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Comparing The 4 Best Online Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Hawaii (2023 Update)

Last updated on December 2, 2022

The Best Online Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Hawaii

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You’ve found your way here because you’re planning on starting a career as an appraiser in Hawaii. 

Perhaps you are looking for a financially rewarding job? Or a career that will allow you to be an expert in your field and later be your own boss? 

Whatever the reason, you must equip yourself with adequate knowledge and skills. This is why you’re required to study 75 hours of appraisal pre-licensing courses.   

Now, that might seem like a major inconvenience, especially if you’re working around a busy schedule. Well, you’ll be happy to know that you can take the courses online!

And in this article, we’re going to give you the 4 best real estate appraisal courses in Hawaii that are offered online. You can be sure that these online schools will provide you with quality education. 

So let’s learn about these 4 schools! 

Best Online Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Hawaii

Below are the 4 best real estate appraisal course providers:

Let’s see what each one has to offer.

McKissock Learning

The 4 Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Hawaii (2022) McKissock

McKissock Learning is the number one online appraisal school in the US for many reasons. 

For one, McKissock has been around for decades and has helped more than two million people achieve their real estate career goals. It’s also available in more states than any of its competitors. 

Its course offerings are approved and accredited and are some of the highest quality education programs available online. 

What’s more? They boast excellent customer service. 

McKissock’s team of instructors is just a call away whenever you need assistance with the program, or when you have questions regarding certain topics. 

And if you still have any doubt, they have more than 500,000 customer reviews from previous users, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. 

McKissock’s trainee packages are the most comprehensive in the market. 

Its basic bundle, which costs about $900, includes the 75-hour mandatory education, the Supervisory-Trainee course, and even a free five and seven-day study calendar. 

Its Advanced Pro package, which will set you back by about $1,150,  includes printed course textbooks as well as a weekly Q&A session with your instructor. 

Its Unlimited Learning Subscription bundle costs around $1,400 and gives you a year of unlimited access to professional development tools and resources that will help you jumpstart and advance your career. 

They also offer Livestream packages that are priced a little under $1600. And if you only need a specific course, you can purchase individual mandatory courses for around $200 (15-hour courses) to $400 (30-hr courses). Plus, they offer non-credit Webinars for additional learning.

The 4 Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Hawaii Appraisal Institute

Appraisal Institute is a professional association of appraisers with around 20,000 members from all over the world. It is a close network of appraisal professionals with the highest designations, such as MAI, SRPA, and SRA. 

AI is not an appraisal school but it offers both qualifying and continuing education courses that are approved in Hawaii by the Appraisers Board. 

Because the Appraisal Institute is a highly reputable institution and consists of experts in the field, you can count on the quality of the course materials they offer. Not only will you be able to learn the fundamentals, but you will also benefit from tips and industry secrets from their members. 

Appraisal Institute’s courses are available in different formats: virtual classes, synchronous, online, and webinars. AI has also begun to offer in-person classes. 

The downside, perhaps, with Appraisal Institute is that the website is quite inconvenient. 

Unlike other schools where you can purchase education packages that already include the courses you need, you will have to search for individual programs and confirm if they will meet your requirements. 

There is an advanced search option, however, which lets you find courses by filtering the fields, allowing you to even select your preferred instructor as well as price range.  

The 4 Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Hawaii (2022) Hondros

Hondros College has been around for more than 40 years. 

Unlike many real estate schools, Hondros College has partnered with other institutions to reach more aspiring real estate appraisers. 

Now, you can purchase the mandatory courses individually from around $300 to $400 each. 

However, if you want to save on fees, we recommend the school’s National Trainee Package. It costs around $900 and already includes the three qualifying courses for trainee appraisers.

Hondros College is also well-known for its Exam Prep offerings, namely the CompuCram and the Review Crammer, which cost about $150 and $250, respectively. 

CompuCram and the Appraisal Review Crammer are great secondary study tools to prepare you for the final appraiser exam.  

The 4 Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Hawaii (2022) eLicenseSchool

eLicenseSchool.com is an online real estate school with headquarters in Hacienda Heights, California. It offers comprehensive courses that help aspiring real estate appraisers learn the fundamentals and prepare for the industry.

Its entry-level trainee package costs around $795 and includes the mandatory 75-hour programs. If you wish to sign up for a Supervisor-Trainee course as well, you can pay an additional $99.  

You can also opt for add-ons such as hardcopy textbooks and state license exam prep materials. 

eLicenseSchool.com may not be as well-known as the rest of the schools mentioned above, but its previous and current users find its online course more enjoyable than live classes. Plus, users love that the school’s customer service is top-notch.  

There is a limited number of approved online appraisal qualifying courses in Hawaii. To see the full list of accredited programs, visit this page.

Real Estate Appraisal Courses FAQs

What are the requirements for a real estate trainee appraiser in Hawaii?

To qualify as a trainee appraiser in Hawaii, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years of age. 
  • You are a US citizen, national, or an alien authorized to work in the US.
  • No college-level education or prior work experience is mandatory for trainee applicants. 
  • You must complete 75 hours of qualifying education and a Supervisory-Trainee course. The 75-hour education requirement for trainees includes 30 hours each of Basic Residential Appraisal Procedures and Principles and a 15-hour USPAP course.
  • There is no state exam for trainees, but you must pass the final course examinations. 
  • To register as a trainee appraiser, apply to the state’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Professional and Vocational Licensing Division. Click here for the application form.

How much does it cost to become a real estate appraiser in Hawaii?

Depending on the qualifying courses you take, you will spend an average of $1,000-1,500 on fees. You will also need to pay $65 to $85 for registration costs. 

How long does it take to become a real estate appraiser in Hawaii?

It is fairly quick to become a real estate trainee appraiser in Hawaii. You can finish the qualifying courses in as fast as two weeks. 

To be state-licensed, however, you will need to complete an additional 75-hour education requirement and earn 1,000 hours of acceptable appraisal experience. It takes about a year to finish these requirements.  

Do real estate trainee appraisers make money in Hawaii?

Yes! At around $32,000, Hawaii has the 3rd highest average annual salary for trainee appraisers in the US. It is above the national average, which is at around $31,200. 


For us, McKissock is the overall best online appraisal school in the US. Of course, the Appraisal Institute, Hondros College, and eLicenseSchool also prepare you for the responsibilities that await you as a future appraiser.  

In a highly competitive profession, you need to have an advantage. And the best advantage is the right education.

So pick any of these best real estate appraisal courses in Hawaii and you’re sure to get the quality education you deserve. 

Good luck!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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