5 Great Realtor Closing Gifts

Last updated on April 13, 2021

5 Great Realtor Closing Gifts

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As a realtor, you have plenty of responsibilities that you have to pay attention to. Things like researching the market, making the right sales, building your identity and reputation, and more. But what happens after you put in the hard work, make a big sale, and see your client through to the closing date? Is that it?

For some realtors, it is. But if you want to take your career as a realtor to a whole new level, consider going a little further to show them that you appreciate them. To do so, just think about the use of realtor closing gifts. It’s a simple enough step to the process that – while totally optional – is actually something that could help you become an even more successful realtor. https://www.youtube.com/embed/w9e843uFbIM?rel=0

What Are Realtor Closing Gifts?

Realtor closing gifts are just what they sound like – gifts that are given to celebrate the closing of a real estate transaction. And while some home buyers or sellers actually give their real estate agent a closing gift to thank them for all of their hard work, doing it in the opposite way is much more important – realtors giving their clients gifts is a much more effective way for any realtor to find true success.

When you give your clients realtor closing gifts, you’ll be giving them a thank you for trusting you. Gifts can range from small items to much larger things that really stand out, and no matter what you choose to give it’s important that you take the time to do so – these gifts can separate great realtors from mediocre ones.

Why Should You Consider Using Realtor Closing Gifts?

Buying or selling a home is a monumental event for anyone. It’s something that should be celebrated, and few things can celebrate or add a little finishing touch to the process quite like realtor closing gifts. Sure, just transferring those keys over to the new owner is celebration enough, but think about the benefits of giving realtor closing gifts to see why it’s worth thinking about doing:

  • It acts as a thank you to buyers and sellers, showing them how much you appreciate their business.
  • It can build a reputation for you as a realtor who really cares and who values the relationships they build with clients
  • It encourages strong word of mouth that can help you generate leads without even trying
  • It lets you feel a sense of pride about what you do for them, giving them a better experience overall
  • You’ll create a memory in their mind that could lead to them trusting in you when they need you for another transaction

Realtor closing gifts are, simply put, a great way for you to create a strong reputation and build a better future for yourself – while creating a relationship with your clients.

5 Great Realtor Closing Gifts

With that in mind, it should be clear that giving realtor closing gifts is something you can’t afford to ignore. But what should you give to your clients? It’s a harder question than you might realize, and choosing the best realtor closing gifts can take time and effort. One thing to bear in mind is to avoid giving gifts that are branded or that have your logo on them. The reason is that doing so won’t come across as sincere – it seems more like an advertising ploy than a real, genuine gift.

Simply giving a gift that comes from the heart is a better option. You don’t have to have your name or logo written on the gift – your client will spread the word for you, telling their friends and colleagues that their realtor is someone who truly cares about them and appreciates them.

With that in mind, here are 5 great realtor closing gifts to consider.

1. Framed Local Maps – Don’t just use a modern map – try to find a vintage map of the town or area you’ve sold the home in. Have it framed – or frame it yourself – and give it to them as their first decoration for their new home. It helps build a connection with your clients, but also helps them connect with their new neighborhood.

2. A Local Outing – Speaking of local, why not give your clients an experience in the area? Whether it’s a gift card to a local restaurant or a pass to a local event or game, you’ll show them that you care and also let them get out and enjoy their new hometown.

3. Artisan Baskets – A stunning fruit and cheese basket is a delicious way to give your clients something delicious to enjoy in their new kitchen, dining room, or deck. You can also use wine baskets if you know they love wine, or craft beer baskets if they prefer craft beers. But no matter what, try to determine what it is that they like and give them an artisan basket they’ll love.

4. A Cocktail (or Coffee) Kit – These are, obviously, dependent upon whether or not you know that your clients like coffee or cocktails. If they do, a nice cocktail kit from Shaker and Spoon will give them everything they need to make a great cocktail – except for the liquor. And coffee sets or custom coffee samples can let them try out new brews. Either way, this will let them settle into their new home and enjoy it in a delicious way.

5. Automation – From the Ring doorbell to the Nest Learning Thermostat, you can give your clients a little something extra that will give them more control over their home and help them get more out of it.

Choosing That Perfect Gift

Again, remember that realtor closing gifts aren’t about you – they’re about the client. Don’t give a branded gift. It makes clients feel like they’re being targeted by an ad rather than being given a sincere gift. And avoid those cheap kitchen items like a Cutco knife or wine glasses. Instead, get creative. Learn about your clients and give them a gift that they’ll love. It’s one of the best things you can do and will become your trademark when word spreads about the extra, personal touch you add to every deal.

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