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Pennsylvania Online Real Estate License Course Reviews

Last updated on February 7, 2023

Pennsylvania Online Real Estate Courses

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Signing up for a Pennsylvania online real estate license course is a very fast, simple, and straightforward process. The Real Estate Commission of Pennsylvania has approved several online courses so that you can study for your Pennsylvania real estate license exam from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. While you can still take your real estate license course in a classroom, the most popular option in Pennsylvania by far is taking your real estate class online. The online courses have proven to be effective with high student pass rates and excellent flexibility for those who continue to work a full-time job as they study for their real estate license.

The BIG Problem Pennsylvania Online Real Estate License Courses Are Having

While taking an online real estate course sounds great, unfortunately, there’s a big problem plaguing the online real estate training industry right now. These online real estate schools don’t want this information out there, but as you’ll find out, the big problem facing these online courses are coming to light. So what’s the problem? First, I have to give you a little bit of context.

Online real estate courses in Pennsylvania are nothing new. In fact, these online training programs have been around for about 2 decades. Now, what happened is, about 20 years ago, Pennsylvania decided to allow for online real estate education. All at the same time, every real estate training school wanted to get into this “new” way of serving customers and making money. They all basically developed their online course material at the same time.

Over time, these courses have become very outdated. For example, smartphones didn’t exist when these courses were first launched. And sure, these online schools have updated the courses to help students take the course from their mobile-devices. They may say “mobile friendly!” or “take the course from any device!” but what they don’t tell you is the experience of taking the course from your smartphone is awful. It’s glitchy, slow, the interface doesn’t seem to work properly, the course will crash, etc. In some of the worst case situations, you will only be able to take the course from a PC.

It isn’t just the platform these courses are built on that are outdated, either. The content itself has become so outdated that people are getting questions wrong on the real estate licensing exam due to studying outdated and incorrect information. Real estate has changed quite a bit in the past 20 years and the material is just a patchwork of updates, but unfortunately many of the updates have been overlooked.

In this remainder of this article, I’d like to go over what I believe are the top 3 online real estate license courses in Pennsylvania. While I’m not able to review every online real estate course in Pennsylvania, I can at least give you my opinions about the top 3.

The Best Online Real Estate License Courses In Pennsylvania

While there are probably other great real estate license courses you can take in Pennsylvania, these are the 4 highest quality courses that I can personally vouch for. Also, just as full disclosure, I don’t ever try to hide the fact that Colibri Real Estate is the course I personally used to study for my real estate license and so I am the most familiar with them and how the program works. Surprisingly, though, they are not my top choice!

The 4 Best Online Real Estate Courses In Pennsylvania

AceableAgent Pennsylvania Real Estate License Training

AceableAgent is, without a doubt, the absolute best online real estate course in Pennsylvania. They were just approved in Pennsylvania in 2019, making them the most recent certified online real estate course in the state. The fact that they are a newcomer actually makes them the best. Their course was built from the ground up and was just approved by the state government, meaning it is the most modern and up-to-date online real estate program you'll find in Pennsylvania. This course works the best on mobile devices as they have an actual app you can download. Of course, you can switch between devices at anytime, but if you plan on taking all or some of your real estate license training on a phone or tablet, this is definitely the course you should go with. No other online real estate course works so well on mobile-devices. In the end, what really matters is passing the course and passing your exam on the very first try. AceableAgent has the highest student pass rating in the industry. so you can be sure that AceableAgent really is the best course to go with, simply based on the numbers. This is who I would personally recommend to my closest friends and family.

VIDEO: Actual Course Content From AceableAgent

5 of 5 Stars
Colibri Real Estate review featured image

So, why did I personally choose Colibri Real Estate to study for my real estate license exam? Like you, I looked into a lot of different courses, but ultimately what sold me on Colibri Real Estate was their high student pass rate. Numbers don’t lie, and when I saw that Colibri Real Estate had the highest student exam pass rate out of any ohter online school I was looking at, I was sold. I unfortunately don’t have the current student pass rates for Colibri Real Estate but I believe they are still the highest in the industry in terms of student pass rates. I won’t claim the course is fun or exciting, but it does deliver all the information in a well organized way. I also opted for the textbooks which was a bit pricey but I think being able to highlight and take notes directly in the books was helpful. So, if you’re looking for one of the most popular online real estate courses in Pennsylvania with a very high student pass rate and a course I can personally vouch for, this may be your best option.

4.5 of 5 Stars
OnCourse Learning Review

OnCourse Learning is another very well known online real estate license school in Pennsylvania and they, too, boast a very high user pass rate. OnCourse Learning takes a bit of a different approach as they don’t really package their real estate courses in the same way as other schools. This is more of an alacarte style pricing model. While it’s nice to be able to pick and choose what you sign up for, be sure you take the required content and also be aware of what the TOTAL price will be after you sign up for everything. Often times, this is a bit more of an expensive option. The reason I listed OnCourse Learning as a top contender is because I believe it is one of the more modern online real estate courses you can take in Pennsylvania. The platform is up to date which can’t be said about many other courses. OnCourse Learning offers some of the best supplemental training guides, too. For example, if you aren't very good at math, you'll find their math sections much easier with their supplemental guides. Their Exam Prep xL is also a very unique practice exam program that curtails the questions to your specific needs. It identifies areas you are showing weakness in, and gives you more of those questions. If you plan on taking your course from mobile devices or tablets, you might want to consider OnCourse Learning as it is one of the best courses to use on mobile-devices.

VIDEO: Commercial From OnCourse Learning

4.5 of 5 Stars
Kaplan Real Estate Review Pennsylvania

While Kaplan Real Estate Education is a bit more expensive than the other options listed here, this is one of the best selling online real estate courses in Pennsylvania. What I like about Kaplan is their more personal touch. You get more readily available access to personal instructors than you do from most other courses. This online real estate course also boasts the most experienced and highest quality instructors. They even have some physical real estate schools so if you live near one of them, you can take a “hybrid” style course where you receive both online and classroom instruction. This is very helpful for those who typically don’t learn well in an independent atmosphere. Like Colibri Real Estate and AceableAgent they have a high student pass rate and are very well known in the industry as they’ve been in business for more than 70 years. One word of caution - while Kaplan does work on mobile-device like smartphones, this course is better when taken from a PC. If you plan on taking your course from a mobile-device, I highly recommend AceableAgent instead. If you don't mind taking your course from a PC, Kaplan will not only get the job done, but you'll also have access to some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the real estate training industry.

VIDEO: Actual Course Content From Kaplan Real Estate Education

4 of 5 Stars

Full List Of All Online Real Estate Courses Approved In Pennsylvania

While it is highly recommended that you stick with one of the above real estate courses in Pennsylvania, here is the full list of all state-approved online real estate schools you can sign up with. This list came directly from the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Page last updated on December 28th, 2019

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