to keep your South Carolina real estate license in good standing, knowing these requirements is important. For South Carolina, real estate license holders must renew their licenses every 2 years by June 30th, by completing 8 continuing education hours broken up into 2 core education studies.

Choosing Your Program

For exam prep and continuing education courses, you want to make sure your chosen program is one that is going to leave you prepared. The benefit of choosing an online program is flexible, and Mbition offers both exam prep and continuing education in a way that works for your schedule, while still giving you all of the information and education you need. For busy working professionals either taking their exam for the first time while juggling another full-time job, or those working in the field of real estate and trying to keep their license in good standing, this flexibility allows you to complete what you need to complete without disrupting your work/life balance.

With South Carolina real estate license course reviews, you can begin your new career path in a way that is confident, smart, and informed. Using these first-hand experiences to determine what you can experience yourself from any given program provides you the benefit and peace of mind in knowing you have chosen not only the best program for you but the best program to prepare you for a bright future.

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