Real Estate Online Classes

What Are Some Good Real Estate Online Classes

In our internet age, real estate online classes have become the preferred method of obtaining a real estate license. I’m no different than you. When I decided to obtain my real estate license, I knew right away that I wanted to complete my real estate license training online. For starters, I already had a full-time job and the last thing I want to do after working is drive to a classroom and get lectured to about real estate regulations. No thanks! Instead, I wanted to learn on my own time, from home, while wearing my PJ’s. Studying for your real estate license involves a lot of memorization and intensive self-study anyway. While everyone is different and learn in their own personal ways, for most people there’s really no need for a classroom.

Here’s the problem… As soon as I started to research real estate online classes, I knew things were going to be a bigger challenge than I originally even thought. The first real estate online class I checked out had 2 and 3-star ratings. The next one was worse with 1 and 2-star ratings. After checking out nearly a dozen of the supposedly best real estate online classes, I was left feeling like they were either low quality or I wasn’t able to get any real reviews on them at all. Pretty discouraging to say the least.

The Dirty Secret About Real Estate Online Classes

Unfortunately, my future real estate professional, your timing really sucks. While this is a phenomenal time to get into the real estate industry (maybe the best time in decades), the real estate training industry is not doing well. The online real estate training industry has a dirty little secret, and that secret is quality. Allow me to explain…

Online real estate classes were actually one of the first forms of professional education offered online. Many of the biggest real estate online classes you find today actually started back in the mid 1990’s, so they have a lot of history and experience. The bad news is, most real estate online classes are incredibly outdated. Quite frankly, these companies have become complacent and greedy. They haven’t updated the courses much over the years because they haven’t had to as there is not that much competition.

The end result is a bunch of old online real estate training classes that still look like they were designed in the 90’s with unfriendly interfaces and, worse, outdated content. One of the biggest complaints from those who went through a real estate class online is how some of the training material was so outdated, it led to failed exams or questions on tests even within the training program. This seems like it should be unacceptable, but unfortunately, it’s actually commonplace.

My Friendly Warning To You: With all of this in mind, please research real estate online classes with some cautious skepticism and go into these online classes with the mindset that they are far from perfect. Can you actually get quality training from these online real estate classes? Absolutely! Thousands and thousands of people do it each year. However, you will need to be aware of the issues I’ve mentioned to you.

The Best Real Estate Online Classes I Know Of

Keeping my above warning in mind, there are certainly some real estate online classes that separate themselves from the rest. Here are my top recommendations if you still feel like taking your real estate license training online is the way to go.

Top Pick: Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

I’m in a good position to recommend Real Estate Express because this is the same exact real estate online class that I signed up for. The reason I signed up for this real estate training course is ultimately due to their average student pass rate, which is much higher than most other real estate online classes. The average pass rate for students who have taken online real estate training programs, either online or in a classroom, is frighteningly low. Only between 50% and 65% generally pass their real estate license exam on the first try. Yikes! Of all the real estate online classes I researched, Real Estate Express had the highest pass rating.

With that said, many of the issues I discussed above came into play with this course. There is no video, no audio, no graphics, no interactive features, etc. This is just a very basic text-only type of real estate class with some quizzes and tests mixed in. There is also some information that is outdated and downright wrong, which could lead to test failures. Fortunately, I was able to catch most of those incorrect facts before the exam.

While I wouldn’t say there is anything especially groundbreaking with this course, Real Estate Express is certified in MANY states, gets the job done, offers several levels of membership, has tuition assistance and payment plans, offers employment assistance, puts you in touch with a personal instructor you can actually call on the phone, etc.

Would I give Real Estate Express a 5 star review? Definitely not. It would be more like a 3.5 star review. I think they do about the minimum they need to do in order to have a certified real estate training class online and that’s about it. With that said, it does indeed get the job done as long as you’re willing to put in the self-study time required.

Second Choice: Kaplan


Kaplan is one of the oldest and most well known real estate online classes you’ll find. There are a lot of online reviews for this course and while they aren’t the greatest, they do seem to receive slightly higher ratings than Real Estate Express.

One of the things that sets Kaplan apart from many other real estate online classes is the “virtual classrooms” they have. Each week, you can participate in online classrooms where you are virtually connected with other students and an instructor. You can communicate with students, ask questions to the instructor, and they try to give you the classroom feel without having to actually go to a classroom.

The main complaints for students that went through the Kaplan online real estate training class is the outdated information contained within the material. I honestly can’t personally attest to this because I didn’t take this course personally, but I know people who have and that is what they report to me. There also isn’t much in the way of video training or any sort of interactive features like Real Estate Express has. For the most part, it’s just walls of text. Start memorizing!

Kaplan has been around long enough and they are recognized in the industry enough to be certified in many states, so click here to see if they are certified in your state.

Final Thoughts On Researching Real Estate Online Classes

With most industries, when you are researching a product or service to sign up with, you often times want years of proven experience. While it seems a bit odd, that is actually not the case with real estate online classes. Most of the older established online real estate courses have become outdated with very little incentive to make their courses better. The only course I know of that has a modern course with fresh information is the newest kid on the block, Real Estate Express.