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Online TX Real Estate License Course Reviews & Comparisons

Last updated on November 15, 2022

Online TX Real Estate License Course Reviews & Comparisons

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When you have a nickname like “the lone star state,” you know you’re in for an area of considerable size, and Texas certainly lives up to that. As the largest state in the country, there’s a lot of room for people to live, whether that’s in one of the big urban centers, such as Austin, or in smaller communities like Paris. But in some ways, having an area that large to live in can come with its own problems, such as finding the right place.

That’s where the real estate industry plays an important role, matching up people that want to buy a place for residential, business or even investment purposes with the properties that meet their needs. Realtors are the people that make these transactions happen, but it takes a special set of skills, interests, and attitudes in order to get into what can be a lucrative and often fulfilling career. Traditionally, it’s been rather difficult to break into this field, which is why there aren’t more realtors, but these days, if you’re in Texas, you have a lower barrier of entry, thanks to things like an online TX real estate license.

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This Is The Top Rated Online Real Estate Course In Texas

Why Real Estate?

Everyone needs somewhere to eat, sleep, work and live, regardless of whether they spend the majority of their time using computers to do things online. This is just as true in Texas as it is in California, the province of Ontario in Canada, or all the way to the other side of the world in a region like Hong Kong. But buying or selling property isn’t as simple as going to a store and picking something up from a shelf. Property ownership involves an intricate dance of exchanging substantial amounts of often “theoretical money” in the form of loans and mortgages, as well as ensuring that local financial laws are observed.

This is why a realtor is so important. This isn’t a typical 9-5 job that involves going into an office, working with other employees, answering to a boss, and doing the same thing, five days a week for a fixed salary at the end of the month. As a realtor, you are “your own boss,” working the hours that suit your needs and your clients. Your salary is as good as you are. As long as you are able to follow the developments of real estate in your area, have a knack for seeing opportunities, cultivate good business sense, and can work well with people who are looking to buy, sell or invest, you can have a promising career in this field, but it all starts with the online TX real estate license.

How To Get It

Because of the nature of the transactions in real estate, you can’t just decide to get into the business and start offering to sell properties. The nature of handling private financial information, large sums of money, and complex legal contracts all mean that realtors need to be government verifiable with a professional license approved and issued by the state.

This requires passing an exam in order to be issued the license and start working, and that entails learning the material required to pass that exam. The old way of doing this was fairly restrictive. You needed to go to a school somewhere within commuting distance to attend the classes. Of course, being classes, this meant you also needed to make sure your schedule was clear for the number of hours required to regularly attend during the day or night. Missing a class had a huge impact on your ability to complete the course and write the exam.

These days, you can now get an online TX real estate license, by learning the material on the Internet. That means that even people with existing professional, personal or family obligations can now find the time in their own personal schedule to learn the material. However, that means attending the right school to get an online TX real estate license, and we’ve taken the time to point out a few good choices that we have a lot of confidence in.

The Best Online Real Estate Course In Texas

AceableAgent Real Estate License Training

AceableAgent is based out of Austin, Texas and they have created the single best online real estate course. Their course was just created last year, so it is the freshest and up-to-date online real estate license course available.

AceableAgent is also the best option for those who plan to take their real estate course on the go and want to use a mobile device. Many other real estate license courses in Texas don’t even offer mobile-friendly versions, but AceableAgent has dedicated apps for every device and you can switch between devices seamlessly.

All in all, my highest recommended online real estate course is AceableAgent without hesitation.

Something A Bit More Simple

Colibri Real Estate is the course I signed up for a couple years ago and while it certainly got the job done, I definitely recommend this one for people who are looking for a “simple” course. Now when I say “simple” I don’t necessarily mean easy. I just mean that they don’t have multiple delivery formats, interactive features, fancy guest instructors, etc. It’s mostly just a text-based course. So, if you’re not looking for many frills, this remains a great option to go with.

Another advantage of Colibri Real Estate is the amount of time they’ve been around. They’ve had about 20 years of experience teaching real estate online and have built up quite a reputation with that experience.

So, if you’re looking for a good online real estate course that has decades of experience and offers a simple platform to deliver your learning material, Colibri Real Estate is something you should consider.

Real Estate Career Choice

For people that are interested in getting an online TX real estate license, or possibly branching out into other areas of the industry, Kaplan Real Estate Education is another good choice

. In addition to the realtor classes that people may be looking for, there are other career options here for people to explore. Home inspection, appraisal, contracting, and even other continuing education courses for further professional development are all available here.

This is a great option for people that want an online TX real estate license, and want to expand their knowledge of the industry beyond that. Even for established realtors, their professional development courses are a great way to get more advanced lessons in other aspects of the field.

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