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The 4 Best Real Estate Companies to Work For in 2023

Last updated on December 2, 2022

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You’ve probably decided on starting a career in real estate, or perhaps you’ve already obtained your license. 

If so, you must be wondering where best to work as an agent. What is the best real estate company to work for?

This is an important question to ask because real estate requires knowledge and skills. And to succeed, you should work under a team that will give you the resources for that.  

With that in mind, we’re here to help you by listing the 4 best real estate companies to work for this 2023. We’ll tell you what each one provides and from there, you can decide which one will best suit YOU. 

So shall we? 

What are the 4 Best Real Estate Companies?

To help you determine the best real estate company to work for, we’ve reviewed 4 well-known brokerage firms based on reputation, commission structure, professional development, and growth opportunities. 

Before we look at each one in detail, below is a summary of our review:


Commission Split




Has a plethora of available training and professional education resources

Profit-sharing creates internal competition


The profit-sharing feature gives incentives to agents who actively recruit, without creating internal competition

Lack of in-person contact

*various commission splits

Customizable commission splits

Compensation structure may be challenging for new real estate agents


Irs easily recognizable branding helps agents secure buyer and seller leads

Limited growth opportunities for agents

4 Best Real Estate Companies to Work For (2021) Keller Williams

Keller Williams is one of the most reputable real estate companies in the US. Gary Keller, the best-selling author of ‘The Millionaire Real Estate Agent’, co-founded the company in 1983. 

Besides being reputable, Keller Williams is perhaps one of the most successful real estate franchises in the country. In 2019, it was the number one franchise brand according to sales volume. 

One of the best things about Keller Williams is its competitive compensation plan. The company has a 64/30/6 precap commission split among agents, brokers, and the franchise, respectively. 

Once you reach your annual cap, you will receive 100% of the commissions you earned for the rest of the year, without any hidden fee. 

The company also offers passive income opportunities through profit sharing for every agent you recruit who completes a sale. 

What’s more, Keller Williams is known for having an agent development-focused culture. The company provides sales, marketing, and even leadership training to its agents. 

Its program called BOLD teaches new real estate agents how to generate leads and build a successful business. 

At Keller Williams University, they receive mentorship and professional development training from leading agents. Plus, their agents get to learn industry secrets from Gary Keller himself through on-demand streaming of his interviews.    

eXp Realty

eXp Realty is relatively younger than the other companies on this list, yet it quickly became an industry leader in just a few years. What started as a cloud-based real estate brokerage in 2009 is now one of the top firms in the world. 

It was the number one independent brokerage in the 2020 REAL Trends 500 Report.  

eXp Realty’s commission structure is simple. Every agent has a $16,000 cap, and the commission split is 80/20 between the agent and the company. 

Once you meet your cap, you will receive 100% of your commissions without any fee. 

At eXp Realty, when you successfully recruit another agent who closes a sale, you will receive a share of the brokerage firm’s revenue.

Because eXp Realty is completely cloud-based, its training and education programs are 100% online. You no longer need to commute to an office to attend sessions because you can conveniently access live-stream training and pre-recorded materials from the comfort of your home. 

However, for some, that might not be ideal, especially if you like learning and interacting with your instructors, as well as meeting other peers. 

4 Best Real Estate Companies to Work For (2021) REMAX

R/E MAX, short for Real Estate Maximums, is a leading American real estate company that began in 1973. It has more than 100,000 agents in around 100 countries. 

The brokerage firm offers a world-class work environment that actively supports philanthropic programs, such as Children’s Miracle Network. 

Unlike most real estate companies, R/E MAX offers a variety of commission split options. The 95/5 split is the best, but it comes with an upfront desk fee. 

The company also has secondary commission splits called R/E MAX Alternative Payment Plans (RAPP) that have no separate monthly fees, and you can choose an 80/20, 70/30, or a 60/40 split.   

With regards to training and growth opportunities, the company offers DIY classes through its online platform called RE/MAX University. 

The classes provide on-demand videos, professional development tools, certifications, and even continuing education credits. 

The company even has a Design Center in which agents can access templates needed for mailing, open house sheets, email campaigns, etc... 

Century 21

If you’re a millennial, or perhaps a Gen Z, branding is one of the most important things for you. In that case, you will most likely enjoy working for Century 21, one of the world’s most recognizable real estate brokerage firms. 

The company started in 1971, yet it has successfully adapted to the changing market needs and has retained its reputation for the last decades. 

Unlike other real estate companies, Century 21 does not charge desk fees, which makes it one of the best brokerage firms to work for if you are just starting as an agent. 

Because of the lack of desk fees, though, new agents begin at a commission split rate of 50%. As you earn work experience, you will then receive high splits based on sales. 

Century 21 offers free online as well as in-person mentorship and coaching. The company doesn’t frequently have opportunities for growth or promotion, but it does have training and education programs that focus on branding and marketing. 

Century 21 provides its agents with templates for print and online marketing materials that help agents secure buyer and seller leads. 


There are many other reputable real estate companies in the US. However, we found that these 4 listed above stand out in many aspects. 

With either one, you can trust that you’ll be in good hands. 

At the end of the day, the best real estate company to work for depends entirely on you. It should be able to cater to your needs as well as help you succeed in your new chosen profession. 

Joining the best real estate company is critical to your success in the business. But another important thing is education. 

To help you prepare for your journey as a real estate agent, we recommend you sign up with the best real estate school in the US

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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