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Online Texas Real Estate License Exam Study Courses

Last updated on May 3, 2022

Online Texas Real Estate License Exam Study Courses

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The Texas real estate license exam is a must for those looking to pursue a career in real estate within the state of Texas. Real estate salespeople in Texas can expect to earn an average of $57,000 per year, with this number climbing up and over $100,000 per year with drive and experience, making it no wonder why this is a popular career choice particularly in today’s booming real estate market. For working professionals, the ability to take courses online to earn your Texas real estate licensure offers another option that works with your schedule to put you on a new career path with plenty of opportunity for growth.

For those of you who just want the quick answer, here are the online Texas real estate license exam study courses that I recommend the most:

Best Texas Online Real Estate Schools For 2023

The Requirements For Online Texas Real Estate Licensure

Before delving into the reasons for Texas real estate license exam study courses, I want to touch upon the requirements to obtain licensure within the state of Texas in the first place. Each state within the United States observes their own requirements for obtaining a real estate license, and Texas is no exception.

The requirements to obtain a real estate license in Texas are:

  • Be 18 years of age and a resident of Texas – The first and simplest requirement is the basic age requirement. While some states observe an age requirement of 21, Texas only observes an age requirement of 18, and this provides an alternative option for those young people looking to embark on a lucrative career path, but who may not be interested in a traditional 4 year college degree. On top of being 18 years old or older, a person will also need to be a legal resident of Texas before obtaining their license to practice real estate within the state.
  • Complete 180 hours of education – Texas has some of the most rigorous education requirements to become a licensed real estate salesperson, but this ensures that real estate professionals entering the field are fully prepared for all they will experience working in the field. These 180 hours of education are broken into 60 hours of real estate principles, 30 hours of law of agency, 30 hours of law of contracts, 30 hours of promulgated contracts forms, and 30 hours of real estate finance. These courses can be taken either online or in person.
  • Take your exam – After completing your education hours, you’ll then be ready to take your Texas real estate license exam. The Texas real estate license exam must be taken in person at an approved testing center, and it must be taken within a year of completing your course credit hours.

Who Needs To Take Texas Real Estate License Exam Study Courses?

It’s important to note that each time the Texas real estate license exam is taken, a person will have to pay to take the exam. The fee is not a one-time charge until you pass, and you may not begin your career or obtain your license until the exam has been passed and completed. As of January of 2016, new requirements have been implemented in regards to taking the Texas real estate license exam stating that if you fail to pass the exam 3 times, you will be required to take additional course credit hours before opting to take the test for a 4th time.

Because you are charged each time, and because 3 failures result in additional course credit requirements, it’s important to pass the test quickly and easily. Texas real estate license exam study courses give you your best opportunity to pass your exam on that first try, and this is through making sure you’re well-acquainted with all of the material you’ll need to know. Through AceableAgent, your exam study courses will cover the material that will be on the exam as well as practice tests you can use to gauge just how prepared you are, and these courses can be taken on your own time.

With online Texas real estate license exam study courses like those at AceableAgent, you won’t feel rushed or grasping at straws in terms of making sure you know the material. The study and the coursework is led by you in terms of time and absorption of information, and your course is complete when you feel confident and assured you’ll walk into your exam and pass with ease. Using these study courses, you’re not only less likely to need the additional credit hours, but you’re less likely to have to pay to take the exam twice, all while you learn at your own pace.

When you’re able to pass your exam quickly, you’re able to embark on your real estate career quickly. This allows you to get started in making a name and paving a path for yourself in Texas real estate, and your new life in a career with plenty of growth potential can begin right away.

Real Estate License Renewal In Texas

After passing your exam, you’re not finished with education in Texas real estate. You’ll also need to complete continuing education requirements throughout your career as a Texas real estate professional. By opting for a complete and comprehensive program like those at AceableAgent, you’ll be able to stick with a program you know and trust for your pre-licensure requirements, test prep, and continuing education courses as well. The benefits of this are numerous, and they eliminate that learning curve of switching from online program to online program.

Online Texas real estate license exam study courses help to further prepare you for not only your exam but your career as a Texas real estate professional. These courses may be added to pre-licensure packages or purchased separately as you see fit, and regardless of your package choice, they always make a welcome addition to any real estate education. With Online Texas real estate license exam prep courses, you can walk into your exam appointment with your head held high, knowing that you’re prepared for what is ahead of you and ready for your new career to begin.

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