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Best Real Estate Exam Prep in New Hampshire (2023)

Last updated on March 10, 2023

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in New Hampshire

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So your schedule to take the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam is quickly approaching.

You’re very anxious about it. 

What if I fail? 

Get rid of all those doubts with an exam prep program!

As the name suggests, these programs are there to help you prepare for the exam. It lets you get used to the testing environment, it simulates exams, plus it offers other resources to understand core concepts, and a lot more. 

So if you want to ace the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam with flying colors, then select one of these best real estate exam preps in New Hampshire!

Best Real Estate Exam Providers in New Hampshire

These are the best real estate exam prep providers in the state: 

  1. PrepAgent
  2. CompuCram
  3. The CE Shop
  4. Real Estate Exam Scholar
  5. Real Estate Prep Guide

Let’s review each one to see which is the BEST for YOU. 



If you’re looking for an exam prep program with lots of other resources, then PrepAgent is the best choice. 

They offer everything from national and New Hampshire-specific practice tests, 75 real estate exam preps videos to hours of audio lessons, interactive flashcards, live and recorded webinars, and more. 

To be sure, you will have to pay a price to get all that. But if you just want to go through practice tests, then you can avail of their cheap package for only $59.

With this, you’ll already be more than prepared to ace that real estate exam. 

We recommend you check out their packages and select what you need. 

Here’s a full PrepAgent review – take a look inside the course!


Best Real Estate Exam Prep in New Hampshire CompuCram

One of the most seamless exam prep providers online is CompuCram.

You start by taking an assessment test on their website. After you finish the test, you will see your score on the different topics – such as vocabulary, regulations, market data, contracts, and many more.

From there, you can choose one topic and learn more about it through flashcards, fill-in-the-blanks, and matching.

After each lesson, you will see your progress, rating, and overall score. Once your readiness indicator shows a green light, you can now take their simulated exams and gauge how you’ll fare for the actual test.

With this type of approach, it’s easy to structure your review before the big day!

The CE Shop

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in New Hampshire The CE Shop

Are you the type of person who wants complete context and details? If yes, you might want to consider the CE Shop.

The CE Shop boasts of having one of the most comprehensive reviews available. Once their students have taken an initial assessment, they will determine which areas need more work on. 

Since the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam encompasses national-level questions, they have crafted a handbook that will cover all the general and sub-topics you could encounter.

Plus, they offer unlimited practice exams. And since it is dynamic, you won’t go through the same exam twice. 

One thing you should note. They only offer exam prep for the national portion of the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam. 

Real Estate Exam Scholar

Real Estate Exam Scholar

Looking for an affordable exam prep program? 

Real Estate Exam Scholar is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

For only $39, you get 3,500+ updated questions, 6 months access, unlimited exam attempts, videos, audios, flashcards… 

Need to multitask studying while running an errand? That’s no big deal with this provider!

Their program works on most of the available devices – PC, MAC, iPad and tablets, iPhone and Android phones, and even on Kindle Fire!

Don’t you just love how everything is so accessible with Real Estate Exam Scholar?

Real Estate Prep Guide

Real Estate Prep Guide

Not sure what to expect from the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam? 

To help you out, Real Estate Pre Guide has sample questions that you can answer for FREE. That’s right, you can have a taste of the actual exam without paying anything. 

Of course, the questions here are limited. 

If you want more, as well as great resources, then you can get their exam prep program for only $50.

Here, you get:

  • Instant access to all exam prep materials
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 90 days access
  • Committed customer support
  • Instant results
  • Works on any device 

What’s more, Real Estate Prep Guide actually boasts a passing rate of 95% from 50,000 students. So you can trust that they really prepare you to ace the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam on your first try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get my license as soon as possible. Can I take my real estate exam right after the pre-licensing course? 

New Hampshire regulations state that you can only take the exam 6 months after you finish your pre-license education. You can make the most out of this time by enrolling in an exam prep program.

How many questions are in the New Hampshire Real Estate Exam?

The exam is a total of 120 questions. 80 are national questions, while the remaining 40 are state-specific. You also have a total of 4 hours to complete everything. 

I already have a license from a different state. Do I still need to get one in New Hampshire?

If you are from Massachusetts, Vermont, Georgia, and Maine, then you no longer have to apply for a new one, since these states observe reciprocity. This means that these states have a mutual agreement that they will honor and credit their training and results from a different state.


The best thing to do while waiting for your scheduled exam is to get an exam prep program. 

It will not only help you get used to the types of questions, but it can give you the confidence you need to ace the test with flying colors. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to see what the testing environment is like. 

This way, when you go to the actual exam, you’ll know exactly what to do. You’ll be more than prepared. 

So while you’re waiting now, why not select one of these best exam prep providers in New Hampshire?

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