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How To Get Your Real Estate License Online

Last updated on November 4, 2021

How To Get Your Real Estate License Online

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Making a big career change is one of the single most important things that you can do when you want to improve your life, become more satisfied with what you do, and start earning a great salary. But for those who are already working a full-time job, the process of switching careers is something that can be incredibly difficult to do.

Luckily, it’s possible to earn your real estate license online instead of through the traditional brick and mortar schools that are out there.

Doing so could help make the process easier, but the first step is to understand why and how earning a real estate license online works.

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Why Earning Your Real Estate License Online Is A Good Idea

First, it’s worth learning more about the benefits that online learning offers when you need a real estate license. Since you’re going to earn your license online, you won’t’ be required to head to a classroom at a specific time each day. This means that it’s much easier to fit your education into your free time – if you can only study at 2 AM, you can do it without any problem at all.

Since scheduling is one of the biggest hurdles for those who are trying to improve their careers, it makes sense to get your real estate license online and bypass this obstacle. Plus, you will be able to learn in a more relaxed and comfortable environment that lets you feel more at ease.

What Obtaining A Real Estate License Online Is Like

Earning your real estate license online uses a process that most online schools in any subject utilize. The process is fairly straightforward. You’ll be given lessons and study materials through things like:

  • Email
  • Video
  • Streaming live video
  • Interactive quizzes

You’ll also be given assignments periodically, and these assignments will have a deadline. You must complete the work by the deadline, but since you’re learning online you can do so whenever it is convenient for you.

Most online real estate license schools also allow their students to connect with their instructors via email, and some could also allow you to call them. This helps when you have questions or concerns about a subject or need more assistance.

Throughout it all, you will complete the work that is needed to help you fulfill the requirements your state has for earning your real estate license. Online courses do a great job of replicating the traditional classroom setting, just online.

How To Get Your Real Estate License Online

So, know that you understand how online education works and what its benefits are, the next step is to understand how to go about earning your real estate license online. Here are the basic steps that you’ll take.

  • Find the right school. Start by choosing an online school that is approved by and meets all of the requirements in your state. Some states may not allow online education and some have different rules. Choosing the one that is right for you is important.
  • Sign up and start the courses. You’ll start getting the assignments quickly, and you’ll have to complete the required hours of classroom time as well as any testing that the program uses. Along the way, if you need help don’t hesitate to contact your instructor to find out more about a particular subject.
  • Once you have finished the coursework including in your school, the next step will be to start the process of getting your license. You’ll have to register for the exam. This often includes fingerprint registration and a background check, usually before you can even set up a date for the exam.
  • You’ll be given an exam date and time. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early and be ready to take the test. Your online education will give you all the tools that you need to pass, and once you do you’ll be able to get your real estate license.

From here, you’ll need to find a brokerage to work for and enter the field as a real estate agent. While you can complete all of the education needed to get a real estate license online, you’ll still have to do the exam in person. But that one day is a far cry from hundreds of hours spent in a classroom, and this process is so easy that it’s helped countless people leave a dead-end career and start working towards a brighter future.

Tips To Make It Easier To Get Your Real Estate License Online

While earning a real estate license online can simplify the process dramatically, it’s important to remember that it still takes work and effort on your part. A few tips can help make it easier, however. Here are some things to remember.

  • Be ready to put in the work. Don’t go into the process expecting a fast, easy path to a license. Instead, you’ll have to be ready and willing to work hard. Online learning makes it easier to fit your education into your schedule, but you still have plenty of responsibilities. The right mindset will help you succeed. The wrong one will hurt you.
  • Have a clear schedule to follow. Instead of just dropping in and out of your classwork when you feel like it, try to set up a specific time each day that you can complete your work. Some online programs use 30-minute sessions, making it even easier to fit your education into your day.
  • Get help when you need it. The internet has plenty of resources, and you can also ask those you know who are already in the field for help or advice if needed.

The bottom line is that while it does take work, the effort you put forth into getting your real estate license online will be well worth it. The career offers a huge range of benefits including great salary and a chance to work in a field that will reward you personally as well. And thanks to online programs, it’s easier than ever to get yo

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