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Real Estate Holiday Marketing Ideas

Last updated on February 17, 2022

Real Estate Holiday Marketing Ideas

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The holidays are the perfect time to amp up your real estate marketing

You can match a great marketing idea with the current holiday to get people interested. 

However, what kind of real estate marketing should you go for? 

If you’re at a blank, then we’re here to help. 

Today, we’ll talk about 10 real estate holiday marketing ideas that you should definitely try out.  

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started right away! 

10 Real Estate Holiday Marketing Ideas

Don’t have time to go through the whole article?

Well, for a quick summary, here are the 10 ideas we’ll be looking into:

  • Stage a holiday listing
  • Host a decorating class
  • Host a contest
  • Initiate a holiday drive
  • Make your mark
  • Gifts galore
  • Send out your greetings
  • Celebrate with your clients
  • Newsletter
  • Blog away

Okay, let’s get into the details of each one. 

1. Stage A Holiday Listing

Real Estate Holiday Marketing Ideas Holiday Listing
Source: canva.com

If you have a listing in time for the holidays, be sure to dress it up with a theme that reflects that day. 

For example, if it’s Christmas, bust out the wreaths and tinsels. If you’re in the wintery part of the country, fire up the fireplace and make that place cozy for potential buyers.

Bake some gingerbread cookies for your guests, hand out eggnogs. Turn your listing into something potential clients can see themselves living in.

Take it up a notch and hold your open house during the early evenings so you can turn on the colorful lights and really liven up the place.

2. Host A Decorating Class

Another way to entice potential buyers is to have them experience decorating the house itself. 

Set up an area where guests can decorate ornaments, lanterns, or even gingerbread houses. Then, with the owner’s consent, assign space in the house where they can hang up their ornaments, or take them home.

Give them a fun experience they can share with their partner or family with the hopes of giving them a glimpse of what their future could look like if they bought that house.

3. Host A Contest

Some people pride themselves on the amount of effort they put into their holiday decorations. You can host a contest for the best-decorated house for the holidays.

Use social media to promote the contest. Or, you can even host it online. 

You can post pictures of the holiday entries and have the people vote for the one they like. The photo with the most likes wins. As for the price, you can get creative with it from holiday dinner for two, a free overnight stay at a lodge, or premier tickets to a movie.

4. Initiate A Holiday Drive

The holidays are not just about shopping or buying a new house. It can also be an opportunity for real estate agents to be involved in the community.

You can partner up with your local shelter or soup kitchen to know what items they are lacking. You can then ask other members of the community to donate to the cause to help out members of the community who are lacking.

5. Make Your Mark

Who doesn’t like a freebie? If you have a listing during the holidays, it won’t hurt if you send potential buyers with some trinkets at the end of the showing. It could be a bag of homemade cookies with your details printed on a sticker.

You can also give away some useful little trinkets like a refrigerator magnet, a bottle or wine opener with your credentials printed on them. It’s like you’re giving away your calling card but using a useful medium.

6. Gifts Galore

Aside from handing out gift bags during your open house, you can send people gifts for the holidays. It can be a bottle of wine, a jar of cookies, or gourmet chocolates that you can send to your past clients.

It helps them keep you in their minds if they want to sell a property, or recommend you to people they know who are on the market for a new house.

7. Send Out Your Greetings

Be it a potential client or people you have sold a property to, be sure to send them a card, email, or text, greeting them for the holidays. This simple act lets them know that you remembered them. In turn, this helps you stay on their mind if they need a new property or need to sell one.

8. Celebrate With Your Clients

One thing new homeowners want to do is to throw a party in their new house. But with all the things they need to do during the move, organizing a party suddenly gets set aside.

Throwing them a housewarming party, a couple of weeks or months after they have settled in, ill be something they will surely appreciate. Plus, this is the kind of thing that sticks to people’s minds, which could translate to recommendations to potential home buyers.

9. Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to reach people. For real estate agents, you can create a newsletter that highlights your listings and the holidays.

10. Blog Away

If you have a blog for your real estate business, you can publish a post about house care during the holidays. It can be tips on how to de-ice your walkway, or how to safely remove the snow from your roof, or what to do with your house if you are going away for the holidays.

Wrapping Up

The holidays are not just about giving or receiving gifts. This can also be a time for real estate agents to remain visible even if people are not looking to purchase a property.

As a real estate agent, you can do a lot of things that would get people interested in owning a home. From hosting holiday-themed open houses, throwing them a housewarming party, or giving holiday gift bags, there are so many things you can choose from to cement your place as the go-to real estate agent in your community.

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