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Real Geeks Review for Real Estate – Is This CRM for You?

Last updated on December 2, 2021

RealGeeks Review for Real Estate

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Looking for the best real estate CRM for you?

If you’re working on a tight budget, selecting the cheapest (or even free) option may be the easy path. But often, these CRMs offer limited features.

There are, however, some budget platforms that let you enjoy highly effective tools without breaking the bank. And we may have one CRM recommendation that fits this description, namely, Real Geeks.

Real Geeks Review for Real Estate - Is This CRM for You?
Source: RealGeeks

In this Real Geeks review for real estate, we will talk about what the software offers, its pros and cons, and pricing. This will help you decide whether Real Geeks is the right match for you and your real estate business.    

So let’s get started!

Quick Summary

So, do we recommend Real Geeks to real estate agents and businesses? 

We won’t beat around the bush. The quick answer is yes, we do. 

Real Geeks may not be the perfect CRM platform, but it does the job, delivers, and even exceeds expectations. 

Sure, its basic plan might not have the most extensive list of features. However, for such an affordable price, Real Geeks gives value. Additional automation tools will cost you extra, but your total fees will likely still be cheaper than other CRM providers.

About Real Geeks CRM

Established in 2010, Real Geeks is a company that offers online real estate marketing solutions to individuals and organizations. It aims to help real estate professionals grow their businesses by providing them with one of the best CRM and website combinations in the market.

Real Geeks’ IDX-integrated websites allow users to access the MLS (multiple listing service) databases without redirecting them to their local listing services. This prevents potential drop-offs and encourages efficient lead captures. 

What’s more, Real Geeks automatically sends captured leads to the back-end or the CRM system. This is a platform packed with features that will help you track and nurture leads and assign them based on source and location. 

Now, let’s talk more about the Real Geeks CRM and look into its pros and cons. 

Real Geeks CRM Pros and Cons

No setup fee
Has a powerful website linkage
Has a chock full of features
Highly customizable
Excellent customer support
Not very easy to use

The Pros

Let’s talk a little bit about Real Geeks CRM’s pros. 

Not setup fee

One of the best things about Real Geeks is its affordability, specifically the absence of setup fees. Other CRM platforms charge around $300 on upfront costs, whereas Real Geeks only bills monthly fees. 

The reasoning behind this is that the company focuses on helping individual real estate professionals and small organizations by offering their products and services at competitive prices.

Has a powerful website linkage

You see, the Real Geeks CRM doesn’t only help you manage your contacts. It is also powerfully linked to your website. 

Its real-time activity tracker allows you to see what your website leads are doing, making it easy for you to convert them into clients. 

With the tracker, you can gather essential information about your leads. These include properties viewed, keywords searched, and homes they saved as favorites. This tool helps you easily pre-qualify buyer and seller leads. 

Has a chock full of features

Real Geeks CRM is packed with a lot of features.

It allows you to create comprehensive lead profiles from the data gathered through your website.   

It also has mass communication options that let you send automated text and email notifications whenever a lead interacts with your website. Its automatic responder tool, custom email drip sequences, and built-in SMS interface allow you to communicate with leads conveniently and schedule messages instead of creating them manually.  

Other noteworthy features include social profile matching, lead assignments, auto-reassignment of idle leads, and the ability to use various search filters in the platform. That and more will really make things a lot easier for you. 

Highly customizable

If you want a CRM that you can customize according to how you run your business and follow up with your leads, then Real Geeks is your best pick. 

It allows you to create custom labels and organize contacts and other items according to status or urgency. It has plenty of features that help keep things in order. With the Real Geeks CRM, you never have to worry about missing a meeting or just about any opportunity. 

Excellent customer support

Real Geeks also offer excellent customer support. 

For queries and concerns, you can call Real Geeks’ customer service hotline at (844) 311-4969 ext. 2 or submit a ticket.

Real Geeks doesn’t offer support via live chat, but its website’s help center is filled with a plethora of guides, how-to articles, recorded walkthroughs, and other self-help tools that many clients find useful.  

For more information about Real Geeks’ customer support, visit their online support center.

The Cons

Now, let’s take a look at the con. 

Not very easy to use

Real Geeks is highly intuitive. However, because of its outdated design, it may not be as easy to navigate as other newer CRMs in the market. 

If you are new to using CRMs, you might need some extra time following guides and video tutorials. If you have experience with similar software, though, you might be okay with Real Geeks’ older interface.  

Real Geeks CRM Pricing

A Real Geeks subscription plan starts at around $250 monthly, plus about $25 for every additional user. It allows up to two users and includes access to the Real Geeks CRM, an IDX website, and an on-demand library of tutorials and how-to guides that will help you make the most out of the platform. It requires no setup fee and has a minimum lock-in period of one year.  

You can also opt to avail of PPC campaigns for Google or Facebook, which range from $300 to $500 per month, excluding ad spend.  

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, Real Geeks is not without flaws. However, for its price, it does offer some of the best tools that are very helpful, especially for new real estate agents and small businesses.

You get what you pay for and well, maybe even more. At a low cost, you get to create an online presence for your brand or business, improve your lead generation strategy, organize leads/contacts/clients, and automate some admin tasks that take away lots of your precious time.

However, just like with other CRMs, you can’t rely solely on Real Geeks. To make the most out of it, you will need to do your part by following up with leads, expanding your network, and nurturing your relationships. 

CRMs are just tools. Very effective tools, might we add. 

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